Semi-shod champignon: edibility, description and photo

Semi-shod champignon: edibility, description and photo

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Semi-shod champignon - one of the earliest species of the genus Champignons of the Agaricov family. Refers to lamellar mushrooms. It is in demand among lovers of "quiet hunting". The Latin name is Agaricuss ubperonatus. The basic characteristics that mushroom pickers need to know are the external signs of the fruiting body.

The appearance is very tempting for mushroom pickers

What does a half-shod champignon look like?

The main parts of a half-shoe are a hat and a leg.

The cap is convex, fleshy, rather large. The diameter varies from 3 to 15 cm. During the growth of the mushroom, the cap changes its shape. At first it is convex, then convex-outstretched. In some specimens, it becomes depressed in the middle. The color of the cap is brown or light brown. The surface is covered with brown or reddish-brown scales. At the edges of the cap, the remains of the bedspread are visible. If the air is very humid, the surface becomes sticky.

The pulp is firm, pale or rusty brown. At the junction with the leg, it acquires a reddish tint. The pulp of half-shod champignon is odorless. Some mushroom pickers point out that young fruit bodies sometimes exude a fruity aroma, and old ones smell like chicory.

The plates are frequent and narrow. Young mushrooms are pale pink, mature ones - brown, and sometimes black. The leg is quite long and thick. It grows up to 10 cm, with a diameter of 3 cm. The shape is cylindrical, at the base it can slightly expand. Painted pinkish gray. If the leg is damaged, but the color at the site of damage becomes reddish brown. Above the ring, the stem has a smooth surface, and underneath it is slightly scaly.

The peri-head ring is thick, double, white-brown. The lower part is fused with the leg.

Each part of the mushroom has its own characteristic features that are easily distinguishable upon close examination.

To fill a basket with mushrooms, you need to know their habitat.

Where the half-shod champignon grows

The species is considered rare, so meeting with it is a great success. Semi-shod champignon - soil saprotroph. Grows in open areas, loves compost heaps, roadsides.

To harvest a good harvest, you need to work hard and look for fruiting bodies in the grass.

It does not occur alone, it is located in small groups. Fruiting from mid to late summer. It grows in a temperate climatic zone.

Important! Half-shod champignon is not found in forests.

Is it possible to eat half-shod champignon

The mushroom can be eaten without fear. In scientific sources, it is classified as edible in the 2nd category of nutritional value. The taste is pleasant.

False doubles

Among the similar types of champignons, Steam or hothouse should be distinguished.

This species has no reddish shades in color and smaller scales on the cap. The leg goes deep into the ground, smooth and white. In mushrooms of any age, the pulp has the smell of chicory, becomes red on the cut. The most basic difference between mushrooms is that steam is found in forests, where half-shod ones cannot be found.

Among the dangerous doubles it should be noted:

  1. Variegated or Meller (Agaricus moelleri). A poisonous mushroom that you must be able to distinguish. The caps of the species are similar, but the leg of the variegated is thinner, longer and white. The fungus has an unpleasant odor.
  2. Yellow-skinned (Agaricus xanthodermus). The difference from the half-shoe is that there are no scales on it. When pressed, the cap turns yellow in this place. There is a wide skirt on the leg. It also has an unpleasant smell of the fruiting body characteristic of poisonous species.

The absence of scales will help identify a poisonous mushroom.

Assistance in identifying species is provided not only by a description, but also by a photo of champignons.

Collection rules and use

There are certain rules for mushroom pickers:

  1. Before putting it in the basket, you need to examine the find well.
  2. Never pick mushrooms that are unfamiliar or in doubt.
  3. Avoid locations near industrial areas or near high-traffic routes.
  4. It is imperative to process the harvested mushrooms in a timely manner, without leaving them for a long time without cleaning.
  5. Look carefully around and under your feet.

How to find half-shod champignon in the field:

The species is suitable for any cooking method. The mushroom is used fresh, as well as for salting, pickling, drying, frying, stewing, cooking, canning. Limit the use of champignon should be young children, people with digestive tract problems and allergic manifestations.


Semi-shod champignon is a very tasty and fleshy mushroom. The collected fruit bodies will bring real joy to lovers of "quiet hunting" and culinary gourmets.

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