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Why does a chicken behave like a rooster

Why does a chicken behave like a rooster

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An interesting phenomenon today was observed in the chicken coop. One chicken coughs interestingly, and today she crowed. All rush and she too. Sometimes I see that a chicken “tramples” chickens - like a cockerel. This is how to explain?


We also have one, and then it has a crest like a rooster has grown but it does not rush, but did not trample the hens.

Everyone is going to stab her.

Where is the world going?

Very interesting

Tse kurіy, tobto trigger hermaphrodite.

In her soup, why is it so?

Maria, your chicken had hermaphroditism. This is not a rare occurrence in chickens when a chicken, for undetected circumstances, begins to behave like a rooster. Her hormonal background changes, secondary sexual characteristics appear, she can crow, behave aggressively, her tail and crest can grow. But she will not become a cock, and, unfortunately, the eggs can no longer be laid. So it’s better to have such an individual in soup. Why do you need an extra mouth that is of no use?

Eugene, yeah: (One vacation in a cage is sitting, the other is not clear who has become. For 15 chickens, this is already too much 🙁

Yes, mutations in animal genes lead to such consequences.

Well, it rushes. It’s just her character.

We have a rooster on the eggs sitting in the nest) He hesitated already, does not allow the hens to rush.

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