Clematis President: Pruning, Planting and Care Team

Clematis President: Pruning, Planting and Care Team

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Easy to care for and hardy Clematis President or The President grows and beginners in floriculture. According to the classification, the large-flowered liana belongs to the Florida group. The variety has been known since the 19th century, named after the head of the British Royal Society of Gardeners.


Shrub vine of large-flowered clematis President with a powerful root system that can grow up to 1 m wide and 2-2.5 m deep. Thin green shoots climb up the support with tenacious tendrils. Leaves up to 10 cm, oval, pointed. Flowers are formed on last year's and new shoots, large, up to 15 cm or more. Peduncles are long. The petals are deep purple, with a lighter stripe from the base to the pointed tip, slightly curved upwards. The edges of the petals are slightly wavy. The middle of the flower is light due to the white base of the burgundy stamens.

Important! Strong supports for large-flowered clematis up to 2-3 m are installed during planting.


Clematis Hybrid President is appreciated for its long, lush bloom in two waves. The first time the buds are formed on the shoots of the last year and open in late May, early June. New shoots will be adorned with a magnificent waterfall of flowers from July to August. The large-flowered plant is very powerful: with the onset of warm nights, the shoots lengthen up to 10 cm per day. Over the summer, a young seedling forms up to 5 tall shoots. Liana easily wraps around the trunks of trees and shrubs. Near the buildings for a large-flowered plant, lattices are arranged, which are completely invisible at the time of full development.

The abundantly flowering clematis President serves as a picturesque cover for unsightly objects on the site, turns terraces, balconies or porches into cozy beautiful corners.

Attention! It can grow up to 30 years without a transplant in one place.

The large-flowered vine requires a large capacity if it is grown as a pot culture.

Winter-hardy large-flowered clematis President tolerates frost down to -28 aboutC. The variety is grown in the southern regions, as well as in the middle lane and in more severe climatic conditions with an obligatory shelter for the winter.


Seedlings of hybrid clematis are obtained in several ways: by cuttings, dividing the bush, layering or grafting. It is not always possible to separate a large bush of clematis vines of the President variety, but sometimes shoots are formed far from the bulk. They are easy to dig up, they quickly take root. Professionals propagate new varieties of hybrid plants by grafting, which is often difficult for beginners to produce. Layers are the easiest way to reproduce the large-flowered variety of clematis President you like.

  • In the direction of growth of a strong shoot, a shallow groove is dug and a liana is placed in it, leaving a 10-15 cm top above the ground;
  • The planting must be marked and watered regularly so that new shoots germinate;
  • The sprouts of hybrid clematis President are transplanted to a permanent place in the fall or with the onset of next spring.


The large-flowered plant begins to multiply by cuttings before flowering, when small buds are already visible.

  • A branch is cut out from the middle of the clematis bush and divided into fragments so that there are 2 leaves at the top of each segment: there should be 2 cm of lash above the sheet, and at least 4 cm under it;
  • The leaves are cut in half;
  • Use a growth stimulator before planting according to the instructions;
  • For the substrate, take coconut fiber, peat, sand or vermiculite and carefully immerse the cuttings;
  • Arrange a mini-greenhouse made of glass, plastic, polyethylene, make sure that the substrate is moderately moist;
  • Cuttings of a hybrid large-flowered vine take root after 2 weeks or later. The sprouts are transplanted into full-fledged soil. The President transfers the clematis seedlings to a permanent place in a year.


A beautiful large-flowered liana is planted in spring, summer, but the best time is September, October.

  • For hybrid clematis, choose a sunny place or with light partial shade. Liana does not like strong midday heat, its roots are protected by medium-sized annuals;
  • Planting clematis President and the rules of care provide for the placement of large-flowered creepers in a place where there is no stagnation of water or drainage of rain flows from the roofs of buildings. Fertile, permeable soils are suitable. The hybrid plant does not develop well on heavy and acidic soils;
  • Large flowers and light shoots of large-flowered clematis will suffer from strong winds, for vines it is best to plant in a sheltered place;
  • When placing several vines of vigorous clematis President, one and a half meters recede between the holes.

Attention! Clematis should not be planted close to the fence or wall. Holes and supports are placed at a distance of 30-40 cm.

