Country washbasin with cabinet and heating

Country washbasin with cabinet and heating

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An outdoor washbasin in the country is just as necessary as a shower or toilet. Simple washstands are made independently by hanging a container with a faucet on any support. The disadvantage of this design is cold water when used in the early morning or in cloudy weather. If you wish, you can buy a heated country sink in the store, and then warm water will flow from the tap in your yard around the clock.

What does a heated washbasin consist of and how does it work?

The basis of any washbasin is a storage tank. It can be fixed above the vanity unit or simply mounted on a counter. The built-in heating element is responsible for heating the water. This heating element is powered by electricity and consists of a tube with a coil inside. The rate of water heating depends on the power of the heating element.

However, the heater itself should not work. We need a water heating controller, otherwise it will just boil in the tank. Its function is performed by a thermostat. A person himself can adjust the water temperature he needs. Another feature of the heating element is the impossibility of dry operation. That is, if the owner forgot to pour water into the tank, the heating of the spiral will melt the aluminum shell of the heater - the tube. To prevent this from happening, heated washbasins are equipped with protection that prevents the heating element from turning on if it is not immersed in water.

The most common tank volume of a store washbasin is considered to be from 15 to 22 liters. The capacity, designed for 32 liters, is in less demand. When making a tank on his own, for example, from a stainless steel, the owner chooses its capacity individually.

Advice! A heated washbasin can be installed in the home, where it replaces the kitchen sink.

Overview of designs for country washbasins

Conventionally, country sinks can be divided into three types:

  • with a curbstone;
  • without pedestal;
  • on the counter.

Each model can be with or without water heating function. Naturally, the second option is less expensive. Shop washbasins with unheated water tables are less common. In addition, washstands are produced from different materials, which affects the cost of the product.

The simplest washstand on the counter

The advantage of the countertop washbasin is its mobility. The washstand can be carried even throughout the entire territory of the cottage, of course, if it is unheated. There are models on a stand with a sink and a built-in heating element. They can be similarly moved to another place, but as much as the length of the electrical cable allows.

Install such a washstand on soft ground. At the bottom of the stand there are pointed legs, fastened together with a jumper. It is enough to put the washbasin on the ground and press the crossbar with your foot. The sharp legs are instantly driven into the ground and the washstand is ready to use.

Even if a stationary sink is installed in the house with cold and hot water connections, the washstand on the counter will never be superfluous. You can take it with you to the garden or put it near the gazebo. After all, it is easier to wash your hands on the street than to constantly run into the house. The washstand will be of particular interest to children. In the heat, they will splash with water, wash toys, fresh fruits from the garden.

Washbasin without cabinet

Heated country sinks without a cabinet are less common, but they are still there. Moreover, the volume of such a tank can vary from 2 to 22 liters. Most of all, such models are in demand precisely without heating. The product is cheap and does not require an electricity connection. The only drawback is that the summer resident will have to come up with a structure for fastening himself. Although such a tank can be easily fixed to any wall, tree, pipe dug into the ground, etc.

If there is an old sink with a cabinet on the site, then the tank can be fixed above it. To drain the dirty water, put a bucket or any other container. If you rarely use the washstand under it, you can simply make an embankment of gravel or rubble. A small amount of water will quickly be absorbed into the ground, and there will never be dirt on the stone.

Moidodyr with a curbstone

If an active use of an outdoor washbasin is expected in the country, then it is better to give preference to a washbasin. This ready-made set consists of a washbasin with a vanity unit and a storage tank for water. Ideally, it is better to choose a country washbasin with heating, because it will still be installed permanently. The volume of the storage tank for water varies from 12 to 32 liters, depending on the manufacturer and model of the sink.

Separately sold cabinets can be found in stores. If there is an old sink and a wall-mounted washbasin at home, then the sink is easy to assemble yourself. All that remains is to organize the drainage of dirty water. If desired, the owner can make the curbstone on his own. For the street, the ideal option is a metal frame from a corner, sheathed with galvanized sheet metal.

Advice! There are models of moidodyr that are connected to the water supply system. If you have running water in your yard, you need to pay attention to this option so as not to monitor the presence of water in the tank every day.

Choosing a heated outdoor washstand

From the existing assortment of street washstands, the washbasin is in the lead. It is compact, easy to use, if necessary, it can be quickly disassembled and transported in the trunk of a car. Washbasins are produced with and without heating, which allows the user to choose the appropriate option.

The base of the sink is a cabinet made of durable sheet steel. The sink and storage tank for water are made of plastic and stainless steel. The first option will cost the owner less. Typically, metal tanks are produced with a volume of 15 to 32 liters, and plastic ones - from 12 to 22 liters.

The video shows the moidodyr:

The washstand of the domestic brand Aquatex is not far behind in popularity. The inside of the storage tank is covered with anti-corrosion coating. The manufacturer Aquatex has replaced the usual hinges on the cabinet door and the tank lid with a hinge joint. The mechanism does not corrode and does not loosen with frequent use.

A special design faucet with a fitting is installed at the Aquatex washstand. This allows you to connect a water intake hose to it. To prevent the cabinet door from slamming, but softly closing, it was equipped with a magnetic door closer. The manufacturer guarantees the service life of the sanitary ware from 7 to 10 years.

Important! The Aquatex washstand is sold as a set. You can't buy a cabinet or a tank separately.

Tips for the correct installation of outdoor washbasins

Installation of outdoor washbasins differs depending on their design. But this is usually done simply. Each model has instructions on what and where to attach. It is more difficult to equip a place, especially for models with a cabinet. After all, you need to prepare a solid platform, make an approach to it, and even take care of the cesspool. Let it be small, but you will need to equip the walls of the pit with at least old car tires. The drain from the sink must be connected to a sewer pipe laid to the pit.

Advice! Digging a drain hole can be avoided by placing a bucket under the sink. The only inconvenience of arranging such a drain is the frequent removal of dirty water. If this is not done in time, the liquid from the overfilled bucket will flow under your feet.

A heated tank can be attributed to electrical appliances. To prevent a short circuit during the rain, it is advisable to put a small canopy over such a washbasin. In addition to electrical safety, it is more comfortable to wash your hands under the roof during precipitation. When using a portable, unheated washbasin, the tank can be positioned anywhere under the open sky.

The installation principle of the heated washbasin is very simple. In case of financial problems, this plumbing fixture can be made by yourself. It is only important to remember the rules of safe work with electricity.

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