How to arrange a frame pool in the country + photo

How to arrange a frame pool in the country + photo

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Buying and installing a pool at the dacha is only half the job of arranging a recreation site. The font must be beautifully decorated so that the bowl does not stand as a trough in the middle of the yard, but is part of the landscape design. The work is not easy, but every owner can do it. The design of the pool in the country, presented in the photo, will help you find new ideas and beautifully equip the resting place.

Mobile resting place

Most of the dachas are non-residential and people visit them only in the summer to take care of their gardening. It makes no sense to install an expensive stationary pool. The best option is an inflatable bowl. A light pool in a deflated state can be easily brought to your site, pumped up with a pump and enjoy your rest.

A big plus for lovers of aesthetics is that the design of the pool does not require any costs. The inflatable bowl only needs a flat surface. You can install the hot tub on paving slabs or in the garden. The problem can only be the organization of the drainage of water. The inflatable models are small, but it is simply unreasonable to drain a few cubes in the yard. If there is a lawn on the site, this is the best place. If necessary, the water can be simply drained onto the grass.

Advice! The water from the font can be used to water the garden.

Stationary pool shape and depth

If it is decided to install a stationary structure, you need to think about decorating the pool in the country before starting its installation. The first step is to determine the form. The hot tub should be comfortable, spacious, fit into the layout of the yard, but not occupy the scarce free space. Modern materials allow you to create bowls of any shape according to individual sizes.

The next question is to determine the depth of the font. According to the standard, they adhere to the optimal thickness of the water layer - 1.5 m. At such a depth, it is convenient to swim in rectangular bowls, dive and even jump from the shore. The bottom can be made with indentations in the jump areas.

For children's pools, a depth of more than 50 cm is not made. It is optimal to equip a flat bottom or with a small elevation so that the child can play aground.

It is unprofitable for families with children to be limited to one deep or shallow pool. Everyone wants to swim on hot summer days. A profitable option is a combined hot tub, divided into zones. Here you will have to carefully consider the shape and depth.

More space is allocated to decorate the adult zone. The depth of the bowl is made 1.5 m. It is possible to deepen the bottom with depressions in places, but at the transition to the children's area they create a rise. The depth in the section of the bowl for children is made a maximum of 50 cm. It is important to provide for a separation with a net between the zones. The barrier will prevent babies from getting to great depths. The mesh is used fine-mesh, and its edges are tightly fixed without gaps to the bottom and sides of the bowl.

Advice! Calculating the shape and size, it will be useful to draw an approximate diagram of the future pool. The drawing will help to calculate the amount of material, and when hiring hired workers, builders will better understand what the customer wants from them.

Features of the arrangement of frame pools

Frame hot tubs are ideal for frequently visited summer cottages. They are stronger than inflatable models and easier to install from concrete bowls. Manufacturers offer a choice of two options for frame hot tubs.

Collapsible bowls are characterized by mobility. They can be used in the same way as inflatable models. The only difference is increased strength. To install the bowl, a frame is first assembled from metal tubes. A flexible canvas is fixed to the finished structure. A frame pool likewise requires a flat area. The bowl can be installed right in the yard on the paving slabs. In the garden, a frame pool is located on the lawn. If desired, the font is partially dug into the ground.

The design of a frame pool does not require large costs. Usually, at the end of the season, the baptismal font is disassembled for storage in a barn. All that is needed for decoration is to lay a path of tiles, if the frame bowl is in the garden. Folding garden furniture is placed next to it, and a temporary shed is organized. When designing a recreation area, take into account that it is necessary to ensure the discharge of a large mass of water. Separate space for pump and filter. Frame hot tubs require a cleaning system, otherwise the dirty water will have to be drained in a couple of days.

Non-demountable frame pools are designed for stationary installation. The one-piece bowl is made of fiberglass. The composite material is resistant to low and high temperatures, does not fade in the sun. Manufacturers guarantee a service life of up to 20 years. You can install a non-separable frame pool on the surface or dug into the ground.

Important! Composite fiberglass is hygienic.

The cost of the bowl is decent, but more of a problem lies in the installation. Special equipment will be required to deliver the frame hot tub to the site and install it in the selected location. The cost of such services sometimes exceeds the price of the product itself.

