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What to do if zucchini rot on a bush

What to do if zucchini rot on a bush

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Gardeners, zucchini started and in the amount of 6-8 cm began to rot on the bush. Advise something sensible. You are welcome.


I think angry, you can

Soap plus brilliant green, or soap, vodka, water

Laundry soap, or tar.

A mixture of milk: water in equal proportions + laundry soap. Soap makes the solution sticky so that it does not stack, but milk forms a film, cutting off air for living creatures.


I saw in a video about natural farming, they said that after treatment with a phytoderm you can eat in two days, this is a biological product and in two days it breaks up without residue on the plants.

Remove the bottom leaves so that the airflow is

And the flowers look at the zucchini have disappeared, and sometimes they rot from them. Humidity is great.

Did you have to remove them?

The faded beginners are cleaned, as if to fade the flowers so that the zucchini does not rot, sprinkle with boric acid, above it is written on the wall how to plant

When the flower fades, I twist it. And sprinkle this place with wood ash. Last year helped.

Bliiin. I didn’t know: (Thank you very much, I will follow.

Or maybe he didn’t pollinate, I pollinate the first ovaries myself, with a netflower. I cut off the petals and the pestle inside the female flower.

If the leaf itself does not fall off due to wet weather, then it must be broken off. There you can see the zucchini has formed, the leaf has faded, and has not fallen off.

Why pick a flower ?. He himself will fall away. That's why they rotted. In stores, even cucumbers are sold with a flower. To see what was fresh.

You need to tear off the flower, if the weather is wet, the zucchini will rot from the flower, as if snotty.

Last year, Julia had a video about zucchini and how to process them

Boric acid to help.

Sprayed tonight. Thanks)

You are welcome)

I found a video, there is more about leaving. And Julia did not pick flowers and was not processed, only she cut sick leaves. I decided to cut it off and sprayed it with boric acid.

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