Peony yellow: photo and description of varieties

Peony yellow: photo and description of varieties

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Yellow peonies in gardens are not as common as burgundy, pink, white. Lemon varieties are created by crossing a tree and a herbaceous variety. Coloring can be monochromatic or with variations of different shades. All representatives of ito-hybrids are characterized by high frost resistance and strong immunity.

Are there yellow peonies

In the natural environment, there is no culture with yellow flowers; hybrids were created in Japan in the middle of the last century. Pollination of varieties of herbaceous shrubs among themselves did not give flowers of the desired color, after blooming the buds, the shade became creamy or white. Interspecies crossing turned out to be effective.

Peony with yellow inflorescences (pictured) was created by tree and herbaceous cross-pollination.

The new variety was singled out as a separate group of ito-hybrids.

Further work was carried out in this direction; quite a few yellow varieties were created for ornamental gardening.

The best varieties of yellow peonies

Yellow breeding varieties differ in the shape of the bush, they can be herbaceous or tree-like. These representatives give inflorescences of different shapes with a dominant yellow color and shade options. Only ito-hybrids are distinguished by the pure color of bright petals. To choose suitable yellow peonies for planting, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the varieties.


Perennial herbaceous ito-hybrid of medium late flowering period, cycle duration is 15 days. It grows in the form of a compact shrub up to 90 cm high. Stem formation is intense, at least three inflorescences are formed on each shoot, about 55 buds can develop on one bush.

Semi-double flowers with bright orange anthers, with glossy petals arranged in 5 rows. The decorativeness of the peony is given by large, clearly dissected, green leaves. The plant is characterized by a delicate citrus aroma.

In an open area, Bartzell's petals have a rich lemon color

The diameter of the flowers is about 25 cm

Sunny Boy

The Sunny Boy hybrid is rare in Russian gardens. This variety is elite, popular, but difficult to obtain. It is referred to as yellow double peonies, but with inadequate photosynthesis, the color can turn cream or white.

Culture characteristics:

  • herbaceous bush with numerous shoots up to 75 cm long;
  • double flowers, their diameter is about 16 cm;
  • petals are delicate, glossy, with wavy edges;
  • leaves are opposite, not dissected, large, dark green.

Sunny Boy keeps its shape well, does not disintegrate under the weight of light yellow inflorescences

Yellow Crown

The rare collection variety "Yellow Crown" refers to ito-hybrids. A low herbaceous culture grows up to 60 cm. The bush is very dense, gives about 60 buds.

The semi-double look has delicate yellow petals with red blotches in the center

The leaf plate is large, dissected, dark green. Medium flowering plant.

Gold Mine

A tall herbaceous shrub, the stems of which grow up to 1 m. Flowers of medium diameter (10-12 cm), up to 6 pieces are formed on one peduncle. The variety blooms at the end of May, duration - 2 weeks. The foliage is intense, the leaves are narrow, oblong, opposite, by autumn they become burgundy. The plant's crown width is 50 cm. The petals are narrow, concave towards the center, with uneven edges.

Peony Gold Mine has pale yellow double flowers

Peony Mlokosevich

A subspecies of the Crimean peony, which has simple, pale yellow flowers with orange anthers.

Peony Mlokosevich - a wild variety, common in the mountainous regions of the North Caucasus

The bush is high (up to 1.2 m), its diameter is more than 50 cm. Stems are upright, tough. The leaves are rounded, dark green.

Going Bananas

The flowering of the ito-hybrid is medium late. The plant forms a tall compact bush, the stems are 65 cm long. Flowers are formed singly at the tops of the shoots. Large dissected leaf plates give decorativeness to the peony. The flowers are simple with a two-row arrangement of petals, their diameter is 18-20 cm. The color is pale yellow with red patches at the bottom.

Peony Going Bananas is recognized as the best landscape variety

Academician Sadovnichy

A tree-like plant, the bush reaches 1 m in height. Peony description:

  • leaves are light green, large with pointed tops. Fastened on long petioles;
  • flowers with a diameter of 17 cm, double, rounded, formed in the form of a bowl with concave petals;
  • the color is light yellow, with a red blotch near the core;
  • filaments are claret, anthers are lemon.

