When to plant cucumbers in a summer cottage in the Moscow region

When to plant cucumbers in a summer cottage in the Moscow region

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When to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse in the suburbs? The answer to this question will depend on the prevailing weather conditions and the place of growth (greenhouse or open ground). Planting options can also be used different, summer residents practice planting seeds directly into the ground or preliminary cultivation of seedlings.

Where to start growing seedlings

Seedlings are needed when an early harvest is planned. It is grown, as a rule, on a windowsill until the necessary climatic conditions for transplanting it into the ground come.

When starting this method of growing cucumbers, it should be remembered that early sowing of seedlings is not the best solution. In this case, the plant begins to outgrow, and when transplanted into the ground, it ceases to be resistant to diseases, and in general it looks too thin and frail.

Delayed planting will not allow the seedlings to grow properly, which will negatively affect the harvest.

The best time to plant seedlings is 3 weeks after the first shoots begin to rise. Seedlings can be grown in any convenient container. These can be pots for home flowers, and various jars of food, and special peat tablets for seedlings, which can be purchased at the agricultural store. Many gardeners use damp cotton to germinate seeds. To do this, a piece of cotton is moistened with water and a seed is put there, after which the cotton wool is sent to a warm place and make sure that it does not dry out.

After the sprouts appear, you can prepare for planting them. It is important to water the soil itself with plenty of warm water. Seedlings are planted 1-2 cm deep. It is more convenient to dig small round holes, and then plant seedlings there.

Planting dates and growing cucumbers

It is known that cucumbers grow much better in the greenhouse, since it creates optimal conditions for the crop. You can plant both seeds and seedlings here, the most important thing is to choose a good time for planting. If the greenhouse is equipped with heating, then cucumbers can be grown in it throughout the year. If this is the most common greenhouse, then the planting of cucumbers should be done in May, when the air temperature will be from +18 to + 20 ° C. In the Moscow region, this temperature can be observed in late spring or early summer.

Before planting cucumbers, the soil in the greenhouse must be carefully prepared:

  1. Urea is required - 1 tsp. for 1 m², the soil should be dug up.
  2. The dug soil is watered with hot water, since the cucumber is a thermophilic culture. Water must be mixed with liquid chicken droppings (200 g per 10 liters of water);
  3. At the end of the work done, the soil is covered with a film and left for 10 days.

Seedlings are considered ready for planting when the plant produces the 3rd leaf.

Before planting, you must make sure that the night temperature in the greenhouse does not drop below + 14 ° C. In order for the cucumbers to grow well, the temperature regime in the greenhouse must be maintained as follows:

  • during the day about + 20 ° C;
  • at night from + 15 ° C to + 16 ° C.

If the temperature is higher than + 20 ° C, then in the greenhouse you can open the window, since with increased indicators the plant will begin to stretch out and weaken, and with underestimated values, the risk of diseases increases. In the greenhouse, it is necessary to make longitudinal beds, and in the beds - small holes the size of a pot at a distance of 50 cm to 60 cm from each other.

Before planting, it is recommended to treat the pits with a solution of potassium permanganate (1 g per 10 liters of water).

The water itself should be warm enough, about + 50 ° C. It is necessary to pour about 0.5 liters of water into each hole.

If you plan to grow cucumbers in the open field, then you will need to wait until favorable warm weather is established outside. Suitable conditions should be expected in June, if we talk about the climatic features of the Moscow region. It should be remembered that it is best to plant already sprouted seedlings in open ground, and not seeds.

Cucumber varieties for growing in the Moscow region

If we talk about the taste of the cultivated cucumbers, then it is best to select seeds by varieties, since some of them grow well in open ground, while others - in greenhouses.

The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the Moscow region:


Under properly observed growing conditions, the bush can yield up to 7 kg of yield.

A well-known early-ripening variety of cucumber, which can be recognized by its characteristic pronounced tubercles on its surface. The fruits themselves are short, have a dark green color and an elongated cylindrical shape. The growing season ends 1.5 months after planting.


Also an early ripe variety, cucumbers have an elongated shape and small tubercles on their surface. This vegetable is used mainly only fresh.


An early variety, the first harvest can be harvested as early as 36 days after planting.

These cucumbers have pronounced bumps on the surface. The vegetable is good for pickling and preserving; when eaten fresh, a slight bitterness will be felt.

"Kuzya F1"

An early variety, cucumbers themselves are quite small in shape, and their length is only about 8 cm.

This cucumber is well suited for use in salads, especially with small cherry tomatoes. The Kuzya variety is perfect for pickling and canning.

"Thumb Boy"

An early hybrid variety of cucumbers. The stems of the plant are usually long, but the fruits themselves reach a maximum of 11 cm.

Many summer residents of the Moscow region can try to plant 2 exotic varieties in their greenhouses:

"White angel"

These are small cucumbers about 7 cm in length with an unusual white color; on the surface of the fruit there are a small number of small tubercles. This variety is good for salting and fresh consumption.


An early ripe variety of cucumber, which has an unusual pear-shaped shape, at the same time resembles an old marrow. Fruits can grow up to 1 m in length, the most delicious are those that do not exceed 25 cm. Such vegetables are delicious in salads.


Subject to all the above recommendations, gardeners of the Moscow region will be able to grow any variety of cucumbers.

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