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Throughout the growing season, vegetable crops can be affected by various fungal diseases. To preserve the harvest and save the plants, gardeners use various methods and means. Spraying vegetables with agrochemicals is one of the most effective ways to protect crops and destroy pathogenic microorganisms.

Consento is a new fungicide that has low toxicity and high efficiency. We will study its features, instructions for use, analogues and reviews.

Features of the drug

Fungicide Consento is an innovative drug that protects vegetables from fungal infections and has a double effect: systemic and translaminar. The tool activates the growth of plants, protects them from various infections and has a healing effect.

Purpose and form of release

The modern fungicide Consento has a wide spectrum of action and is effective against the following fungal diseases:

  • Late blight (brown rot) on potatoes and tomatoes;
  • Alternaria (dry spot) on tomatoes and potatoes;
  • Peronosporosis (downy mildew) on cucumbers and onions;
  • Alternaria, gray and white rot on sunflower.

The drug can be purchased as a cream-colored suspension concentrate. For small summer cottages, bottles of 10, 20, 60 and 100 ml are offered. For large agricultural producers, plastic bottles of 0.5 and 1 liter are intended, as well as cans of 5 liters.

Attention! Fungicide is used for both prevention and treatment of diseases at various stages of development.

Mechanism of action

Conseto is highly effective due to its two active ingredients:

  • Propamocarb hydrochloride - concentration 37.5% or 375 g of substance per 1 liter of suspension. Belongs to the class of carbamates, prevents the synthesis of various acids and phospholipids in fungal cells and blocks the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Fenamidone - concentration of 7.5% or 75 g of substance per 1 liter of suspension. Violates the vital processes of the parasitic fungus. It helps to slow down mitochondrial respiration and stop sporulation.

Depending on the weather, the protective effect of the fungicide can last from 7 to 15 days.


Consento is a promising drug that has a number of positive aspects:

  • is effective at various stages of the disease;
  • can be used at all stages of plant growth and development;
  • due to the versatile effect, the likelihood of addiction of pathogens to the fungicide is minimal;
  • helps both prevent infection and suppress the development of an already existing fungus;
  • heat resistant (up to +55 ABOUTC) and to precipitation, is not washed off during watering and rainy weather;
  • convenient container, which is often accompanied by a dispensing cap;
  • activates the growth and development of a cultivated plant;
  • gives a quick and lasting effect.

The advantages of the fungicide completely override its disadvantages, which are not so many.


Many gardeners are not satisfied with the cost of the drug. The average price per liter of concentrate can reach 1800 rubles. Also, do not forget that this is an agrochemical that should be used only when necessary. If you follow the instructions and safety rules when working with the Consento fungicide, then undesirable consequences can be avoided.

Features of the preparation of the solution

It is recommended to process vegetable beds in calm weather, in the morning or in the evening. Since bright sunlight can cause rapid evaporation of the drug, which will not have time to act. Preventive spraying with Consento fungicide is carried out at an early stage of plant development. In total, from 3 to 4 treatments are carried out with an interval of 10-15 days.

The working fluid is prepared at the rate of 40 ml of suspension per 10 liters of water. 100 m2 5 liters of solution are consumed, and 400 liters per hectare. Before mixing it, the spray bottle should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. Pour some water into it, add the required amount of suspension and stir until smooth. Then add the remaining water to the container.

Important! The crop can be harvested 21 days after the last spraying of the crop.


Fungicide Consento effectively prevents late blight and alternaria on potatoes. Diseases slow down the growth and development of the plant, reduce the yield several times.

To treat potatoes, a standard fungicide solution is prepared (20 ml of suspension per 5 liters of water) and, using a spray bottle, it is evenly sprayed onto the tops. In total, 4 treatments are carried out and, depending on the degree of infection, the interval between them should be from 8 to 15 days.

Attention! Spraying the potatoes before harvesting protects the tubers from brown rot during storage.


