Copper-based coniferous kvass: reviews, recipe

Copper-based coniferous kvass: reviews, recipe

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Few people know that you can make coniferous kvass on your own at home. At the same time, it turns out not only a tasty, but also an extremely healthy drink. In addition to the fact that coniferous kvass perfectly refreshes in the heat, gives vigor and energy, it also knows how to heal many diseases. And what is most incredible is that with the help of such a drink you can extend life by a whole ten years or more.

Useful properties of coniferous kvass

Coniferous kvass is a real healer; it contains a significant amount of a natural antibiotic. Most of the sanatoriums for tuberculosis patients and people with other respiratory diseases are located in pine forests. Regularly drinking pine kvass, you can cleanse the lungs, blood and the whole body from various infections. The drink also contains many microelements that the body needs very much in winter.

Coniferous kvass strengthens blood vessels, bones, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Improves memory, visual function, restores youthfulness to the skin, making it elastic and smooth. This is due to the substances contained in coniferous kvass, which stimulate the growth and restoration of collagen fibers.


Copper coniferous kvass is useful with a huge amount of antioxidants. These are the substances that are extremely necessary in the modern world. Poor ecology, poor quality food, polluted air, water - all this leads to the formation of free radicals in the human body. Those, in turn, "start" many negative processes in the body: atherosclerosis, oncology, problems with immunity, the appearance of chronic foci of inflammation.

Antioxidants fight free radicals, “bad” cholesterol, hangovers, and have a positive effect on metabolism. Coniferous kvass contains resveratrol, a powerful plant antioxidant. In terms of the strength of its effect on the body, it is 50 times stronger than vitamin E, 20 times stronger than ascorbic acid, and 5 times stronger than beta-carotene. Scientists have proven that this substance, if taken regularly, can extend the life cycle of the body almost twice.

Resveratrol does not allow age-related changes to come into full force, affects genes, preventing the development of various mutations in them. In addition, it limits the amount of fat accumulation in the body, and not only prevents their deposition, but also promotes splitting, therefore it acts as an effective means of combating excess weight.


Pine kvass is rich in such valuable substances as flavonoids. Among them, in the first place is dihydroquercetin, the healing power of which is much superior to the action of all other substances in this group. The chemical compound actively and versatile affects the human body:

  • normalizes the concentration of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood;
  • destroys blood clots in blood vessels;
  • slows down the wear and tear of the body;
  • restores damaged gastric mucosa;
  • produces a diuretic effect;
  • improves coronary circulation;
  • strengthens the heart muscle;
  • reduces the side effects of chemotherapy;
  • prevents pathologies of the visual organs;
  • has an antiviral effect;
  • enhances immunity;
  • contributes to the prevention of cancer, diabetes, brain diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry produces dihydroquercetin in tablet form from coniferous raw materials. However, the substance is not absorbed as well as from coniferous kvass. The fact is that the drink contains a small amount of ethyl alcohol, which facilitates the entry of the element into metabolic processes.

How to make coniferous kvass

To prepare coniferous kvass, you must first go to the forest. It is better to harvest raw materials from late summer to early winter. During this period, it accumulates the maximum concentration of unique nutrients. If at this time you thoroughly stock up on needles, cut them into smaller pieces, dry them, then this stock can be stored all year, until the new harvest.

Young twigs need to be plucked. They are, as a rule, light green in color, stand out with a brighter color against the background of coniferous thickets. The next step is to chop the brought needles. It will be difficult to do this with a blender, so you will have to take scissors and cut the green needles into 0.5-1 cm pieces.Wash under running water on a fine sieve, drain or dry.

How to make copper water

Next, you need to get a solution of water saturated with copper ions. You should try to find anywhere on the farm any small item made of pure copper (the alloy will not work). You can clean it from green areas and dark streaks by boiling for 10 minutes in water with citric acid.

If nothing suitable is not available, it is allowed to take ordinary copper wire. If it was previously isolated, clean it thoroughly with sandpaper. This will help remove all transparent and therefore invisible layers of the coating. Immerse a cleaned metal object in water, boil until 30-40% of the water evaporates, and copper concentrate remains in the pan.

Attention! The most delicious kvass is obtained from pine needles.

Recipe for coniferous kvass in copper water

Fill a three-liter jar with 40% prepared needles. Add honey in the amount of two tablespoons per 1 liter of water. In total, it turns out that in 3 liters you need to put 5-6 tablespoons.

