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Carrot Nandrin F1

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The early ripe carrot variety Nandrin is loved by farmers and ordinary gardeners. This variety has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. The Nandrin F1 carrot is a hybrid that is used for sowing both large fields of farmers and small beds in vegetable gardens. The cultivar of this hybrid is Nantes / Berlicum. The seeds come to Russia from Holland, which is engaged in the production of the Nandrin F1 hybrid. They are treated with a special substance that prevents the development of diseases and repels carrot pests, so before sowing, you should refuse to soak.


Since Nandrin is an early ripening carrot with a growing season of 95 to 105 days, it has time to ripen in a short summer in the center of Russia and in its northern regions.

This carrot has a very beautiful appearance: the fruits have a regular cylindrical shape, smooth, without cracks or other flaws, the tip is not sharp, but rounded. The weight of a ripe fruit is from 150 g to 250 g, the length reaches 20 cm.

Features of the

Attention! The peculiarity of the Nandrin carrot variety is that the core is almost absent. And since it is in it that nitrates accumulate, the small size of the core gives this hybrid an advantage in nutritional value over other varieties of carrots.

This variety has a dense, juicy, sweet pulp with a high carotene content. Due to the small core, the amount of pulp increases, which makes it possible to get a larger amount of carrot juice, rich in vitamins. People say: "Carrots add blood", so this juice is used in the treatment of anemia, lack of vitamins, especially vitamin A.

How to store

Hybrid carrots are stored very well without losing their qualities. In a vegetable storehouse, it lasts well until the end of spring, unlike other early-maturing varieties. It follows from this that Nandrin carrots, due to their ability to maintain their presentation for a long time, are of interest for trade. Therefore, you can buy Nandrin carrots at any counter, be it a market or a store, almost at any time, up to the new harvest.

What is the yield

Nandrin F1 is one of the high-yielding carrot varieties. Farmers usually harvest 5-7 kg of fruits from one square meter, which means that 50-70 tons of this wonderful product are obtained from 1 hectare. On a personal plot, with manual cultivation of beds, you can achieve a larger yield - about 8-9 kg per square meter.

Agricultural rules for carrots Nandrin F1

This variety thrives on light soil with low acidity. Loves watering, but not excessive watering, since waterlogged and heavy soil is not for this carrot.


Carrots are a fairly cold-resistant plant, for germination it is enough for the earth to warm up to 3-4 degrees. Do not worry if frost hits again after sowing.

Even the emerging seedlings are not afraid of frost down to -4 Celsius. Carrot seeds are small, the content of essential oils in them is high enough, which slows down the germination process. Seedlings appear only 14-16 days after sowing.

You can regulate the ripening time of fruits with several crops:

  1. In order for fresh carrots to appear on the table as early as possible, they should be sown in winter, around mid-October, while there is no snow.
  2. If you sow Nandrin carrots in the spring, as mentioned above, that is, it will be possible in August.
  3. To harvest in late September-early October for storage, sowing must be done in mid-June.

Attention! When sowing in autumn, about seven grams of seeds are consumed per 1m2, in spring less seeds are spent - 4-5 grams.

Before sowing, it is necessary to remove all weeds and carefully loosen the soil in the garden. Make grooves 15-20 centimeters apart. Spread the seeds into these grooves, observing the intervals between them 1-2 cm, so as not to do thinning in the future, which can injure the plants.

Conditions for obtaining a good harvest

  1. It is important to choose the right landing site. There should be no weeds in the garden bed, especially those large ones such as wheatgrass. It is good to plant carrots after cucumbers, onions, cabbage, nightshade crops, since organic fertilizer is usually applied under them, which is quite enough for carrots.
  2. The acidity of the soil should not be high, within 6-7 units.
  3. It is better to fertilize the soil before sowing carrot seeds only with complex mineral fertilizers.

How to care for carrots

  1. When the seedlings reach about three centimeters, they need to be thinned so that the distance between the plants is about two centimeters.
  2. After a while, when the diameter of the root crop becomes 0.5-1 cm, thinning should be carried out again. Now leave 4 to 6 centimeters between the carrots.
  3. Weeding is very important during this period. In order for the plant to gain strength, nothing should interfere with it and take nutrients from the soil. Therefore, you should remove all weeds, then loosen between the rows to provide oxygen access to the root crop.
  4. While the fruit is being poured, it needs watering, not too frequent and not too abundant (5-6 liters of water per 1m2).

When to harvest

The earliest crop of Nandrin carrots is obtained with the second thinning. At this time, the root crop reached a size of about 1 cm in diameter, which indicates its suitability for food. At this time of the year, it is especially valuable, since there are still few ripe vegetables in the garden.

Attention! The main harvest takes place in the fall, 95-105 days after sowing.

When the fruits of the June sowing are fully ripe, they need to be dug up with a pitchfork, carefully pulled out by the tops, shaken off the ground and folded along the edges of the beds to dry. After 3-4 hours, you can start preparing the carrots for storage, that is, trim the tops, sort the fruits by size, small ones can be used for animal feed or juice, medium and large fruits can be folded into a container, sprinkled with dry sand or sawdust. Remove to the cellar.

Subject to agrotechnical rules, the harvest of Nandrin F1 carrots will be excellent. Farmers and amateur gardeners give good reviews of the Nandrin hybrid. Most of all, it is appreciated for its high resistance to diseases and pests, a bountiful harvest, keeping quality, excellent characteristics in taste and uniformity of fruits.

Reviews of gardeners

Our gardeners have good reviews of this carrot. Here is some of them:

Larisa Anatolyevna, 54 years old, Novosibirsk

I learned about this carrot by chance from a neighbor. We have vegetable gardens over the fence, and I used to admire all her beds with carrots, she is so pretty and alright. But now I myself have been growing for the third year. What is convenient is planting it in the winter - I planted it in the fall, and you don't know grief in the spring. Miracle, not a carrot!

Oleg Vladimirovich, 48 years old, Krasnoyarsk

I had never been involved in harvesting carrots before, I did not like fiddling with this small thing. And as the wife sowed this variety that year, it became so expensive to harvest! The harvest is what you need!

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