Galerina Bolotnaya: description and photo

Galerina Bolotnaya: description and photo

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Galerina Bolotnaya (Galerina paludosa) is an inedible mushroom that belongs to the Hymenogastric family. It is difficult to confuse the representative with mushrooms due to the long threadlike stem, but inexperienced mushroom pickers can make a mistake. It is better to know what this species looks like so as not to accidentally put it in your basket. Other names are Agrocybe elatella, Hebeloma elatellum, Tubaria paludosa.

What does the Bolotnaya gallery look like?

The convex hat of a young Bolotnaya gallery has the shape of a bell. With age, it becomes almost flat, but never grows more than 3 cm in diameter. In the central part of the cap, a pointed tubercle is preserved; a thin light edging is often found along the edge. The color of the cap surface changes from yellow to light brown depending on age and weather.

When it rains, the Bolotnaya gallery absorbs moisture like a sponge. The flesh of the cap consists of a loose weave of hyphae, which is why it swells from moisture, becomes slightly transparent. Under it are rare plates adhered to the pedicle; in young specimens, they have a light brown color, darkening with age.

The threadlike leg of the Bolotnaya gallery has a light yellow color, it is covered with a mealy bloom, which is easily erased from contact with the fingers. A white ring is noticeable in the upper part. The length of the leg is from 8 to 13 cm, and the thickness is only 0.1-0.4 cm. The thin and brittle flesh is colored the same as the cap. The smell of the mushroom is poorly expressed.

Where does the Bolotnaya gallery grow?

You can find the Bolotnaya gallery from the end of June to October in a swampy area. It is found in mixed, deciduous and coniferous forests, prefers moist soil overgrown with sphagnum moss. Galerina Bolotnaya grows singly, sometimes in groups, but individual specimens never have one base as mushrooms.

Is it possible to eat gallery Bolotnaya

You cannot eat the Bolotnaya gallery. It, like a pale toadstool, contains dangerous toxins - amanitins and phalloidins. These are potent toxic substances that, when they enter the human body, destroy the stomach, kidneys and liver. The impact is slow. Toxins are easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and begin their destructive work.

Heat treatment does not destroy toxic substances. They are preserved in fruits after drying, pickling, freezing and salting. One Bolotnaya gallery, caught in the mass of edible mushrooms, will make the entire preparation unusable.

Poisoning symptoms

The first signs of poisoning by the Bolotnaya gallery appear after about 6-30 hours. If you do not provide assistance to the victim, weakness will increase, the liver will noticeably increase, jaundice and nephropathy will begin.

Poisoning manifests itself in stages, the severity of the lesion and its outcome depends on the dose of poison received and the state of the body. At first, the poison acts covertly, the latency period after eating is 12 hours on average.

At the second stage of poisoning, the duration of which is from two to six days, the victim's condition deteriorates sharply. Diarrhea begins with blood, violent vomiting, unquenchable thirst, sharp pains in the stomach and liver, convulsions. Eyesight deteriorates and urination becomes difficult, the skin turns pale.

The third stage of poisoning is the saddest, it lasts about a day. The victim feels imaginary relief, and seems to be on the mend. In fact, the liver, having undergone irreversible changes, will soon fail and be fatal. But if the dose of the poison was small, and medical assistance was provided, a favorable outcome is possible.

First aid for poisoning

At the first sign of poisoning, you must urgently call an ambulance. For the outcome to be favorable, an appeal to doctors should take place no later than 36 hours after eating the mushrooms.

Attention! Such fruits are especially dangerous for children, their liver can fail very quickly.

When amanitins enter the body, irreversible destruction occurs, therefore, at the first suspicion of poisoning, you should try to clear the stomach. To do this, they drink a lot of liquid, and induce vomiting by pressing on the root of the tongue.


Galerina Bolotnaya is considered poisonous. It should not be confused with honey agarics and other edible mushrooms, mistakes can be very expensive. At the slightest doubt about edibility, it is better to leave suspicious forest fruits to grow where they were found. It will be difficult to provide first aid in case of poisoning, since the poison is very quickly absorbed by the body, and produces irreversible damage in it.

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