Sapling requirements

Shoots from containers take root more easily. But if the root system is open, it should be examined. Ideally, the roots of clematis are up to 30 cm long, without thickening and damage. Shoot of clematis President with large buds or leaves that have begun to bloom. Before planting, the roots are soaked in water for several hours. Growth stimulants are also used.


It is better to dig a hole for clematis with dimensions of 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 m in advance so that the earth is settled. A 10-centimeter drainage layer is placed on the bottom. The soil is mixed with a bucket of humus and 0.5 liters of wood ash, complex flower fertilizer, guided by the instructions.

  • If clematis President is planted with an open root system, a tubercle is made from the soil and a seedling is installed on it, carefully spreading the roots;
  • The root collar and stem are covered with earth so that the lower bud deepens by 5-8 cm, then watered;
  • When planting in spring, the large-flowered liana is deepened to the first internode.

Advice! The hole is not compared to the ground, a depression is left. In the summer, soil is constantly poured.

In the spring, from the hybrid clematis of autumn planting, part of the land is also removed from above, making a deepening so that it is easier for new shoots to germinate from a still weak root.


As soon as the shoots begin to grow, they must be carefully tied to the support, directing them in the right direction. Some of the shoots of large-flowered liana are directed horizontally so that the flowering covers the entire decorative lattice. Abundantly flowering clematis The President requires systematic care in order to delight the gardener with good development. The hybrid liana is provided with weekly watering, and in the heat - 2-3 times a week. The first year, 10-20 liters of water are poured at a time, a grown large-flowered plant is given a double volume - up to 40 liters. After watering, the soil is loosened; on hot days, a layer of mulch from weeds and grass is laid.

In the spring, hybrid clematis is treated with fungicides for prophylaxis. In summer, when aphids and spider mites appear, insecticides and acaricides are used.

Advice! In the first year of clematis development, the buds are removed to strengthen the root system of the plant.

Top dressing

If possible, clematis is given organic fertilizing by the President. For the winter, humus is poured onto the hole, in the summer 3-4 times it is poured with liquid solutions of mullein or bird droppings. A large-flowered plant is fertilized with minerals 3 times:

  • With the onset of development, vines are dissolved in 10 liters of water 30-40 g of urea. Consumption - 5 liters per bush;
  • In the flowering phase, clematis President is fertilized with a solution of 30-40 g of nitrophoska and 20 g of potassium humate per 10 liters. Consumption - a bucket per bush;
  • After flowering, the vine is maintained with a solution of 40 g of superphosphate and potassium sulfate in 10 liters of water. Consumption - half a bucket per hole. Superphosphate is soaked per day in a liter of hot water, and then diluted to normal.

There are many different offers of flower fertilizers in the trade network, which can also be used. Organic mineral fertilizers "Ideal" and other preparations of this type are beneficial for the hybrid liana President.


To regulate the flowering process, shoots are cut twice in large-flowered clematis of the 2nd pruning group. Clematis President belongs to her. Having given the first wave to bloom, they cut off at the base all the shoots of the last year. In September, the shoots that have grown since spring are cut off. There are two options for this trim. If the entire shoot is cut to the root, there will be no early flowering next spring. In order for clematis to bloom in June, only the generative part, where the flowers were, is cut off on the shoots of the current year.

Preparing for winter

Winter hardiness of clematis President is high, but in the conditions of central Russia, the plant is covered. In autumn, peat, fallen leaves, sawdust are placed in the projection of the hole. Liana is removed from the support and carefully folded. With the onset of frost, spruce branches or dry remains of garden and flower plants are placed. Open gradually in warm weather.

A spectacular large-flowered liana will respond to careful care with beautiful flowering. Feeding and protecting the plant from frost, the gardener will admire the purple stars for years.


Yuri, 57 years old, Moscow region

Our clematis are 20 years old. Among them there is the President. It grows under the cover of a building, so we don't cover it with anything. Rises more than 2 m.

Igor, 29 years old, Volgograd region

My wife and I planted this variety of clematis last year. The root was taken from friends from the bush. The roots and shoots were strong, so they left it to bloom in the first summer.

Dasha, 24 years old, Syzran

The President bought Clematis for the second time. It so happened that in the fall she did not cover and the plant froze. I take care of the new vine, I feed it. It will already grow for a long time!

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