How to wean a cow from kicking while milking

How to wean a cow from kicking while milking

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The cow kicks during milking is a common complaint of many owners. This problem is not uncommon. Often, the cow twitches so much that it is impossible to even touch the udder and process it before milking. The reasons for this behavior are varied. Since a cow is a strong animal, her blow can have serious consequences. The owner needs to be careful to understand this manifestation, find the cause and eliminate it.

Why does a cow kick when milking

Before looking for ways to calm a kicking cow, you need to understand the reasons for this behavior. The main factors causing a negative reaction of the animal during the milking procedure are as follows:

  1. Stressful situation. The cow may kick when milking after anxiety, for example, when transporting, changing the environment.
  2. Mastitis and other inflammatory diseases of the udder. Such pathologies cause pain to individuals at any stage of the development of the disease.
  3. Various injuries, wounds, cracks, scratches, as well as insect bites on the udder or nipples.
  4. Incorrect milking and udder massage techniques, causing pain and discomfort.
  5. Lack of a clear milking schedule and daily regimen. This provokes the individual to a negative reaction during milking.
  6. Excessive fatigue, animal fatigue.
  7. Extraneous stimuli during the milking procedure, for example, noise, harsh unexpected sounds, too bright lighting, the presence of strangers.

Another common reason for this behavior is the youth of the animal. Such an individual still needs to be accustomed to the milking procedure.

Attention! In the acquisition of an adult animal, kicking during milking is a response to a new habitat. The cow experiences anxiety, excitement, until she gets used to the owner and the environment.

The owner needs to understand that this behavior is caused by serious reasons, and not by the violent nature of the animal.

What to do if a cow kicks during milking

Even if a cow struggles during milking, does not want to let anyone near her, she still needs to be milked. Otherwise, mastitis may develop. Therefore, the problem must be resolved as quickly as possible.

First of all, you should inspect the udder and nipples for injuries, cracks, bruises, insect bites, signs of inflammation. When identifying such pathologies with the mammary gland, you need to take all measures to eliminate them. During the treatment period, the cow should be milked very carefully, without causing unnecessary suffering.

A cow can kick during milking for a number of reasons, which should be eliminated in time by such actions:

  • determine the exact milking schedule and strictly adhere to it;
  • before starting the procedure, you can distract the animal with delicious food - crushed grain, vegetables;
  • use special lubricants for the udder and nipples so as not to dry out the skin;
  • put a damp cloth on the back of the cow, which will calm and distract the animal;
  • use the correct milking technique without causing discomfort;
  • in the process of milking, you should speak affectionately with the animal, stroke, and also provide a calm environment, turn on the dim light.

Attention! If it is determined that the cow is not kicking during milking as a result of an inflammatory udder disease, soothing decoctions or mild sedatives can be used.

If none of the options solved the problem, the cow continues to kick, many experienced breeders tie her limbs. This will help make the procedure for collecting milk as safe as possible for a person. The knot should not be made tight, you need to tie it with a figure eight. At the same time, they approach the cow from the front. If the animal does not allow a person to approach itself at all, kicks and fights, you can in advance form a loop on the rope and grab the front limb into it, lift it up and fix it. After 4-5 such fixations, the individual gets used to the procedure and then perceives it calmly.

Many cattle breeders use special devices made of galvanized or stainless steel for kicking cows on their farms - anti-kick. The device is versatile, its size is easy to adjust. It's easy to use. With the help of such a device, the hind limbs of the cow are reliably fixed.

Such a unit can be made by hand. This requires a pair of curved pipes of the same size and shape. They should have holes in the middle. You also need to prepare a concave tube of a larger diameter than the previous ones, springs, rubber caps. A tube of one type is inserted into a spring. In the concave, in turn, insert those tubes that are smaller in diameter. Caps are put on the edges.

Using anti-break is very simple. The lower part of it is hooked to the front limb of the kicking cow. Use the button to adjust the length so that the other end of the device can be fixed on the back. In this case, the limb of the cow is raised. In this position, the animal cannot kick, and milking is calm. The hind limb can be fixed in the same way.

How to train a cow for milking

To prevent the cow from kicking during milking, it is necessary to accustom her to this procedure several months before the first calving. To do this, while cleaning the first-calf heifers, you need to gently touch and massage the udder. For her, this creates a sense of calmness in the presence of a person. After the first calving, milking is performed more often 5 times a day. During this period, milking should be started from one nipple, after 2-3 times you can try to milk for two nipples at the same time, if the cow tolerates the procedure calmly and does not kick. You may need an assistant for the first time, until the kicking individual gets used to milking, and will not be nervous at the same time. You can scratch its sides with a special brush, give warm sweetened water before milking. The first-calf should be approached from the front, it is better to fix its head. In patient breeders, the animal stops kicking during milking within 1-2 weeks.

Important! During milking, the teat canal is opened as much as possible and remains so for about an hour. During this period, pathogenic bacteria can enter there, so the cow should not be allowed to lie down immediately after the procedure.

It is necessary to train the first heifer to milking carefully, showing patience, it is important to do it as quickly as possible. An obstinate individual needs the timely release of the udder from milk, otherwise it changes its characteristics (taste, color, consistency), becomes unusable.

From severe consequences, there may be:

  • agalactia until the next calving;
  • development of inflammatory processes in the udder, including mastitis;
  • fatal outcome.

In addition, the cow experiences severe pain when the udder is overfilled, behaves restlessly and hums.


The cow kicks during milking due to certain reasons that negatively affect her behavior. The owner will need attention and patience to sort out the problem and quickly fix it. Usually, a loving and experienced owner copes with a cow that kicks during milking in a couple of weeks, since this behavior of the animal has nothing to do with its character.

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