Feijoa wine at home

Feijoa wine at home

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Feijoa is a fragrant green berry that loves warm climates and is very beneficial for the human body. This fruit is prized for its high iodine content. In autumn, it can often be found on store shelves. Skillful housewives prepare jams, liqueurs, and also very tasty and aromatic wine from overseas berries. In this article, we will learn how to make feijoa wine on our own.

Making wine from feijoa

First you need to prepare all the components, namely:

  • fresh feijoa fruits - kilogram and 100 grams;
  • granulated sugar - a kilogram;
  • clean water - two or three liters;
  • tartaric acid - half a teaspoon;
  • tannin - a quarter teaspoon;
  • pectin enzyme - a fifth of a teaspoon;
  • wine yeast to your liking;
  • yeast - one teaspoon.

The process of making a noble drink at home is as follows:

  1. Ripe berries are chosen for making wine. They should not be too green or overripe. First of all, they are peeled and finely chopped with a sharp knife.
  2. Shredded feijoa is transferred to a bag made of synthetic fabric. The main thing is that it passes liquid well. Now this bag should be placed under the press in a larger bowl so that all the juice is squeezed out. The bag is squeezed out well.
  3. The resulting juice is diluted with such an amount of water so that a total of four liters of the finished liquid is obtained.
  4. Then the sugar required according to the recipe is added to the diluted juice and the liquid is thoroughly mixed until the crystals are completely dissolved.
  5. At this stage, tannin, pectin enzyme, yeast and tartaric acid are added to the juice.
  6. A bag with squeezes is lowered into a container with the resulting liquid. Then he is again kept under pressure and the secreted liquid is poured into a bowl of juice.
  7. The resulting mixture is left for 12 hours in a warm room.
  8. In a clean container, mix a large spoonful of granulated sugar and 100 ml of water (hot). Then yeast is added there and everything is thoroughly mixed. The resulting liquid is poured into a container with juice.
  9. Then the wine is left to ferment for six days. Every day, they take out a bag with squeezes, squeeze it well and put it back into the container. After 6 days, the bag will need to be removed.
  10. Then the wort is transferred to the refrigerator for 12 hours, after which the liquid is filtered and poured into a glass bottle with a water seal. In this form, the feijoa wine should ferment for at least four months.
  11. After the time has elapsed, the wine is filtered again and poured into glass bottles.

Attention! Such wine is stored in a cool basement or cellar.


It will take a long time to make a wine from feijoa, but it will be worth it. This recipe will highlight the exquisite aroma and flavor of the tropical fruit In addition, cooking does not require a lot of ingredients and equipment. The main thing is to prepare glass containers and the fruits themselves. Tannin and other supplements can be purchased online without any problems, and sugar and water can be found in every home.

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