Currant Mojito compote recipes for the winter

Currant Mojito compote recipes for the winter

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Red currant mojito for the winter is an original compote that has a pleasant sweet and sour taste and a rich citrus aroma. In addition, it is an irreplaceable means of preventing ARVI and colds, as it contains vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

Recipe for compote Mojito from red currant, mint and lemon for the winter

Currant-mint compote will refresh you on a summer day and give you energy and strength in winter.

Thanks to the combination of citrus and red berries, this drink contributes to:

  • excretion of salts from the body;
  • bowel cleansing;
  • increasing immunity in winter;
  • improved appetite;
  • reducing the manifestations of toxicosis during pregnancy;
  • recovery after physical exertion;
  • relief of symptoms of asthma and bronchial diseases.

It can be prepared in two ways: with sterilization and without this procedure.

In the first case, you will need (based on a three-liter container):

  • red currant - 350 g;
  • fresh mint - 5 branches;
  • lemon - 3 slices;
  • granulated sugar - 400 g;
  • water - 2.5 liters.


  1. Sterilize the bank in advance.
  2. Sort the berries, rinse and dry.
  3. Rinse the herbs and citrus, cut the last into rings.
  4. Put berries, herbs and three lemon wedges into a container.
  5. Add sugar to the water and bring it to a boil.
  6. Fill glass containers with syrup and cover with pre-sterilized lids.
  7. Put a towel at the bottom of the pan, put a glass container in it and pour the remaining space with boiling water.
  8. Bring water in a saucepan to a boil and sterilize everything for 20 minutes.
  9. Take out the jar, tighten the lid and cover with a warm blanket.

After the currant Mojito cools down for the winter, you can store it in the basement.

Red currant compote is especially useful during the cold season.

The other recipe is much simpler and does not require sterilization. It is he who is most often chosen by novice cooks.

Would need:

  • red currant - 400 g;
  • sugar - 300 g;
  • lemon - 3 slices;
  • mint - a few twigs.


  1. Pour the washed berries into a clean container, add herbs and three citrus fruits.
  2. Boil the syrup from 2.5 liters of water and 300 g of granulated sugar.
  3. Pour the sweet broth into a jar, add hot water if necessary.
  4. Let it brew for 20 minutes.
  5. Put a special drain lid on the glass container and pour the broth back into the pan.
  6. Bring everything to a boil again and pour the syrup back into the jar.
  7. Roll up all the lids.

The drink turns out to be very tasty and perfectly refreshes on hot days.

The containers with the currant-mint drink must be turned over and left for 10-12 hours. After cooling, the workpiece should be sent to the basement for the winter.

Blackcurrant mojito recipe for the winter

Blackcurrant drinks strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body and improve heart function. They are recommended for anemia, slow metabolism, bowel problems and low hemoglobin levels. Homemade currant mojito additionally has a rich mint and lemon aroma.

Would need:

  • black currant - 400-450 g;
  • fresh mint - 20 g;
  • granulated sugar - 230 g;
  • water - 2.5 liters.

Cooking process:

  1. Sort out and rinse the berries with running water.
  2. Pat dry slightly with a paper towel.
  3. Sterilize the jars and put herbs, citrus and berries in them.
  4. Cover with hot water.
  5. Leave to infuse for 30-35 minutes.
  6. Using a special drain lid, pour the broth into a saucepan.
  7. Add sugar and bring syrup to a boil.
  8. Simmer for 3-5 minutes.
  9. Pour the ready-made sweet broth into jars and roll up the berry mojito with lids.

This drink can be stored not only in the basement, but also in a city apartment.

The drink turns out to be sweet and sour with a light refreshing mint note.

Mojito of currants and gooseberries

Another version of the popular winter preserving compote with mint and red currant is Mojito with gooseberry. Children especially like this drink, who in winter happily eat the red and green berries left after it.

Would need:

  • gooseberries - 200 g;
  • red currant - 200 g;
  • mint - 3 branches;
  • lemon - 3 slices;
  • sugar - 250 g


  1. Put washed berries in a sterilized container, add herbs and citrus.
  2. Pour hot water over the contents and leave for 30-35 minutes.
  3. Pour 2.5 liters of water and sugar into a saucepan.
  4. Bring the broth to a boil and simmer over the fire for two to three minutes.
  5. Pour the liquid into the jar and tighten the lids.

Instead of mint, you can use basil, then the drink will acquire an original flavor.

Gooseberry compote helps to normalize digestion


Red currant mojito for the winter will give a piece of summer mood even on the coldest winter day. Its preparation does not take much time, and a simple recipe will allow you to create your own version of a healthy drink.

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