Climbing hybrid tea rose Violette Parfumee

Climbing hybrid tea rose Violette Parfumee

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Rose Violet Perfume is a variety of large lilac-pink flowers with a pronounced aroma. The culture is characterized by high winter hardiness, which allows it to be grown in any region of the middle lane. Abundant flowering, almost continuous until early autumn.

Breeding history

Climbing rose Violet (Violet, Violet) Perfume is a variety bred in 1995 by French breeders from the Doriex company. Differs in large flowers with a rich aroma. The variety has won awards at various competitions many times. Rose often won in those nominations that are associated with assessing the scent of a flower. In 1997, the cultivar received an award from the Association of Jardine Journalists (AJJH). From 1997 to 2003 the rose received 6 more international awards.

Violet Parfum rose seedlings are supplied by various nurseries, including the Topalovic Brothers (Serbia). The company produces over 300 thousand seedlings of different varieties annually. The planting material is of high quality. Plants have received awards many times, including at the Flowers exhibition in 2009 and 2010.

Important! Rose Violet Perfume is often called Melody Perfume. This is the exhibition name of the variety.

Description of the rose Violet Perfume and characteristics

The bush is medium-sized, the highest shoots reach a height of 150 cm. The width reaches 100 cm, which must be taken into account when planting. Stems are straight, strong enough. Leaves are bright green, medium-sized, longitudinal. The surface is glossy, the foliage of the bush is high, which creates an excellent background for bright inflorescences.

Rose buds Violet Perfum are large, cup-shaped. When blooming, flowers reach a diameter of 10–12 cm (less often up to 15 cm). The petals are long, with wavy edges, paler on the back. In the middle of the flower there are yellow stamens, the center is white. The predominant color is lilac with a pinkish tint. Against the background of the bright sun, the tones become more saturated - closer to fuchsia and violet. Blotches of pure white are visible on the bright petals.

Rose flower Violet Perfume has a symmetrical shape

A distinctive feature of the rose is a very strong aroma, thanks to which the variety got its name. The scent has hints of citrus, violets, spicy notes. The aroma is best felt in the evening.

The main characteristics of the rose variety Violette Parfumee:

  • flower color: pale lilac, purple, pink;
  • flower type: double (petals are arranged in several rows);
  • flower diameter: 10-15 cm;
  • the number of inflorescences on one stem: 1–7;
  • aroma: pleasant, strong, pronounced;
  • flowering: repeated, lasts from late June to early September;
  • purpose: decoration of a flower garden, for cutting;
  • winter hardiness: zone 6 (up to -23 ° C);
  • moisture resistance: high (buds bloom in rainy weather);
  • petals do not fade;
  • has immunity to rust and powdery mildew. Resistance to black spot is poorly expressed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Rose Violet Perfume attracts attention with its high decorativeness and strong aroma. Along with this, culture has other benefits:

  • large flowers of delicate color;
  • the petals are UV resistant, do not fade in the sun;
  • buds bloom even in the rain;
  • can be grown in all regions of Central Russia;
  • the bush is symmetrical, therefore it does not need formative pruning;
  • resistance to powdery mildew and rust, as well as spring return frost;
  • long flowering until early autumn (almost continuous).

The Violet Perfume variety has its drawbacks:

  • there is no immunity to black spot;
  • winter hardiness up to -23 degrees does not allow growing a rose in the Urals and Siberia.

Reproduction methods

The most effective way to propagate a Violet Perfume rose is by cuttings. In this case, the flower retains all varietal characteristics. Green cuttings are harvested in early July, after the first wave of flowering. They are cut from young shoots, leaving 2-3 internodes. The lower cut is made oblique, the upper cut is straight. Then the lower leaves are removed, and the upper ones are shortened.

Rose Violet Perfume is easy to propagate with green cuttings

Growing instructions:

  1. They are planted in fertile soil (sod land with humus and peat in a ratio of 2: 1: 1).
  2. Moisten liberally and cover with a jar.
  3. Grown in a shelter for 1-1.5 months, then opened.
  4. Water it periodically.
  5. In the fall, they mulch with leaf litter, spruce branches.
  6. In April, they are transplanted to a permanent place.

Another option is to spread the rose with layering. For this, strong shoots are fixed to the surface in early spring and sprinkled with soil. Periodically watered and grown until early autumn. Then it is carefully cut off and transplanted to a new location. For the winter, be sure to mulch, creating a thick layer of shelter.

Growing and care

The place for planting roses Violet Perfume should be open, because the plant loves light. It is advisable that the flowerbed is protected from strong winds. The soil should be loose (breathable) and fertile. A clayey area will not work. If the soil is depleted, in the fall it is dug up and compost is applied (3–6 kg per 1 m2) or complex fertilizer (30–40 g per 1 m2). If the soil is heavy, sand or sawdust of 500-700 g is embedded in the same area.

