Poisonous ryadovka pointed: description, photo, how to distinguish

The pointed row (Tricholoma virgatum) belongs to the Ryadovok genus of the Ryadovkov family. There are several names for the fungus - mouse, striped, burning-sharp. They are fully consistent with his appearance and taste. Mushroom pickers must study the description of each species in order not to accumulate toxic fruit bodies during the period of "quiet hunting". What category does a pointed row belong to, and how to distinguish a mushroom from similar ones, a detailed description and photo will help.

Where does the pointed row (mouse) grow

You can meet a pointed row in deciduous or coniferous forests. Also, the mushroom does not ignore mixed plantings. Ideal symbiont trees for the species are larch, spruce, pine. Therefore, the formation of mycorrhiza occurs successfully in the climatic conditions of Europe and North America. On the territory of Russia, the species grows in the Caucasus, Crimea, Krasnodar Territory and regions of the middle zone. Mushrooms like acidic, moist soil, which is not very fertile. They grow in rows or groups. The fruiting period lasts during the fall - from the beginning of September until the onset of frost.

What does a mushroom ridge look like?

The description of the view must include external parameters. They are paramount for species recognition.

The cap of the mushroom is small, its diameter does not exceed 5 cm. The shape resembles a conical headdress in the form of a bell. In young specimens, it is convex; during development it becomes flat-convex.

A distinctive criterion is a pointed tubercle in the middle of the cap, which does not disappear even in old mushrooms. The diameter of the tubercle is 8 cm. The color of the hat surface is gray or ash-gray with a sheen, the structure is wavy. The color of the mushroom was the reason for the appearance of another name for the ryadovka - mouse.

The hymenophore is lamellar, the plates are thick white. The pulp is dense, milky, almost odorless. Sometimes a slightly mealy aroma appears.

The taste of the mushroom pulp is specific - burning with varying degrees of bitterness.

The leg is cylindrical, height is about 15 cm, thickness is 1.5 cm. It is long and thin in shape. White on top, yellow or pink tone appears downward, there are stripes.

Photo of a pointed row:

Is it possible to eat a pointed row

In scientific sources, a pointed row is considered an inedible mushroom. Many directly indicate that it is poisonous. The mushroom has a strong bitter taste that does not go away even after prolonged soaking and boiling. If a mouse row is found in the basket, all fruit bodies should be discarded.

How to distinguish a gray rowing from a pointed row

Very similar types - pointed row and gray row. However, scientists have assigned gray to edible mushrooms (category 4). It differs from toxic not only in external parameters, but also in characteristics from the category of sensations - smell and taste. The cap color of the edible mushroom is darker. The taste is mealy, the flesh is dark gray. The edible mushroom has completely different proportions of the structure, large sizes. The cap of the gray reaches 15 cm in diameter, the leg is without stripes. Another difference is the cover of the cap. The pointed one has a smooth cap, the gray one has a fluffy one. An important difference is the absence of stripes on the stem of the edible mushroom. The pointed one has a striped stem, which proves one of the names of the species. Best of all, you can see the differences in the presented photo:

Poisoning symptoms and first aid

No one is immune from cases of poisonous mushrooms getting into the basket. Even more unpleasant is the situation when it undergoes heat treatment and then is used for cooking. In order to take the necessary measures in time, you should know the signs of poisoning the body with mushroom toxins:

  1. Not only the digestive tract is damaged, but also other systems, so you need to pay attention to all the symptoms.
  2. Signs of poisoning with a pointed row appear 1-8 hours after eating. Sensitive people can register the first signs in 40 minutes, some will have to wait up to 5-6 hours.
  3. Action should be clear, especially when symptoms intensify.

Important! At the first manifestations of poisoning, measures must be taken immediately before the arrival of a doctor.

Poisoning symptoms that should raise suspicion:

  • nausea, especially if there are no diseases with such a manifestation;
  • vomiting - one-time or indomitable;
  • painful cramps in the abdomen;
  • diarrhea in acute form;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system - a sharp change in blood pressure (decrease) or interruptions in the work of the heart;
  • bad orientation.

The first step for the victim or his entourage will be to call an ambulance specialist. You should not sit idly by until the car arrives. It is important to help the body cope with ryadovka toxins that have entered the bloodstream. For this, the stomach is washed with solutions:

  • saline - 0.5 tsp. table salt in 1 glass of pure water;
  • potassium permanganate - the concentration of a light pink shade.

You can use just warm water 5-6 glasses. Repeat the procedure at least 3-4 times in a short period of time. If the gag reflex is absent, it is called forcibly. The next step is to drink activated carbon powder with water. Enough 30 g of powder per 150 ml of water. Then put the person to bed and warm well with a heating pad.

If there is no diarrhea during poisoning with a mouse row, then you need to take a laxative. For example, 1 tbsp. vaseline oil, 30 ml of magnesium sulfate solution (33%).

Strong black tea is consumed when severe weakness or dizziness is present.

Important! Any food and alcoholic beverages, antipyretic, antiemetic or pain relievers are prohibited.

Timely removal of intoxication will allow not only to remove unpleasant symptoms, but also to save life.


A pointed row can cause severe poisoning. Mushroom pickers need to clearly know the external parameters of the mushroom so that their favorite business does not bring sad consequences.

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