Decorating a nursery for the New Year with your own hands: photos, ideas

Decorating a nursery for the New Year with your own hands: photos, ideas

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You can decorate the nursery with your own hands for the New Year in different ways. The main goal is to create a magical atmosphere for the child, because children are waiting for the New Year holidays with bated breath and faith in a miracle. Jewelry can be used purchased, modified or completely made by yourself.

Features of decorating a nursery for the New Year

The New Year's decoration for the nursery has several features:

  1. Bright colors and brilliance. Children love these things.
  2. Security. If the children are very small, then all the decorative elements should be out of their reach - the kids pull everything into their mouths. The tree should be fixed on the surface or tied to the curtain or to the ceiling. It is better to refuse glass toys. The decor can be made yourself from safe materials or you can buy decorations made of plastic, foam, paper in the store.
  3. The owner is a master: the nursery must be decorated in accordance with the tastes of the children, because this is their room. Adults may not like everything, but let the child choose the decor he likes.
  4. Space. There is no need to clutter up the room, children need a place to play. Most jewelry is best placed on vertical surfaces.

If the nursery is decorated for the New Year is not a surprise, then it is worth involving the child in the process, children are interested in making decorations, especially bright and shiny

How to decorate a nursery for the New Year

When decorating a New Year's interior in a nursery, it is important to take into account the gender of the child and his age, interests. In each case, there are several original options.

For babies

In the design of the room of small children, safety is put in the first place. Kids pull everything into their mouths, throw them, so only clean, unbreakable and environmentally friendly decor elements should be available.

Soft decorations can be hung on a Christmas tree, walls, furniture, they are made of felt, beautiful patches, satin ribbons, ribbons

It is better to place unsafe jewelry at a height so that the child can see them clearly, but cannot reach. Toddlers especially love the glowing and iridescent garlands and figurines.

Advice! To interest the child, you can gradually decorate the nursery for the New Year. It is necessary to add 1-3 new details every day, while the baby is studying them, the mother has free time for household chores or rest.

For boys

It is better to decorate the boy's room in calm colors; preference can be given to the classics. The main thing is to choose a blue color, to find a Christmas tree of this shade.

Christmas tree decorations and other decor for the nursery can be made by hand. Cut out vehicles, rockets, soldiers, heroes from any cartoon or movie from different materials.

If the boy is fond of sports, then in the decor of the nursery for the New Year you can use a garland in the form of soccer balls, it will decorate the interior after the holidays

Boys of any age will love the New Year's train, plus this is another reason for dad to come into the room.

You can buy a large car, or choose a suitable toy from the available toys and fill the body with candy and tangerines. The sweet stock must be replenished periodically.

If there is a Christmas tree in the nursery, then it can be decorated with wooden soldiers, such toys are easy to make with your own hands from champagne corks and paint with paints

To decorate the nursery for the New Year, you can find or sew themed bedding, curtains, decorative pillows or covers.

Such pillows will perfectly complement the interior and create a New Year's atmosphere.

For girls

In a girl's room, you can use bright colors, sparkles, beads, bows, angels. The decoration of the nursery will be festively decorated boxes, boxes, jars.

The nursery for the New Year can be decorated with paper ballerinas, the outline can be printed and cut out, and the pack can be made of snowflakes or lace

If you install an artificial Christmas tree in the nursery, then it is permissible to deviate from the classic green color: the tree can be pink, red, yellow, lilac

Advice! If you choose a colored bright Christmas tree, then the toys on it should be in calm tones. A riot of colors is tiresome.

Almost all girls love princesses, many themselves want to become them. This can be used in the interior for the New Year. A favorite cartoon or fairy tale is taken as a basis, the decor is bought or made on their own.

An excellent theme for decor in a girl's nursery for the New Year is the cartoon "Frozen", such an interior will be relevant even after the holiday

In the room of a teenage girl, you can create a composition of coniferous branches and red berries. It will be decorated with artificial snow or imitation of cotton wool or small pieces of foam.

For a teenager, you should also pick up several decorative pillows in the New Year's theme.

For girls, decorative pillows with the image of animals, cartoon and anime characters, fairies, princesses are suitable, you can choose an accessory for any age

Designer tips for decorating a nursery for the New Year

Adults want to create a New Year's fairy tale for children, but at the same time get a stylish interior. The following tips will help you:

  1. Do not overload the nursery with an abundance of decor and flowers. It is better to choose a specific range or decoration of 2-4 matching shades.
  2. Don't overuse red. He tiresome, causes aggression, irritation.
  3. At least some of the decorations for the nursery should be made by hand. This makes the interior unique.

How to decorate windows in a children's room for the New Year

There are many options for New Year's window decor. For the nursery, you can use:

  1. Homemade snowflakes. You can fix them on glass with soapy water, or make them from white, colored or holographic paper.
  2. Christmas balls and figurines. You can hang them on ribbons. It is better to use toys of different sizes and colors.
  3. Garland of Christmas tree branches with light bulbs or decor.
  4. Christmas wreath. You can do it yourself, fix it on glass or hang it on a ribbon.
  5. Special stickers for glass.
  6. Drawings. A pattern or a whole picture can be applied with a special felt-tip pen for glass, washable stained glass paint or toothpaste.

