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How often to water cucumbers

How often to water cucumbers

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Hello toilers. How often do you water cucumbers? Is it always wet?


I am every day and always wet, but for some reason the leaves turn yellow. Experienced tell me

And I am every day and very plentiful.

And there is no photo?

No photo no

But I’m not covering anything with anything during the day, I think it might burn) at night, it’s just film

I mulch under the mulch is always damp. Watering only in the heat.

I water in the garden only in the heat, there is no strength every day.

I water it once a week, it’s always damp in the greenhouse

Once a week, sit on a hydrogel + mulch

In the greenhouse once a week? And I have mulch, but I often water it. In the heat every day, and in the cool after a couple of days

I have not grown cucumbers in a greenhouse for a long time. In the exhaust gas, they have been grown and not watered for centuries. The plant spreads and covers the ground with its leaves, preventing moisture from evaporating. I, growing on a trellis, mulch. Do I need watering according to the state of the soil, the genus of mulch, and not according to whether the leaves have fallen. I read that wilting is a way for a plant to reduce the evaporation of moisture from leaves. It is as if a person reduces the rhythm of movement, so as not to sweat. When the sun sets, resilience returns. In barrels, cucumbers are often watered, but not the plants, but the organics beneath them; bacteria need moisture.

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