Academician Sadovnichy - late flowering culture, buds form in mid-June, and fade in about 2.5 weeks

Golden chariot

The golden chariot is a variety originally from China. This is a perennial herb of an elite terry species. Inflorescences are pure yellow, without shades, the petals of the first row are rounded, wide, with wavy edges. In each subsequent row, the shape of the petals narrows, so the core is completely closed. The height of the compact bush is 85 cm, the diameter of the flower is 15 cm. The leaves are large, oblong, pointed, with smooth edges, there is a yellowish tint in the color.

The Golden Chariot variety is grown for cutting and site design.

Midday heat

One of the most common tree-shaped peonies.

Important! In warm climates, the plant blooms 2 times: at the beginning of summer and at the end of July.

The variety is classified as yellow-white peonies, a bright color appears only in the illuminated area in the middle of the petals. The edges are light, with reddish veins near the core. Terry flowers, lateral arrangement.

Midday heat is a tall shrub that can reach 1.3 m in height

Prairie Moon

Prairie Moon is a peony from the USA, belonging to the mid-early interspecific hybrids. The height of the seedling reaches 75 cm. The herbaceous shrub is dense, compact, does not decay. The flowers are semi-double, with light yellow petals, fade in the sun to white. Filaments are beige, anthers are orange. Abundant flowering, the plant forms up to four lateral buds on one stem.

Important! Prairie Moon is a frost-resistant peony species that is not afraid of dropping temperatures down to -40 ° C.

Prairie Moon leaves are medium in size, elongated, dark green with a glossy surface

Prairie Charm

Prairie Sharm is a late ito hybrid, a tall herbaceous shrub that grows to 90 cm in height. The crown is dense, intensive stem formation. Inflorescences of medium size (up to 15 cm), semi-double type, fully open. Peony with yellow-green petals and pronounced burgundy fragments near the core. The leaves are rounded, light green, pointed.

Prairie Charm is widely used by florists for making bouquets.


Terry variety with wax-coated petals. Perennial herbaceous shrub (up to 85 cm tall), with a compact, very dense crown.

Attention! The culture does not require fixation to a support.

The inflorescences are large - 18 cm in diameter. In the center, the color is bright yellow, along the edges of the petals are white with a pinkish tinge. Anthers are light yellow.

Lemon Chiffon

Lemon Chiffon is one of the brightest representatives of yellow peonies. The flowers are of a pronounced lemon color. A distinctive feature of the variety is that double and semi-double flowers can grow on the bush. Herbaceous perennial with a dense crown, leaves are rounded, opposite, petioles are located next to each other. On the peduncle there is one central flower up to 25 cm in diameter and two smaller lateral ones.

Lemon Chiffon stands for a long time after cutting

Garden Treasure

Gold Medalist in the American Peony Society. One of the expensive semi-double ito-hybrids. Flowers grow up to 25 cm in diameter. Herbaceous shrub with a height of 65 cm and a crown width of up to 1.5 m, completely covered during flowering with rounded golden flowers, with delicate glossy petals and bright burgundy spots at the base. A medium to long flowering variety.

Garden Treasure was created for cutting, used in design as a tapeworm

Border Charm

Perennial herbaceous shrub, flowering duration beginning in June is 15 days. The length of the stems is about 65 cm. Due to the dissected form of bright green leaves, the culture retains its decorative effect until late autumn. The flowers are large, semi-double, cream-colored with a yellow tint and bright burgundy areas at the base.

Peony has a sharp but pleasant lemon scent.

Yellow Yao

The tree-like peony grows up to 2 m in height. Forms 70 or more buds. Stems are long, dark red in color. The leaves are green with a purple border around the edge, so the shrub is decorative even without flowers. The flowers are double, the petals are densely packed, there is no clear border in the middle. Filaments are long, formed all over the flower head. The petals are light yellow, randomly located.

Yellow Yao is a stress-resistant peony that is often used for landscaping city park areas.


A tree-like species with a long-term life cycle. The bush grows up to 1.8 m, forms a spreading crown (up to 1.5 m). The mid-late variety has double, spherical, bright yellow flowers and an orange core. The leaves are large, carved, light green with a yellowish tinge, by winter they become crimson. The stems die off after the temperature drops to minus mark. The hybrid is winter-hardy, not afraid of recurrent frosts.

Peony Kinko has a weak aroma

Lemon Dream

Ito hybrid with unusual coloration. The bush can have pure yellow and completely lavender flowers or a set of petals of both shades. The herbaceous shrub grows up to 1 m in height. Leaves are light green, carved, peduncles clearly protrude above the crown. The flowers are semi-double, formed in the form of a bowl.