Since the seedlings of the Violet Parfum rose are not afraid of recurrent spring frosts, you can start planting already at the end of April, and in the south - in the middle of the month. The algorithm of actions is standard:

  1. Dig a hole 50–60 cm deep and in diameter (the distance between the holes is at least 100 cm).
  2. Lay a layer of drainage (8-10 cm) - it can be gravel, pebbles, broken brick.
  3. If no fertilization was previously applied, the sod soil is mixed with humus: the layer should be at least 10 cm.
  4. Root a sapling of a rose Perfume Violet so that the root collar is 3 cm below the surface.
  5. Ordinary garden soil is poured over the fertile layer.
  6. A little tamped, watered with settled water and mulched with peat, humus, straw or other materials.

Rose care Violet Perfume is standard. The flower should be watered regularly with warm water (young seedlings 10 liters, adults - 15-10 liters per bush). The standard schedule is once a week, during a drought - 2 times more often. In the evenings, you can irrigate foliage and stems.

For a lush and continuous flowering of the Violet Perfume rose, mineral fertilizers are recommended to alternate with organic

Fertilizers are applied 3 times per season:

  • at the beginning of April - nitrogen compositions;
  • during flowering - potassium salt and superphosphate at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

The earth is periodically loosened, if necessary, weeding is done. All faded buds from the Violet Perfume rose bush are removed. Every spring, a sanitary haircut is carried out: damaged and dried branches are removed. The amount of pruning depends on its purpose:

  1. Strong haircut. 3-4 buds are left on each shoot. The procedure is suitable for young seedlings and old bushes (for rejuvenation, it is carried out once every 3-4 years).
  2. Medium haircut. Leave 6-7 buds, which ensures early and lush blooming of the Violet Perfume rose.
  3. Moderate. More than 8 buds are left. The procedure is suitable for adult specimens.

It is necessary to cover the rose bushes with Violet Perfume only after the frost has come below -7 ° C. For this, the branches are laid on a layer of spruce branches and fixed to the ground. A frame is placed on top and agrofibre is pulled. Mulching with peat and humus for the winter is undesirable.

Advice! In autumn, you need to leave 2 buds on each shoot so that they give fruit. This will allow the plant to survive the winter better.

Pests and diseases

Rose Violet Perfume has good immunity, but can suffer from black spot (marsonia). The main symptom is purple-white round spots on the leaves. Gradually they turn black, the foliage dies and falls off, the development of the rose slows down. It is very difficult to treat the plant, in some cases the bush has to be thrown away. To prevent this, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatments with drugs in May or June: Vermicofe, Fitosporin, Ekoberin, Zircon, Baikal-M, Gumistar, Trichodermin.

Rose Violet Perfume may suffer from aphid infestation. It can be dealt with with folk remedies (soap solution with wood ash, infusion of garlic cloves, mustard powder, chili pepper) or insecticides: Decis, Biotlin, Green Soap, Match, Fitoverm and others.

Application in landscape design

Rose Violet Perfume produces compact bushes with a diameter of 70–100 cm. Therefore, the plant will fit well even in small gardens. Florists love to enjoy its scent. Usually the bushes are planted around a bench or gazebo. They are used to decorate the entrance, decorate the border of the terrace.

The rose can be used in group compositions with various ornamental plants, for example, with yellow acacia, cotoneaster, privet, chubushnik. The bushes are in harmony with dwarf conifers - spruce, thuja, juniper and others.

Rose Violet Perfume in single planting

The bushes of this variety have bright greenery, they look good in open areas. If you leave a distance of less than 100 cm between them, the landing will be tight.

Purple flowers are successfully combined with bright green leaves

The climbing variety Violet Perfume is often used for vertical landscaping.

Hybrid tea culture can be grown to decorate gazebos


Rose Violet Perfume is suitable for lovers of delicate shades of lilac and pink. It is an attractive flower with a rich aroma. Since each shoot gives an average of 3-4 inflorescences, the smell is felt even from a distance. Plant care is standard: regular watering and feeding. For the winter in most regions, flowers need shelter.

Reviews of hybrid tea rose Violet Perfume

Julia, 45 years old, Volgograd

After reading the description of the rose variety Violetta Perfume and looking at the photo, I was inspired by the flower. I love light purple shades. I planted a seedling, it bloomed the next year. The aroma is strong, so it is better to plant it next to the bench. There is nothing special about care: you need to water once a week. Top dressing is applied until the end of July.

Tamara, 57 years old, Yaroslavl

I have long wanted a rose with a strong scent. I specially studied the reviews and settled on Violet Perfume. The scent is not perfumery, just such a name. Mostly fruity, slightly lemon. Very uplifting. The flowers are large, pastel lilac.

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