Tomato Turbojet: reviews, photos, yield

The turbojet tomato is the newest variety from the Novosibirsk company "Siberian Garden". Tomato for open ground, suitable for regions with harsh climates. The variety is intended for the earliest tomato harvest. A large number of fruits are formed on a low bush of a tomato variety Turboactive.

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Turbojet

The bush of a tomato variety Turboactive superdeterminant, grows up to 40 cm high. The plant forms a powerful stem, the bush is formed with weak foliage. The leaves are dark green. It can be grown without shaping and pinching, which requires minimal maintenance.

Tomato Turbojet for open ground is a reliable variety, which is created with good resistance to adverse weather conditions. The crop yields consistently even in cold summers. Differs in one of the early ripening dates - the first fruits appear in June.

Description of fruits

The fruits of a tomato of the Turboactive variety have a flat-round shape, red in color. The weight of ripe tomatoes is up to 80 g. Fruits appear in large quantities, throughout the bush, of uniform size. According to reviews, the Turbo-active tomato has a pleasant tomato flavor with a characteristic sourness.

Tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption and whole-fruit canning. They are well ripened removed.


The yield of the variety is high. From a small bush, you can collect up to 2 kg of early tomatoes. According to reviews and photos of the Turbo-active tomato variety, during the fruiting period, there are about 30 fruits on one plant. The full cycle from germination to fruit filling takes 100-103 days.


Siberian breeding tomato is intended for growing in difficult climatic conditions. Unpretentious, able to withstand errors in care. Due to the early recoil of the fruit, it does not undergo late blight.

Advantages and disadvantages

Young variety of tomato Turbojet is created for obtaining super-early vegetable products. The culture is unpretentious to growing conditions, which is suitable even for novice gardeners. Due to the compactness of the bush, tomatoes can be grown in container culture. The advantages of the variety include the universal purpose of the fruit.

According to reviews about the Turbo-active tomato, the disadvantages of the variety include its weak leafiness, which is not always suitable for growing crops in the open field, in regions with hot summers.

Planting and care rules

Despite the early maturity, it is necessary to sow the seeds of the Turbojet tomato 60-70 days before transplanting into open ground. The variety is also suitable for direct sowing of seeds on the beds, but this method is more suitable for the southern regions.

Growing seedlings

For planting seedlings, you can use independently harvested soil, purchased or a mixture of them.

Components for soil:

  1. Fertilizers. To enrich the soil, complex mineral fertilizers, ash and humus are introduced into it.
  2. Biologicals. In order to make the soil alive, one month before planting, beneficial bacteria are introduced, for example, "Bokashi" or other EM preparations.
  3. Baking powder. For loosening, river sand or vermiculite is used. Adding agroperlite to the soil will allow it to stay moist and airy for longer, without the formation of a crust on the surface.
  4. Disinfection. A few days before planting, the soil mixture is spilled with fungicides.

All introduced elements are thoroughly mixed. In order for them to interact, the soil is prepared several weeks before planting. To make the soil more uniform and to get rid of lumpiness, it is sieved through a coarse sieve.

Advice! For growing tomato seedlings, coconut substrate and peat tablets are also used.

Reusable planting containers are disinfected. Pour the soil, lightly press and watered.

To accelerate the germination of seeds, pre-sowing treatment is carried out:

  1. One-size specimens are selected without damage.
  2. They are treated with disinfectants.
  3. Soaked in growth accelerators.
  4. Germinate in a humid environment.

Procedures for preliminary preparation start the processes of seed growth, heal them, and increase fruit set in the future.

For planting in the prepared soil, grooves are outlined, no more than 1 cm deep at a distance of 4 cm from each other. The seeds are laid out on the soil with tweezers, carefully so as not to break off the sprouted part. A distance of 2-3 cm is observed between the seeds. From above, the crops are covered with a dry layer of soil and sprayed from a finely dispersed spray bottle. You cannot use a watering can at this stage, so as not to bury the seeds deeper into the soil.

The crops are covered with foil and placed in a warm place. The optimum temperature for germination, which must be maintained constantly, is + 23 ... + 25 ° С. Crops must be ventilated before pecking so that excessive condensation does not form, spray when the top layer dries.

