Sulfur head: description and photo

Sulfur head: description and photo

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The sulfur head is a mushroom from the genus Psilocybe, its Latin name is Hyphaloma cyanescens. Refers to hallucinogenic specimens, so it is not recommended to collect it. The possession and distribution of hallucinogenic mushrooms is severely punished in many countries. Regular use of sulfuric head is dangerous for the psyche and physical health.

What does a sulfur head mushroom look like?

The cap of the sulfur head is small, its diameter does not exceed 5 cm. In young specimens, it is conical; as it grows, it takes the shape of a bell or pear. The edges can be flat or curved upwards.

The color of the cap at the sulfur head is yellow. When it rains, the color turns chestnut. Bluish spots can be seen in the damaged areas.

The cap of the mushroom is smooth, elastic, becomes sticky in damp weather, in old specimens, increased fragility is noted.

The spore-bearing layer is colored in a shade of cinnamon, turns red-brown with age, purple-black spots may appear.

The height of the leg at the sulfur head ranges from 2.5 to 10 cm, the diameter is from 3 to 6 mm. The leg is slightly curved, there is a noticeable thickening in the lower part. The color of the leg is white at the top, honey-amber at the bottom. In dry weather, a bluish tinge may be present.

The leg is fragile, its surface is covered with silky fibers.

Where does the sulfur head mushroom grow?

Grows singly or in small groups, picks out fallen trees, old stumps, damp depressions with grass. The sulfur head can be found in deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests.

Appears in August, the last specimens can be seen before frost in December.

The territory of distribution of the sulfur head is the European part of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, North Africa.

Is it possible to eat a sulfur head mushroom

The use of hallucinogenic species, which include the sulfur head, is fraught with mental changes. The effect on the body is comparable to the effect of the narcotic substance LSD.

Important! To maintain health, it is necessary to give up the collection and use of sulfuric head.

Poisoning symptoms

The first symptoms appear very quickly. If the dish is eaten on an empty stomach, it takes only a quarter of an hour before signs of poisoning appear. If you eat a sulfur head after a hearty meal, it can take about two hours before symptoms appear.

The main signs indicating the use of hallucinogenic species are:

  1. Dazedness, turning into a delusional state.
  2. It may seem to a person that time has stopped or has accelerated.
  3. There is a feeling of space variability.
  4. Color perception is impaired.
  5. Eyesight and hearing are sharpened.
  6. There is a feeling that consciousness is leaving the brain.
  7. The effect on the body can cause both positive and negative emotions. If you feel unwell, aggression, anger, irritability may appear.

Attention! Frequent use of the sulfur head leads to psychological dependence.

Not only the human brain suffers, his consciousness changes, mood swings are possible, but the most dangerous thing is the disruption of the internal organs (liver, kidneys and heart).

First aid for poisoning

A person under the influence of a sulfuric head is dangerous to others. His clouded consciousness may react inadequately, so the patient must be isolated.

You can remove the dish from the stomach by washing. To do this, the victim is given several glasses of warm water to drink at once, after which vomiting occurs, and the remnants of food come out.

If a person is unconscious, vomiting cannot be induced, otherwise he may choke.

Wax head poisoning does not require medical attention, but in some cases detoxification is necessary. Droppers reduce clinical symptoms, eliminate headaches.

If a person develops a craving for repeated use of the sulfuric head, it is advisable to show it to a psychiatrist. Treatment for mental addiction should be done as early as possible.

Existing twins

The sulfur head has similar species. They are also hallucinogenic, but less dangerous, since the content of toxic substances is much lower.

Similar varieties:

  1. Psilocybe papillary at a young age looks very similar to the sulfur head, but with age, its cap remains in the shape of a bell, and flattens in the sulfur fungus. The species is inedible, has a hallucinogenic effect on the human body.
  2. Paneolus rimmed has a reddish-brown cap, which turns black when wet. The leg is thin, velvety. The smell is mealy, unpleasant. You can distinguish it from the sulfuric head by its place of growth. Paneolus most often lives in dung heaps, in pastures. The low psilocybin content allows the mushrooms to be used as food after pre-boiling.


The sulfur head is a hallucinogenic mushroom containing psilocybin. In many countries, its collection and distribution is punishable by law.

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