Smoking mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse: recipes

Smoked fish is one of the most delicious delicacies of all time. The main condition is to follow all the cooking requirements, otherwise the result may be disappointing. It is quite simple to smoke mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse.

Technology of hot smoking of mackerel in a smokehouse

Hot smoking is understood as a short heat treatment in a special box - a smokehouse. It can be purchased at the store, or assembled yourself from scrap materials. Hot smoked mackerel will turn out to be equally tasty in a smokehouse from an ordinary iron bucket, and in a modern device with a water seal and a smoke generator.

Hot smoked fish is cooked quite quickly - in just 30-40 minutes

The principle of operation of the device is simple - the iron box is heated with fire, coal, gas or special heating elements. At the bottom of the smokehouse, wetted wood chips are laid out, which, when the temperature rises, begins to smoke. The impregnation ensures quick cooking and saturation of the fish with smoked aromas.

Selection and preparation of fish

To cook delicious smoked mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse, you need to attend to the choice of quality raw materials. If possible, you should give preference to chilled fish. By its appearance, it is easy to guess about its freshness. A stale mackerel has cloudy eyes, the shine of the skin is lost. The body is elastic - when you press on the carcass, it should immediately return to its original state.

Important! It is recommended to sniff the product whenever possible. Fresh fish should smell like the sea.

Most of the inhabitants of the mainland of the country have difficulty purchasing chilled mackerel. A frozen product comes to the rescue. When choosing, you should pay maximum attention to the thickness of the glaze and the integrity of the skin. In the first case, you can judge the number of freezing cycles - the less ice, the better. The skin must be intact to protect the meat from acrid smoke.

The next step is to prepare the product for hot smoking. If necessary, the fish is thawed and washed. Then her head is removed and her belly is ripped open to remove the intestines and other entrails. The abdominal cavity is thoroughly washed. The carcasses are dried with a paper towel.

Smokehouse Hot Smoked Mackerel Marinade Recipes

Initially, the taste of fish fillets is rather weak and needs additional bright notes. Regardless of the recipe chosen, before you smoke mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse, it must be salted or pickled. The most common method is to soak the carcasses in a saline solution for 2-3 hours. For its preparation, ½ cup of table salt and 1 tbsp are diluted in 1 liter of water. l. sugar, and also add 2 bay leaves and 10 allspice peas.

How to cook hot smoked mackerel in a smokehouse

There are many ways to prepare a delicious fish delicacy. Most of them differ in the type of smokehouse used. Among the wide range of devices that will help prepare hot smoked mackerel, there are:

  • classic smokehouses with a water seal;
  • appliances with a smoke generator;
  • homemade summer cottages;
  • homemade mini-smokehouses.

Depending on the device used, the hot smoking technology may vary

Taking into account the peculiarities of your device, the conditions for preparing a fish delicacy will differ significantly. At home, it will not be possible to cook mackerel in a classic hot smoked smokehouse - you will have to use special devices with the removal of smoke from the apartment.

Choosing wood chips and preparing the smokehouse

The most important point in smoking is a lot of smoke. The best way to accomplish this is to have a lot of sawdust soaked in the bottom of the smoker. Given the rather high temperature in hot smoking, it is better to use larger chips that will withstand prolonged heating without igniting.

Important! For guaranteed preservation of wood, it can be wrapped in foil with holes made.

To tastefully smoke mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse, it is not enough to choose a suitable recipe, you also need to choose the optimal chips. In country shops, you can most often find sawdust from oak or alder. A better product will be obtained from independently harvested apple or cherry chips. It is strictly forbidden to use coniferous wood - the dish will taste bitter.

Regardless of the type of smokehouse and hot-smoked mackerel marinade, the appliance must be prepared for use. Several handfuls of wood chips soaked in advance are poured onto the bottom. The next step is to install a container for fat - without it, oil will drip onto the sawdust and ignite them. After that, grids or special hooks for fish are installed. To prevent the skin from sticking to them, they are lubricated with refined sunflower oil.

How to smoke mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse

A classic device with a water seal and a smoke generator will allow you to prepare a large amount of delicacy without any problems. The heating function in such a smokehouse can be performed by both a separate heating element and an ordinary fire. The device can be installed in an apartment, provided there is a special chimney. Hot smoked mackerel in a smokehouse according to the recipe shown in the video is prepared in the following sequence:

  1. The device is connected to the network or preheated on a gas stove.
  2. The moistened chips are laid out in the bowl of the smoke generator and hermetically closed.
  3. The fish is washed after the marinade and wiped off with a paper towel. She is placed on oiled coasters.
  4. The smokehouse is covered with a lid with a water seal. They put a chimney on him, take him out the window.

Hot smoking with a smoke generator is an ideal find for lovers of delicacies

The approximate time for hot smoking of mackerel in a smokehouse is about 30 minutes. After that, the device is turned off, the fish is carefully taken out and cooled, and then served to the table.

Hot smoking of mackerel in a smokehouse in the country

Having a summer cottage or a country house, you don't have to worry about the constant presence of smoked fish in your diet. You can even create a homemade smokehouse from scrap materials. The main thing is that the metal box has a lid and can stay on a flat surface. Best of all, a small box with a grate will cope with the task, on which 3-4 fish will fit.

Moistened chips of fruit trees are poured into the bottom of the box. A greased grate is placed on top, on which mackerel salted earlier is spread. The device is sealed with a lid and put on fire. The intensity of the heat can be adjusted by increasing the amount of coals or adding additional firewood.

After 10-15 minutes after the first plumes of smoke appear, the lid must be removed to allow excess burning to escape. At the same time, you can turn the carcasses for better frying. After the lid is closed again, count down 15-20 minutes and remove the smokehouse from the heat. The fish is slightly cooled and served.

How to smoke mackerel in a hot smoked mini smoker

Modern kitchen appliances are improving every year, giving consumers the opportunity to cook unusual dishes at home. One of these mini-smokers in which you can make hot smoked mackerel is a product from the Hanki company. The miniature device for 12 and 20 liters fits easily even in a small kitchen. It is equipped with a pipe for exhausting smoke - this will allow you not to worry about possible burning in the apartment.

Cooking smoked fish in a mini-smokehouse is possible even in small apartments

A handful of alder chips are laid out at the bottom of the container and moistened with a small amount of water. Then place a container for dripping fat on the wire rack. Mackerel is hung on special hooks. The lid of the device is hermetically closed, a tube is put on the water seal. The container is placed on a gas or electric stove and a medium heat is turned on. After 5 minutes, the first white smoke will appear. Hot smoking lasts about half an hour. The mackerel is removed and cooled before serving.

How much to smoke hot smoked mackerel in a smokehouse

Cooking times can vary greatly not only from the recipe used, but also from the size of the fish and the strength of the fire. On average, a small mackerel carcass weighing 300 g requires about half an hour of hot smoking. As the cooking temperature rises, the cooking time can be reduced to 20 minutes, but there is a risk of early ignition of the chips. If the mackerel carcasses are too large, the cooking is stretched for 40-50 minutes from the moment the first plumes of smoke appear.

Storage rules

Hot smoked mackerel is a rather perishable product. Even with the large amount of salt when pickling, the maximum shelf life of a delicacy is rarely more than 7 days when kept in the refrigerator. At room temperature, mackerel does not withstand more than 2 days. The only way to preserve a dish for a long time is to freeze it, but this significantly spoils the taste and aroma of the product.


Smoke mackerel in a hot smoked smokehouse is a simple task that even novice cooks can handle. It is enough just to properly prepare the fish, choose the ideal chips and know the intricacies of working with the device. Simple adherence to the rules guarantees great results.

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