A stationary frame hot tub will constantly stand in one place. Here you can think about a more careful design of the resting place. The option with folding garden furniture remains relevant. The canopy is not made temporary, but permanent. The roof will protect the font from precipitation in winter and autumn.

The above-ground installation option displays a photo of the design of a frame pool in the country, where the bowl simply stands in the yard with laid paving slabs. The idea is the same as in the case of a collapsible frame or inflatable pool. When digging in the font, the adjacent space is equipped with a hard surface. The color and texture of the material is selected to match the style of the architectural ensemble. Natural stone and brick are excellent for decoration. If paving slabs are chosen for the coating, then its surface must be rough. When water gets in, a smooth base becomes slippery and a person feels unstable on it.

The video shows a design option for a frame pool:

Features of the arrangement of the capital font

If it is decided to build a capital recreation area, the design of the pool on the site will require large investments and time. The process involves not just installing a plastic bowl, but making a large font made of reinforced concrete with the connection of communications.

Capital pools in terms of the complexity of construction are compared with the construction of a house. You will need to dig a large pit, take out the earth, lay sewers and supply electricity. If the plot in the country provides an opportunity to roam fantasy, the pool is made large. However, as the size increases, the strength of the bowl walls decreases. We will have to strengthen the structure with an additional reinforcing frame and thicken the concrete base.

Important! As the size increases, the maintenance of the pool becomes more difficult. There are problems with draining dirty liquid, cleaning the bowl, and the cost of pumping clean water increases.

In order to beautifully design the capital pool, they initially think over the shape. Concrete allows you to create fancy bowls with curved walls, steps, indentations and elevations in the bottom.

Capital pools are being built in summer cottages, where year-round stay is expected. The pavilion installed above the font will protect the water from clogging, and will also allow you to swim with the onset of cold weather. Often, shelters are made of polycarbonate and transparent curtains, and sliding systems are equipped.

The capital pool can be made small. The hot tub will become part of the landscape design. If the site is located on a hilly terrain, part of the bowl is embedded in the ground, and a recreation area is made out on the adjacent elevation. The walls of the font remaining not in the ground are revetted with decorative stone or composite board.

Important! When choosing a place in the country for a capital pool, a well or a water supply system should be located close.

The process of construction and arrangement of a concrete pool

Only a capital pool made of reinforced concrete allows you to beautifully design a resting place. Even if the polypropylene bowl option is chosen, you still have to pour out the concrete base. Polypropylene has many positive properties, but it is afraid of mechanical damage. In addition, such bowls are limited in color and do not provide an opportunity to decorate the baptismal font at your discretion.

If the choice fell on a capital pool, then it is better to immediately give preference to a reinforced concrete structure. In addition to obtaining a reliable pool, the owner is given the opportunity to decorate the bowl with mosaics, decorative stones, tiles and other finishing materials.

The process of erecting a reinforced concrete structure is laborious. Compliance with technology is required. Mistakes will lead to cracks in the bowl. For such work, it is better to hire a specialized team.

The approximate procedure for the manufacture of a reinforced concrete pool consists of the following steps:

After the concrete mixture has hardened, they begin to decorate the bowl. Finishing materials can be combined with moisture resistant paints. The owner is able to arrange even a large pool on his own without involving hired workers.

An example of arranging frame pools

A selection of photos of how to arrange a frame pool in the country will help the summer resident decide on the choice of model. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of collapsible and non-collapsible bowls. Each model differs in size, shape and color. If the pool is not equipped with an awning, it is advisable to buy it. When designing a frame pool, it is important to provide for ease of use. Traditional stairs are not always easy to climb. Around even a collapsible bowl, you can build a platform, which will at the same time become a platform for relaxation. It is more convenient to use the ladder for descending into the water.

Examples of the design of a recreation area with inflatable pools

The following selection of photos of how to decorate a pool in the country will help you decide where it is better to put an inflatable font. The bowls are popular with couples with children and are a good choice when setting up a temporary vacation spot.

Options for arranging a pool in the form of a pond

Any city dweller dreams of being closer to nature. If you try, you will be able to design the pool in the form of a real pond with stones and sand at the bottom. Even real green vegetation is planted. So that the water in the pond does not bloom, PVC pipes are buried at the bottom of the pool with a depth of about 45 cm for underwater aeration.

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