The first Lemon Dream buds open in May

Gold placer

A tree-like perennial with a strong bush. The height and width are the same size - 1.8-2 m. Strong stems have drooping tops of a dark purple color. Dense double flowers with unusual colors of golden petals and salmon edging along the edge. The plant is frost-resistant, grows rapidly.

Late peony Gold placer blooms in early July

Sequestered Sunshine

Herbaceous perennial with semi-double, medium-sized flowers. The color of the petals is closer to orange, this is one of the brightest representatives of yellow peonies. Central part with short filaments and dark yellow anthers. At the base of the petals there are small areas of burgundy color. Leaves are light green triple-dissected. The height of the peony does not exceed 80 cm.

Sequestrated Sunshine in terms of flowering time refers to the mid-early

Viking Full Moon

Peony belongs to the semi-double varieties. Plant characteristic:

  • herbaceous bush about 80 cm high;
  • shoots are strong, not drooping, vertical;
  • up to 3 buds are formed on each stem;
  • flowers are semi-double, open, light yellow.

Blooms from May to June.

Peony buds are dark purple, after opening, the shade remains at the bottom of the petals

The use of yellow peonies in design

Ito-hybrids of yellow tones are used in ornamental horticulture as salt crops or are included in compositions with evergreen conifers, ornamental shrubs and flowering plants. The peony does not tolerate the peony of the neighborhood of large-sized plants shading it and crops with a creeping root system. Yellow peony is harmoniously combined with flowers of blue, burgundy, pink color. Plants with yellow flowers will lose in the vicinity of a peony.

Some examples of using ito-hybrids in design:

  • for a color accent on the lawn;
  • planted in front of the facade of the building;

    The delicate color of the peony is in harmony with the light walls

  • used as a tapeworm in the central part of the flower bed;

    The decorativeness of the seedling is emphasized by the natural stone covering around the bush

  • in mass planting to create a curb;
  • include in a composition with peonies of different colors;

    Yellow go well with red or burgundy specimens

  • used in mixborders as the main element.

Planting rules for yellow peonies

According to gardeners, yellow peonies do not require special conditions. The main recommendations to consider when planting:

  • open or periodically shaded area;
  • the soil is light, fertile, without moisture stagnation;
  • the composition of the soil is neutral.

The planting time for a frost-resistant culture does not play a role, spring work is carried out after the soil has warmed up to +10 0C, autumn - in mid-September. Place the yellow peony along with the earthy clod.


  1. The pit is 55 cm deep and wide by the volume of the root.
  2. The bottom is closed with drainage.
  3. A mixture of peat and compost is prepared, half asleep, the recess is filled with water.
  4. Put the root at an angle of 450, cover with the remaining substrate.

Important! Deepen the kidneys by 2 cm.

If the vegetative buds have started to grow, the upper part is left on the surface.

The plant is watered and covered with mulch, kept 1.5 m between the bushes.

Growing and caring for yellow peonies

Growing peonies of yellow varieties consists in the following activities:

  1. For an adult peony, you need 20 liters of water per week. By this indicator, they are guided, taking into account precipitation. Seedlings or plots are watered more often, avoiding stagnation of moisture and crust on the ground.
  2. The peony is mulched immediately after planting. Every spring, the material is renewed, loosened and weeds removed.
  3. Top dressing is a mandatory requirement of agricultural technology. In the spring, during the growth of the stems, potassium is added, at the time of budding - nitrogen. After the flowering phase, fertilize with phosphorus.
  4. In the fall, when the aboveground part begins to die off, it is cut off, the thickness of the mulch is increased, and organic matter is introduced.

Attention! Young specimens or those planted in autumn are covered with straw, burlap.

Pests and diseases

The problem that gardeners face when growing yellow peonies is powdery mildew or gray mold. If a fungal infection is found, watering is adjusted, the affected parts of the plant are cut off, the peony is treated with Fitosporin.

Fitosporin completely destroys fungus and spores, the agent can be used for prophylaxis

From pests on a yellow peony, the appearance is possible:

  • root knot nematode;
  • turf ants;
  • beetle-bronze.

In the fight against insects, the drug Aktara is effective.

Aktara - insecticide of contact-intestinal action


Yellow peonies are ito-hybrids obtained by pollination of tree and herbaceous forms of culture. They are represented by numerous varieties with different shapes of inflorescences and all kinds of shades of yellow. All representatives belong to perennial deciduous crops with high immunity and frost resistance.

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