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How to plant petunia in pots

How to plant petunia in pots

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What volume of pots do petunias need? What is the best planting: one plant or several?


5 liters per bush is recommended. I planted both 1 and 2. Experiment. It also depends on the variety.

It all depends on the variety and type. 3-4 liters are enough for shrubs, and an ampelous minimum of 7-8 is needed, somehow 10 liters per 1 piece, and there are those that will also master and not choke 100-150 liters 🙂

5 liters per bush.

If you feed regularly, then 4 is enough! Enough for me that year!

Yes, they like to eat, I feed each watering.

And please tell me what to feed? I'm new to everything 🙂

Any water-soluble, for flowers, or liquid, I buy in OBI, there is a large selection.

"Typhoon". Cart fit 🙂

And petunias are only planted in containers? Is it just impossible to land?

Of course you can, I always plant in the ground, a good bed with it turns out, it's a pity there is no photo right now.

Thanks! I am glad that I managed to grow a petunia myself and this is all thanks to the group, and now, following your advice, I will plant it on a flower bed.

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