Apple tree Mantet: description, photo, reviews, planting

Apple tree Mantet: description, photo, reviews, planting

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The Mantet apple variety will soon be celebrating its centenary. He began his triumphal path in 1928 in Canada. He quickly got to Russia, his ancestral home, since it was bred on the basis of a native Russian apple variety: Moscow Grushovka. The Mantet apple tree has become popular due to the early ripening of its beautiful liquid apples. Its range has stepped far enough even to the north of the middle climatic zone, as far as a tree of average winter hardiness, like the Mantet apple tree, can withstand frosts.

The Mantet apple tree is rather unpretentious not only to the climate, but also to the soil. It is lovingly grown by amateur gardeners, according to their reviews, they highly appreciate the irreplaceable qualities of fragrant and sweet fruits. Mantet apples are like a bright flying star: they amaze with their magnificent appearance, delicate taste and leave a pleasant memory of tidbits. They are stored for only a week or two, but they are suitable for all kinds of blanks. An important advantage of the Mantet apple variety is that it is not only fast-growing, but also that after planting, the tree begins to harvest quickly - in the third or fourth year.

Description of the variety

Varietal characteristics of Mantet apple trees are visible in the structure of the silhouette of the tree and crown, the shape of the leaves, and the color of flowers. The peculiarities of the fruit tree variety are manifested by the characteristics of the fruit.

The appearance of the tree

The Mantet apple tree has a crown of medium height, not dense. It is enchantingly beautiful in spring when it blooms, it gives a pleasant coolness in summer in the shade of powerful skeletal branches. Leaves are oval, longish, with elongated tips. Young annual stems of uniform thickness and medium vigor.

The apple tree of this variety is characterized by the fact that the fruits are mainly formed on the ringlets. The buds of the prevailing white-pink background are shaded with purple. Opened slightly elongated light pink petals form a large saucer-shaped flower.

Fruit properties

At the end of summer, a young tree generously shares picturesque, mouth-watering apples, each weighing up to 180 g. In old trees, the fruits of the Mantet apple variety can be smaller, as well as the yield is smaller. Rounded-oblong greenish-yellow apples, slightly ribbed upwards. The integumentary color of the delicate skin of the fruit of this variety is a bright red blush, striped, with specks of a more saturated shade. He, as can be clearly seen in the photo, is often located against a bright orange-red background. The apple is not rough to the touch, with a delicate cover, fully corresponds to its description.

The main advantage of summer Mantet apples is their exceptional sweetness, perhaps with the slightest hint of sourness. These are excellent dessert sweet apples with delicate white pulp and an unsurpassed aroma. According to the chemical composition of the Mantet variety, the sum of sugars is 10.4%, 12.4% - pectin substances, 100 g of pulp contains 11.2 mg of ascorbic acid.

Features of fruiting

The early-growing apple variety Mantet fell in love with gardeners due to its early ripening period. Under favorable weather conditions, apples begin to ripen from the end of July. True, their "stocks" on the tree run out rather quickly - by the middle of next month. And if the ripening is delayed, then they feast on the sweet fruits of the Mantet variety until the end of August. Unfortunately, fragrant fruits are not at all subject to long-term transportation and storage.

Among the relative disadvantages of Mantet apple trees, one of the main ones is that the tree is susceptible to scab pathogens. More often this disease threatens in years, abundant in rains and gloomy summer days.

Planting and leaving

Particular attention is paid to the planting of Mantet trees. Having decided in the fall that this tree will be planted in the garden in spring, you need to prepare a place for it and dig a hole right away. In six to seven months, the earth is compacted and accumulates moisture. This is the difference between the Mantet apple tree. For most other varieties, holes can be prepared even a week, in other cases - a month before planting.

Correct planting of trees

It is advisable to purchase 1-3-year-old saplings of Mantet apple trees. It is these trees that take root best.

