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Pepper Bison Red

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Bell peppers are rightfully considered a high-vitamin vegetable. One peppercorn contains more vitamin C than lemon, and more group A vitamins than carrots. Many gardeners grow bell peppers for its external beauty and unique taste. For gourmets and adherents of a harmonious combination of useful properties, aesthetics and taste, the Bison Red variety was developed.

Characteristics of the variety

Sweet pepper "Bison Red" refers to early maturing varieties. The period of full fruit ripening from planting to technical maturity is 90-110 days. The variety has a high yield.

Bushes and fruits are large. The height of the plant reaches 90 cm. The size of a mature vegetable ranges from 15 to 25 cm. The "red giant" weighs within 200 grams.

The fruits have an oblong conical shape. The walls of the pepper are fleshy, juicy, 4-5 mm thick.

In cooking "Bison Red" is widely used for making salads, stuffing, frying and stewing.

Growing and grooming secrets

Bell pepper variety "Bison Red" is suitable for growing in open ground in the southern-climatic region. In the central and more northern latitudes, the cultivation of vegetables is possible only in a greenhouse.

Advice! Before planting seedlings in a greenhouse, you should carefully prepare the soil. If it contains a large amount of clay or loam, then the soil needs "relief".

Adding sawdust and peat will help make the soil softer. With an increased content of sand, the soil should be well fertilized and a little black soil should be added.

As they grow, the pepper bushes may need a garter. It should not be neglected, otherwise you risk not only getting a curved bush, but also losing it and its fruits once and for all.

The variety ripens evenly. The color of the fruit changes from green to dark red. Thanks to the gradual ripening, vegetables can be harvested throughout the summer.

Taking care of the plant as it grows is a snap. To achieve a good result, you should adhere to some simple rules:

  • water the plants regularly and abundantly;
  • monitor the condition of the bushes and promptly remove foliage from the lower part of the stem;
  • remember that correctly selected fertilizers are half the battle;
  • always tie up the plant in time as it grows and the size of the fruit increases.

As you can see from the description, the Bison Red pepper variety is unpretentious. Thanks to the rather simple growing rules, the reproduction of a vegetable rich in vitamins will not be difficult even for a novice amateur vegetable grower.


Irina Lvovna, 48 years old, Postavy, Republic of Belarus

I have been growing the variety "Bison Red" in my summer cottage for the second year already. I am very pleased with the result. The fruits are large, the harvest is good. The peppers do not ripen all at once, but gradually. I really like this property, because thanks to it, my family and I enjoy the wonderful taste of pepper and supply vitamins throughout the summer. Next year I want to try to grow yellow peppers of this variety as well.

Ivan Sergeevich, 65 years old, Khabarovsk

I have been growing bell peppers on my site for a long time. I experimented for a long time and selected the optimal varieties. Finally I decided to try the Bison variety. The manufacturer claimed that the fruits will be large, fleshy and juicy. It was also attracted by the fact that the variety is early ripening with consistent ripening of vegetables. In the process of growing, I did not encounter great difficulties. The only inconvenience was the need to tie especially large bushes. Otherwise, everything is fine. The harvest was really great. The pepper is large, beautiful, juicy. Vegetable salads were included in the diet of the whole family until the beginning of autumn. Now I will constantly grow this variety in my greenhouse.

Elena Sergeevna, 45 years old, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

With the appearance of sweet pepper "Bison" on my plot, all problems with obtaining a good harvest were resolved by themselves. The variety is very productive, the fruits are large, the taste is excellent. In addition, this type of pepper is versatile. I use it to make salads, marinade, stuff it, roll it up and even ice cream. I strongly recommend everyone to grow this variety on their site, you will not regret it.

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