After everything is laid out in the jars, pour the needles with hot copper water. This will turn out to be about half a can. Then fill the missing volume with ordinary boiling water, pour it under the very lid.

When the drink has stood for a day, add dry baker's yeast to it. For 3 liters of coniferous kvass, about one small bag (10-12 g) will take.

From the minute the fermentation process begins, the needles can be removed. The first sign will be the appearance of foam and small bubbles on the surface of the kvass. Strain the contents of the jar through a sieve, then pass through a gauze filter. Coniferous concentrate can be removed even before the addition of yeast.

Coniferous kvass will ferment for about 1.5-2 days. After the end of this process, the finished drink must be carefully filtered. This can be done through a napkin, paper towels, in any other way. Then put everything in the refrigerator. After the coniferous kvass has stood for several days, it will lighten a little and will be ready for use. All yeast will settle to the bottom, die, and the drink can be drunk. The recommended daily dose of coniferous kvass is 150-200 ml.

Attention! If someone finds the taste of a drink made from pine needles and honey too specific, you can add a little lemon juice to it.

Recipe for coniferous kvass at home on sour cream

It is worth considering the recipe for coniferous kvass made with sour cream. Collect young fresh twigs from pine or spruce, rinse, chop. Put the raw material in a container of 3 liters for a third of the volume, pour hot boiled water over the "shoulders".

Pour a small cup of sugar into the jar, when the solution cools down a little (up to +30 C) add a spoonful of sour cream. Then mix everything well, shake and leave to infuse in a dark place, covering the neck with a napkin. Let stand for 1-2 weeks, while monitoring the readiness of the drink, then strain. Pour into bottles, store in the cold.

Coniferous kvass drink 100 ml shortly before meals 3 times a day. The course of treatment with a drink lasts from 3 weeks to 2 months, once a year.

Second recipe

This method of preparing coniferous kvass was developed by B.V. Bolotov, a scientist of the Soviet era. It is based on the ability of lactic acid products (sour cream, milk whey) to induce the fermentation process.


  • needles (dry) - 3 cups;
  • sour cream - 2 tablespoons;
  • water - 3 l;
  • sugar - 125 g.

Prepare hot needles infusion. To do this, pour boiling water over pine (spruce) twigs, previously washed and chopped. Pour in sugar, insist under the lid up to +30 C. Peel the drink from the needles, pass through the filter. In a small amount of broth, dilute sour cream and only then add it to the solution. Coniferous kvass will ferment for about 3 days, then strain it again and bottle it. Send to the refrigerator for storage.

How to take a coniferous drink

Coniferous kvass, like any herbal medicine, must be taken on an empty stomach. It is better to do this in the morning before breakfast or in between meals. Take a cup of pine kvass at a time, one or more times a day.

Coniferous kvass can be used without medicinal purposes, it can be drunk as a refreshing, tonic drink in the hot summer period. Since many active substances are concentrated in it, it is better not to abuse them and take them in reasonable quantities.


There are practically no restrictions on the intake of coniferous kvass. It is extremely useful. The only exceptions are people with chronic inflammatory kidney disease.


Coniferous kvass is an excellent tonic, revitalizing and rejuvenating agent. He will give his constant admirers strong spiritual and physical health, as well as longevity and endless youth.

Reviews of coniferous kvass

Vishnyakov Sergey Petrovich, 32 years old, Kazan.

Copper cookware cleans and charges water well. It is sold a lot in India. I bought myself one, and since then I drink only copper infusion. The Indians firmly believe that such water is equal in its properties to the waters of the Ganges, that is, it is sacred. But you only need to pour clean water into the bowl. Once I added lemon, some undesirable reaction took place between acid and copper, and after this drink I felt bad.

Korneichuk Svetlana Olegovna, 43 years old, Yekaterinburg.

Coniferous decoctions, infusions and kvass, including very good effect on the reproductive organs, both male and female. My daughter could not get pregnant, drank pine kvass for a while and she did it, a wonderful boy was born!

Sharov Yuri Vladimirovich, 53 years old, Lipetsk.

I have been taking pine kvass regularly for many years. Fortunately, there are enough pines in my region. The drink tones up very well, adds efficiency, health, and at my age it is very important. In addition to the fact that with the help of coniferous kvass I dream of living a long active life, I save myself in this way from prostatitis.

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