  • The apple tree loves a sunny location, suffers in conditions of cold air flow and drafts;
  • It is necessary to plant Mantet apple trees in the spring, in more northern regions - at the end of April. In the south, planting is carried out until mid-October, starting from the third decade of September;
  • The Mantet apple tree prefers loamy soils. This is the most suitable soil for it, but it grows on others, provided it is well cared for;
  • If several trees are planted, the minimum distance between them is four meters. A hole with a diameter of 50 cm to 1 m is dug at least 70 cm deep, nutshells are applied down;
  • During planting, fertile soil is first poured, then a layer in which humus, compost or peat are mixed. Sand must be added to clay soil. If the soils are acidic - up to one kilogram of lime. A mound is made from this mixture, where the seedling is placed, gently straightening the roots on the sides. Sprinkle with the same composition;
  • The addition of mineral fertilizers: 35–45 g of potassium sulfate, 30–40 g of potassium salt, 80–100 g of superphosphate;
  • The earth is well tamped, two buckets of water are poured and poured near the trunk. Then mulch with leaves or humus.

The main stages of caring for an apple tree

Good maintenance will significantly improve tree formation from a very young age and increase its yield. The tree will respond gratefully to taking care of its condition, and it is not at all difficult.

  • Water the Mantet apple tree every seven days. The volume of water for one tree is from 20 to 40 liters, depending on the weather;
  • After watering, weak loosening of the trunk circle is mandatory;
  • Although the crown of the Mantet apple variety is rare, the autumn pruning of branches that grow inward, as well as damaged and annual ones, will only increase the tree's yield;
  • Given the high yield of the variety, a garter of branches with fruits will not be superfluous. Otherwise, the branch may break off, not only the fruit will suffer, but also the tree itself;
  • In the spring, trapping belts are put on the trunk. They will protect the tree from apple blossom beetle and ants.

Chemistry helps: how to deal with scab and other diseases

For diseases and harmful insects, the tree is sprayed with appropriate preparations. A lot of chemicals can now be found on sale. You should only carefully follow the instructions when applying them. Will come to help to preserve the harvest and natural compositions. Since the Mantet apple tree is threatened by a fungal disease, it is treated with effective mixtures.

  • A solution is prepared: 2 liters of hot water and two or three hundred grams of chopped garlic are infused for 24 hours. Filter, add 30 g of grated laundry soap and 8 liters of water;
  • In the spring, they are treated with Bordeaux liquid (9 liters of water, 300 g of copper sulfate, 400 g of quicklime): 2 liters will be used for a young tree up to 6 years old, up to 10 liters for an older tree;
  • The fungicides Horus and Strobi are widely used. The first one is used twice for the prevention of spotting, scab and moniliosis: when the flower buds have not blossomed and at the end of flowering. The second fights against sooty fungus and powdery mildew, spraying is carried out 3 times.

On almost every site, be it a peasant farm or a summer cottage, you can find seedlings of various apple trees. Hundreds of new varieties have been developed. But one does not want to forget the long-standing successful varieties because of their wonderful fruits.


Evgeny D., 54 years old, Oryol

My family really likes this apple variety because of its early maturity. It is clearly seen that the Mantet and Grushovka apple trees are relatives. But my daughter has a much more elegant aroma, and there is nothing to say about the taste - sweet, pleasant. I recommend everyone to start this tree in the country!

Antonina Igorevna, 65 years old, Velikiye Luki

The Mantet apple tree has been growing on our site for 16 years. We bought a seedling in the nursery, liked the description of the variety and the photo. They treated the scab every year. But this year somehow it didn’t work out in time. Not sprayed. And there are many fruits - good, not amazed.

Yulia V., 29 years old, Voronezh region, Kalach

She planted the first seedling of the Mantet variety with her father ten years ago. Apples in the summer are a favorite treat for everyone. What a delicious jam of them! For pies in winter, it is an excellent filling. Now parents are very fond of baking them, the age is such that you need to think about the right food. And my husband and I have been planting the Mantet apple tree for 5 years already. We have been trying our delicious apples for two years now. There is no better variety for summer!

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