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Fungicide Alto Super

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Crops are most often affected by fungal diseases. The lesion covers the terrestrial parts of plants and quickly spreads over the plantings. As a result, yields fall, and plantings may die. To protect plants from diseases, preventive spraying is performed.

The drugs of the Alto group, which have a contact and systemic effect, are highly effective. The substances included in their composition produce a healing and protective effect on plants.

Description of the fungicide

Alto Super is a systemic agent designed to protect sugar beets and crops from major diseases. The drug has a complex effect on crops.

The action of the drug is based on propiconazole, the content of which is 250 g per 1 liter. The substance inhibits fungal cells, prevents sporulation. The spread of fungal diseases stops after 2 days. The solution is resistant to rain washout.

The suspension also contains cyproconazole. The substance quickly penetrates into plant cells and inhibits the activity of the fungus. The content in the fungicide is 80 g per 1 liter.

Alto Super drug enhances photosynthesis in plant leaves, stimulates their growth, strengthens the immune system. For preventive purposes, one treatment is enough. The next spraying is performed if there are signs of damage. The use of solutions is stopped one month before harvesting.

On the basis of the Alto Super preparation, the accelerated action fungicide Alto Turbo has been developed. Its composition is characterized by a high content of cyproconazole (160 g / l). The concentrate is characterized by high efficiency. In 20 minutes after applying the solution, the effect on pathogens begins. Their death occurs on the 3rd day.

Fungicide Alto Turbo contains 14 excipients. As a result, the solution is well distributed over the surface of the leaves and quickly penetrates inside. The product is not washed off by rain or watering.

The drug is packaged in plastic cans with a capacity of 5 or 20 liters. The tool is sold in the form of an emulsion to be diluted with water.


Alto's drugs stand out due to the following benefits:

  • suitable for the prevention and treatment of diseases;
  • suppress the activity of the main pathogens of agricultural crops;
  • provide a high-quality harvest;
  • begin to act 20 minutes after application;
  • destroy pathogenic microorganisms within 5-7 days;
  • are used for all types of grain crops and sugar beets;
  • allowed for use at any stage of the growing season;
  • provide long-term protection;
  • solutions are well distributed over the surface of the leaves;
  • low consumption;
  • resistance to precipitation and watering.


The main disadvantages of Alto fungicides:

  • the need to use protective equipment;
  • limiting the summer of bees for 3-24 hours is required;
  • low toxicity for warm-blooded organisms and fish;
  • it is not allowed to get the remains of the solution into water bodies, feed and food.

Application procedure

A solution is prepared to process the plantings. First, fill the sprayer tank ¼ with clean water, turn on the agitator. Then add a certain amount of Alto concentrate, add water. The consumption rates of the drug depend on the type of crop.

The working solution is used within 24 hours after mixing the components. The treatment is carried out by spraying the plants on the leaf. Extensive plantings are cultivated using special equipment.


Alto Super is used to treat spring and winter wheat. Spraying is carried out at any stage of crop development to protect against powdery mildew, rust, septoria, fusarium, pyrenophorosis, and cercosporellosis.

Consumption of fungicide Alto Super according to instructions for use - 0.4 l / ha. Spraying is performed for preventive purposes and when the first signs of disease appear. The solution is effective when it is necessary to carry out emergency treatment or protect plantings from diseases. The number of treatments per season is no more than two.

When using the fungicide Alto Turbo, the consumption is up to 0.5 l / ha. During the growing season, 2 plantings are processed.


Spring and winter barley is susceptible to powdery mildew, rust, spotting, rhynchosporiosis, cercosporellosis, fusarium. Consumption of Alto Super for planting treatment is 0.4 l / ha. Any stage of crop development is suitable for processing. During the season, 1-2 treatments are enough.

In emergency cases, with the rapid spread of diseases, the Alto Turbo suspension is used. 0.4 l of concentrate is required per hectare. No more than 2 treatments are required per season.


Oats are prone to crown rust and reddish brown spotting. In order for the planting to receive protection from diseases, spraying is performed during the growth of the crop.

For 1 ha, according to the instructions for use, 0.5 l of the fungicide Alto Super is required. The treatment is performed both for the prevention of diseases and when the first signs of damage appear. 1-2 sprays are carried out during the season.

Sugar beet

Fungicide Alto Super protects sugar beets from the spread of powdery mildew, rust, cercosporosis, phomosis, ramulariasis.

The greatest efficiency is observed when the following scheme is observed:

  • with damage to plants less than 4%;
  • 3 weeks after the first spraying.

Fungicide has a positive effect on the quality of the crop. When carrying out treatments, the sugar yield increases compared to plantings that have not been sprayed. The drug is compatible with boron fertilizers, so the treatment is often combined with top dressing.


The drugs of the Alto group have been assigned the 3rd hazard class. The active ingredients are not toxic to bees, moderately hazardous to fish and various inhabitants of water bodies. Therefore, spraying is performed at a distance from water bodies.

Processing is carried out in the morning or evening, when there is no direct sunlight, rain and strong wind. The optimal wind speed is 5 m / s. After completing the work, thoroughly wash the sprayer and accessories.

When a substance interacts with the skin, you must carefully remove it with a cotton pad. It is not recommended to rub the drug into the skin. The place of contact is washed with water and soap or a weak solution of soda. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse them with clean water for 15 minutes.

Important! Symptoms of poisoning with active substances - nausea, malaise, vomiting, weakness.

When warning signs appear, the victim is provided with access to fresh air. Be sure to seek medical help. To remove hazardous substances from the body, the victim must drink 2 glasses of water, activated charcoal or other sorbent.

Fungicide Alto Super is kept in a dry place. Permissible ambient temperature from -5 ° С to +35 ° С. The storage period is up to 3 years from the date of manufacture.


Ivan, 52 years old, Rostov-on-Don

I have been growing grain crops for a long time. Preventive treatments provide plantings with protection from disease. Alto Super Concentrate is economical and easy to use. The fungicide suppresses the main diseases, it is suitable for use in any growing season. I plan to use the solution next year.

Alexander, 38 years old, Krasnodar

I have been farming for several years, mainly growing wheat and rye. To avoid the development of various diseases, I used different fungicides. Quite good results were shown by the use of the Alto Turbo suspension. The manufacturer promises a long period of action and rapid destruction of pathogenic bacteria. Preventive spraying showed good results, and the plantings did not suffer from diseases.


Alto preparations are used to process sugar beets, wheat, barley and other crops. Plantings receive comprehensive protection against the spread of fungal diseases. For spraying, a solution is obtained containing a certain amount of suspension.

Fungicides help with the first symptoms of fungal diseases. When interacting with solutions, precautions are taken. In case of direct contact with active substances, the victim should be given first aid, after which he should consult a doctor.

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