White chrysanthemums: photo and description of varieties

White chrysanthemums have several dozen varieties of large and small flowers of various shapes - double, semi-double and others. These ornamental plants decorate the garden well - both its central parts and remote corners. Flowers are also used in bouquets. They are combined with peonies, asters, carnations and others. Many varieties remain fresh for a long time, so such bouquets can be transported over long distances.

What do white chrysanthemums symbolize?

The language of flowers was formed back in the 18th century. According to this science, almost every plant has its own symbol. The name of the white chrysanthemum literally translated from Greek means "golden flower". In different countries, this culture personifies:

  • feminine principle, pacification and prosperity (China);
  • friendship and mutual sympathy, strong ties (USA);
  • loss, grief (Italy, France, Belgium, Austria).

White symbolizes purity, decency and nobility. To emphasize the sincerity of your feelings, any person can be presented with white chrysanthemums. Also, the bouquet can be presented in advance in order to gain trust and get hope for a long, fruitful cooperation.

Attention! Snow-white plants can be donated as a sign of reconciliation. This is a symbol of a reset in relationships and good hopes for the future.

Varieties of white chrysanthemums with photos and names

There are several dozen varieties of white bush chrysanthemum. They are classified into different groups depending on the characteristics of the bush and flower - double, needle, bush and single-headed.

Outfit (dress) of the bride

This variety is often ranked first in the ranking of white chrysanthemum varieties. The plant is distinguished by lush double flowers and feathery leaves. The bush is not very tall - only 40-45 cm. However, thanks to their interesting shape, such flowers always cheer up. This white chrysanthemum is grown on well-fertilized soil. It is also important for her to ensure regular watering 3-4 times a week.

Chrysanthemum The bride's dress is distinguished by lush white flowers with a diameter of 5-6 cm

Snow White

Another interesting variety bred by domestic breeders is Snow White. The culture produces large (15 to 19 cm in diameter) semi-double flowers with a yellow center. It resembles chamomile in color - light petals and a darker core.

Snow White's inflorescences are not only large, but also very lush

Suitable for drawing up flower arrangements. The flowers are unpretentious and remain fresh for a long time after cutting (up to 10-15 days). Another advantage is the rich dark green foliage against which large flowers contrast beautifully.

Along with the large-flowered variety, there is another Snow White with small inflorescences (up to 3-4 cm in diameter). Low-growing bushes can be used to decorate paths - they create white flower borders.


The variety is distinguished by small yellowish-white petals (up to 3-4 cm in diameter). Flowering is very late - from mid-September to the first frost. The culture is suitable for decorating bouquets as an auxiliary decorative element. The bushes have good immunity and are undemanding to care for.

Delicate white inflorescences of the Stallion variety densely cover the bush

White stars

An original ornamental plant with numerous snow-white flowers. Suitable for growing in the garden (ridges, curbs, planting along paths) and in pots. This variety is also called Matrikaria or girlish dwarf chrysanthemum.

A characteristic feature is long flowering, which begins as early as 3 months after sowing and continues until the first frost. Bushes are small in size, compact, therefore, to create a beautiful cover, they are planted at a distance of 20-25 cm.

Delicate yellow middle, framed with snow-white petals, looks attractive and festive

Polar bear

A heat-loving flower bush - it is best to grow it in the south, in the Black Earth Region and in some regions of the middle lane. Possesses good immunity to diseases and pests. Petals of light shades with a delicate center of lemon color. Moreover, over time, it turns white and looks even more attractive. The bush is vigorous (up to 60-70 cm in height). Abundant flowering - begins in August and lasts until the first frost.

The Polar Bear variety boasts beautiful, lush flowers up to 15-16 cm in diameter.


Foreign variety bred in Holland. The main purpose is drawing up flower arrangements and bouquets. The inflorescences are lush, silky, hold well after cutting and keep fresh even during long transportation. Tall bush (up to 1 m in height). The stem is well leafy, so the plant looks very attractive.

Magnum's lush white inflorescences reach 20-22 cm in diameter


A small bush up to 40-45 cm high with beautiful pinkish, white inflorescences (yellow and orange shades are visible closer to the center). Flowering begins (like many other varieties) in late summer.

The Alexandrite variety has lush light inflorescences up to 4-5 cm in diameter

Pyrethrum snow ball

Piretrum Snow Ball is a snow chrysanthemum with beautiful small inflorescences (only 1.5-3 cm in diameter) of double and semi-double type. Unpretentious to care, grows even in conditions of insufficient watering. If fertilized regularly, the bush stretches up to 80 cm, in other cases - 40-50 cm, less often 20-30 cm. It has a specific smell that quickly disappears after cutting.

Feverfew snowball forms compact bushes with graceful flowers

White chrysanthemums in landscape design

Chrysanthemums of light shades are combined with a variety of colors. Red, yellow, blue, orange crops look harmonious on a white background. Chrysanthemums can be used in single and group plantings:

  1. Rows along the tracks.
  2. Floral mixborders.
  3. Multi-tiered landings.
  4. On the shore of the reservoir.
  5. Single planting in the middle of the garden on a well-tended lawn.
  6. Rabatki.

White chrysanthemums in bouquets

In bouquet compositions, white chrysanthemums also go well with flowers of different shades:

White color is in harmony with decorative greenery of mimosa, asparagus, lunaria, magnolia.

In order for the flowers to stand as long as possible, it is necessary to make an oblique cut and clean the lower part of the stem, removing excess leaves. Then it is immersed in a third or half and the water is changed every 2-3 days. The bouquet is kept on a window behind a curtain or on a table, away from drafts and direct sunlight. Another tip is to add a little sugar or vinegar to the water (a tablespoon per 1 liter of liquid).

One of the classic combinations - white and lilac chrysanthemums

Important! Flowers do not open in water, so they must be picked when they are in full bloom.


White chrysanthemums are delicate, attractive crops. They look good both in single plantings and in flower arrangements. Due to their ability to maintain freshness for a long time, they are suitable for drawing up beautiful, lush bouquets.

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