If you slightly dilute the toothpaste with water and spray it with a brush, you get an imitation of a snow pattern.

On the windowsill of the nursery for the New Year, you can create a whole fairy tale. Cotton wool or drapery with a white cloth will help imitate snow. You can buy or make a fabulous house, put small Christmas trees or lay out natural or artificial spruce or pine branches and cones, make lights from a garland.

On the windowsill, you can place animal figures - you get a fabulous winter forest

When decorating a nursery window for the New Year, one should not forget about curtains. You can hang Christmas balls, figurines or cones, rain, curtain garland on them.

Themed photo curtains are suitable for the holiday, they will create a fabulous atmosphere and will last for many years

Christmas tree in the children's room for the New Year

The Christmas tree is placed in the nursery of any size. It can be a floor-standing, table-top or hanging structure. If the tree is small, then it is better to place it on a windowsill or table.

It is better to use different Christmas decorations so that there are no more than 2-3 repetitions on the tree. There are many options:

  • classic balls, icicles;
  • characters from children's fairy tales, cartoons;
  • figurine of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowman;
  • fabulous houses, locomotives, cars;
  • figurines of animals and birds - squirrels, deer, bullfinches, owls, bears.

Children like the abundance of toys on the tree, adults may find it tasteless, but the child will be delighted

You can use sweets to decorate the Christmas tree in the nursery. On a large tree, a few pieces are enough, and a small spruce should be completely decorated with sweets.

Instead of Christmas tree decorations, you can use sugar canes, chocolates and figurines, gingerbread cookies

The Christmas tree in the nursery can be live or artificial. You can make it with your own hands. There are many suitable materials - colored paper and cardboard, fabric, satin ribbons, threads, buttons, cones.

Interesting Christmas trees are obtained from satin ribbons using the Japanese kanzashi (kanzashi) technique, narrow and round petals are made from the material, then they are glued to a cone

Christmas decoration of furniture in the nursery

When creating an interior for the New Year, do not forget about furniture. The following ideas are suitable for decorating it:

  1. Snowflakes, Christmas trees and other paper or foil figures.
  2. Christmas wreath. You can hang it on a high headboard or headboard, a wide cabinet door.
  3. Stickers. You need to choose a material that is then easily removed. Better to use reusable stickers.
  4. Bed linen, blanket, decorative New Year's pillows.
  5. Small figures that can be hung on doorknobs.
  6. Tinsel herringbone on the wardrobe. You can fix it with tape.
  7. Christmas stocking. It can be mounted on a wardrobe or bed.

If the nursery has a wardrobe with a glass or mirrored door, you can decorate it with special stickers or a pattern with toothpaste. This decor is easy to remove after the New Year.

Garlands, toys and other New Year's decor for a children's room

There are many options for decorating a nursery for the New Year. The following ideas will be interesting:

  1. Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and a snowman. You can buy ready-made figurines, dress up dolls available in the house, sew soft toys.
  2. Spruce and pine branches - put them in a beautiful vase, make a wreath or a garland with cones.
  3. Family photos. From them you can make a garland, a collage, stick them on balls or make medallions on a Christmas tree.
  4. Felt. This material can be purchased at an office supply store. It is easy to cut out all kinds of shapes or details from felt for a three-dimensional decor. They can be mounted on walls or furniture, hung on a Christmas tree. A garland is assembled from felt figures and hung on a Christmas tree or wall.

There are simple felt crafts that older children can handle.

DIY Christmas decor for a children's room

You will be able to create many interesting elements for decorating a nursery on your own. A beautiful decor will come out even from items to be discarded.

One option is to decorate with old light bulbs. You can cover them with colored sequins, paint them with paints, glue them with sequins or beads, use textiles. Often, penguins, snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden are made from bulbs.

Decorations from light bulbs are hung on a Christmas tree, used as a decor for windows, walls

Any child will love a fairytale house made with their own hands. You can take any box as a basis, glue it over with colored paper or cardboard. Windows and doors are best made from the same materials or printed on a color printer. It is better to cover the roof with snow - you will need ordinary cotton wool and PVA glue.

It is better to do the decoration with the child, even if it turns out imperfect, but there will be a lot of impressions.

New Year's decoration for a nursery is made of cones. They can be left as they are, glitter or paint.

One of the options for decorating with cones is a wreath; additionally they use nuts, acorns, spruce or pine branches, beads


Decorating the nursery with your own hands for the New Year is easy. It is important to definitely do this for the child in order to create a magical atmosphere and leave an unforgettable experience. It is not necessary to buy decorations - you can make the New Year's decor with your own hands from scrap materials.

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