Dolianka carrots

Dolianka carrots

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Among the late-ripening varieties, Dolyanka carrots stand out for their remarkable qualities.

A variety tested by several generations of gardeners. Has won trust and respect for its unpretentiousness, high yield and excellent taste. Even a small bed, sown with the seeds of Dolyanka carrots, is able to meet the needs of a family for the entire season. And for those who sell vegetables, "Dolyanka" is the most suitable choice. Presentation at height, good keeping quality, nutritional value does not decrease until the middle of winter.

It is quite simple to list all the advantages of the late-ripening Dolyanka carrots. This variety satisfies all the needs of gardeners and buyers:

  1. Good germination. The seeds sprout so well that the rows have to be thinned out. In this case, it should be remembered that you need to pull out excess roots vertically upward, without rocking the plant. This will help protect nearby carrots from damage.
  2. High-quality presentation. Root crops have a classic cone shape with a pointed tip and a top that is not inclined to greening. The carrot is long, with smooth skin, medium width, very beautiful and appetizing.
  3. High productivity. Even under average growing conditions, Dolyanka carrots make it possible to collect more than 8 kg of vegetables from 1 sq. M. m of soil. If you provide high-quality care for this variety, then such a carrot will become a permanent resident of the site.
  4. High percentage of nutrients. The content of carotene (the main valuable component of carrots), sugars, amino acids and vitamins makes it possible to use "Dolyanka" in the children's diet and for dietary programs. Freshly squeezed juice perfectly strengthens the immune system, helps to restore the body after overload or illness.
  5. The unpretentiousness of the variety to growing conditions. The variety is drought-resistant. Regular watering is necessary during the period of growing root crops. Otherwise, moisture deficiency leads to a decrease in the size of the carrot and "horniness" (additional roots grow on the lateral surface). Dolyanka carrots are not affected by carrot flies and fusarium. The root crop protrudes slightly above the soil, which makes it easy to harvest.

Gardeners appreciate the variety and recommend it for growing in all regions.


Tatiana Vasilievna, Belgorod region

I do not consider myself an experienced vegetable grower, therefore "Dolyanka" is the most suitable variety of carrots for me. I never worry about the germination of seeds, I can sow at any time. Late ripening varieties are very beneficial. With early sowing, you will harvest at the usual time. If you are a little late, you will still grow up to the "bundle".

Irina Karpova, Moscow region

This variety was grown by my mother. Since childhood, I have loved carrot juice. When I started planting vegetables myself, the main variety of carrots for me was "Dolianka". I sow some of the seeds in late autumn before winter, some in spring. The family enjoys delicious crispy carrots all year round. The juiciness is such that no effort is needed to get the juice. I recommend it to everyone who cannot work in the garden all day. "Dolyanka" perfectly tolerates simplified care.

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