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What perennial flowers to plant in the cemetery

What perennial flowers to plant in the cemetery

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Girls! Tell me, please, what perennial flowers to plant in the cemetery? Since there is often no opportunity to ride, plant, take care of time and opportunity.



Daffodils are very good. But it is better to plant flowers with different flowering periods, so that all summer and autumn are beautiful

Sow ground cover perennials, such as stalk, stonecrop, periwinkle, loosestrife, awl-shaped phlox, and they will also clog the weeds.

We planted lilies of the valley, daffodils and “stone roses” ...

Lilies of the valley, daylilies.

I plant small petal marigolds along the fence, a periwinkle in the flower girl (it is perennial), and in the spring I plant verbena, blooms until the frost. Vermiculite has been added to the soil; it holds moisture very well. If the grave is in a sunny place, you can plant a terry purslane. It is very beautiful, colorful and blooms for a long time. It withstands drought and any soil,

Marigold thin-leaved correctly. Here on the internet I found a photo, of the colors about which I wrote above. Purslane and marigolds


We have muscari and crocuses ... If we plant something else - they dig it out at night, you come, and there are some holes (((

what horror, nothing sacred among people.

Lily of the valley have grown to the entire grave, and even to the neighboring ones. Barely got rid. I had to poison all living things.

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