The most dangerous diseases of tomatoes are late blight and alternaria, which affect the entire plant: foliage, stems, fruits. They are characterized by the appearance of dark spots and the withering away of the tops. Average yield losses from Alternaria are 10%, and from late blight - 25%.

Fungicide Consento will help prevent these troubles. The working fluid of the drug is prepared from 20 ml of concentrate (one bottle) and 5 liters of settled water. According to the instructions, the plant is sprayed four times with an interval of 1-2 weeks. The fruit can be eaten 21 days after the last treatment.


When growing cucumbers, gardeners may encounter peronosporosis. Small, yellow spots form on the foliage, on the back of which a black-brown bloom appears. The fruits are not affected, but their development is slowed down. If the cucumbers are not treated, fruiting ceases, and over time the plant dies.

To protect the plantings of cucumbers from peronosporosis, they should be treated with Consento fungicide. The working solution of the drug is mixed according to the instructions and preventive measures are started at the beginning of the growing season. The beds are sprayed 4 times with an interval of 8-15 days.

Important! Before you start spraying an infected crop, you need to remove the affected parts of the plant.


Downy mildew or downy mildew is a misfortune for many summer residents. Yellow spots and gray spores begin to appear on green shoots. Infection of bulbs and seeds leads to loss of yield and death of the plant.

Preventive use of the Consento fungicide minimizes the risk of disease. Preparation of working fluid: Stir 20 ml of concentrate in 5 liters of water. Treat the onion beds with the resulting solution 4 times with an interval of 8-14 days.


Fungicide Consento is also effective against Alternaria, gray and white rot on sunflowers, which can affect the entire basket. You can lose up to 50% of the crop.

For sunflower treatment, a standard fungicide solution is used (20 ml of suspension per 5 liters of water). The basket and the stem of the plant are sprayed three times with an interval of 10-14 days according to the instructions.

Analogs and compatibility with other drugs

Fungicide Consento can be added to tank mixes with many insecticides and fungicides. But before that, each drug should be checked for compatibility with Consento. If, after mixing, a sediment appears at the bottom of the container or the mixture is heated, the substances cannot be combined.

To prevent resistance, the fungicide can be alternated with drugs of different chemical groups, for example, Infinito.

Consento can be replaced with Previkur Energy, Infinito, Quadris and Acrobat. They have similar effects and properties.

Attention! An effective way of plant protection is the alternation of contact and systemic drugs.

Safety regulations

Fungicide Consento belongs to the third hazard class (compound with low toxicity) for humans and mammals. Despite this, while working with the substance, you must adhere to the standard safety measures:

  • wear tight clothing, gloves and a mask;
  • do not eat, drink or smoke;
  • after processing the beds, wash your hands and face with soap;
  • dispose of the fungicide packaging.

The drug has a second hazard class in terms of resistance to soil. Therefore, thoughtless use of the fungicide will lead to soil contamination.

Any spraying must be carried out without exceeding the indicated dosage, otherwise the result may be the opposite.

Reviews of summer residents

Artem, 36 years old, Saratov

I bought the fungicide Consento, as its sellers praised it very much and said that it was the best. I tested the drug on potatoes and tomatoes and did not notice anything special in it. The fungicide protects against late blight, but its action is usual, and the cost is high. The treatment must be repeated every two weeks. Don't trust sellers and don't overpay.

Nadezhda, 25 years old, Ufa

On my backyard, I faced the problem of late blight on potatoes. There are many drugs available to combat this disease, but I am using a novelty - the Consento fungicide from Bayer. I process not only potatoes with it, but also onions. The result pleases me - the plants are healthy and strong, and the yield is high.


Fungicide Consento is a new and promising drug that effectively fights against many fungal diseases of vegetable crops. Unlike other similar products, it has an additional property - it promotes the growth and development of the plant. It is better to use a fungicide at the slightest threat of infection of a vegetable crop with a fungus, since it will be more difficult to cure the disease later.

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