After the appearance of the first loops, the shelter is removed and the seedlings are immediately exposed to a bright place or under phytolamps. Seedlings are illuminated in the first 3-4 days around the clock. At this time, the temperature of the seedlings is also reduced to + 18 ° C. If you delay the opening of seedlings, in conditions of insufficient light and high humidity, it will stretch out and improper development will begin. A decrease in temperature and additional lighting start the process of development of the root system.

In the future, tomato seedlings Turbojet will need 14-hour lighting from 7 am to 9 pm. Plants need rest at night. On cloudy days, the seedlings are additionally illuminated throughout the day.

Watering is carried out regularly, but moderate, with complete soaking of the earthen coma. During this period, seedlings are watered only on the soil, without affecting the stems and leaves.

Important! When growing tomato seedlings, you must wait for the topsoil to dry out before the next watering. It is better to dry the seedlings than to pour.

Tomato variety Turboactive dive when several true leaves appear. When transplanting, the roots of the plant try not to injure as much as possible. Roots cannot be cut and plucked.

Transplanting seedlings

It is necessary to transplant tomato seedlings of the Turbojet variety into open ground after warming up the soil. Depending on the region of cultivation, these are the months of May-June. Tomatoes are transferred to greenhouses, depending on the equipment, when the constant temperature in it does not drop below + 10 ° C at night.

Growing a tomato in a container has several advantages. The soil in the container warms up evenly, the growth and development processes are accelerated. But this way of growing requires more frequent watering. In the open field, dark containers are covered with light material so that the soil does not overheat.

When planted in a common ground, place 3-5 plants per 1 sq. m. Between the stems, a distance of 40 cm is observed, and between the rows - 50 cm. In joint planting with other tomatoes, the low stature of the crop is taken into account and the planting scheme is followed, in which all plants will receive sufficient lighting.

The day before planting, the earthen lump in which the seedlings grow is watered abundantly, so that when removing from the container, less damage to the roots. The transplant holes are also watered until the soil has absorbed water. The tomato bush is rooted into an earthen gruel, and sprinkled with dry soil on top. The hole is covered with earth at the general soil level, the cotyledon leaves are not buried. In the open field, the transplanted plants are temporarily shaded.

Follow-up care

Abundant watering of the soil before planting is enough for several weeks, at which time the tomatoes are no longer watered. In the future, plants need abundant and regular watering. Water for irrigation is heated.

Important! Watering is reduced during the formation of ovaries and significantly reduced during the period of fruit formation.

It is impossible to overfill the root system of a tomato, especially when grown in containers. In this case, she will experience a lack of oxygen, and be exposed to fungal infections.

Considering the intensive yield of fruits in a short period, the Turboactive variety responds well to feeding with a complex of mineral fertilizers.

In the description of the Turbojet tomato, it is indicated that for proper cultivation, the plant does not need shaping, pinching, and also the obligatory garter.


The turbojet tomato is a variety of the earliest tomatoes with easy care. It matures in various conditions, sets a large number of fruits. From a small bush, you can collect several kilograms of ripe fruits. Tomatoes have a pleasant taste, are suitable for the first vitamin salads, as well as whole-fruit canning.

Reviews of the tomato variety Turbojet

Olga Ivanova, 58 years old, Pereslavl Zalessky

There are always early varieties in stock, but the Turbojet tomato surprised me. It ripened earlier than others, on such a small plant there was no free space for fruits. The description states that it requires minimal maintenance, it really is - planted and forgotten. Although I have been growing tomatoes for a long time and know how to do it, such an unpretentious variety will always come in handy on the farm. Especially in bad weather conditions, such a tomato can be grown even at home. Classic flavor tomatoes, convenient in weight.

Elena Vyazemskaya, 35 years old, Novosibirsk

I always choose tomatoes that bear fruit very first. I love that the tomatoes have time to ripen on the bush. Here is a new variety Turbojet, good, and even so incapable, not in vain bred by Siberian breeders. Of course, I didn't sow outdoors, but I like to grow such determinants in buckets. The variety impressed with its yield, I collected 26-28 tomatoes from different bushes. Moreover, they are suitable for canning. Their taste is characteristic tomato, sourness is present.

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