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Why are tomato leaves yellow

Why are tomato leaves yellow

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Hello, what are yellow tomato leaves from? Add a handful of horse dung and ash to the hole?


A photo in the studio!

Burned out?

can manure be fresh?

most likely the manure was not rotten, and it was hurt.

clean manure in the hole !!! Your roots are burning. transplant nearby.

Fresh manure is not allowed! Yes, even horse. Or a large layer of land on top should be (for cucumbers)

Girls !! I don’t know how scientific, but I was born in a village and I remember that I saw how they did and I stick to it. Chemistry is not for me, it's just a natural product. Here is a photo of my tomatoes and cucumbers. We made warm beds with my husband. Branches, foliage from the forest, horse manure, and a layer of land. And all the more they watered with all their heart and two days later they planted tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers somewhere around April 25. And everything grows. Yes, a month later I got it with a braga and here is the result ...!


Girls, horse manure, the safest, and there is nothing wrong with it. I use it myself. And everyone who uses it will confirm this to you!

you have everything according to science, you poured a layer of earth on manure, and Alfiya writes that she added manure to the hole (that is, it turns out right to the root of the seedling), that's why the girls suggested - a root burn, I also agree with them. The plant after transplanting into the ground is already experiencing stress, and then the root manure overheats (“sets fire”).


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