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Cucumber Boyfriend F1

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Cucumber Ukhazher is a reliable hybrid variety adapted to unfavorable conditions. It is appreciated for its extended fruiting, unpretentiousness and high yield. The variety is used for preparing salads or fresh. To obtain a high yield, the seedling method of growing crops is used. When planting in a greenhouse, cucumbers are harvested before the autumn cold snap.

Characteristics of the variety

Cucumber Ukhazher bred by Russian breeders. The hybrid is included in the State Register in 2004 and is recommended for planting in the central zone, the Volga region, in the North Caucasus, in the North and North-West regions.

Description of the variety and photo of the cucumber Ukhazher:

  • mid-late ripening;
  • the period from germination to harvesting of fruits takes 55-60 days;
  • pollinated by bees;
  • mixed type of flowering (have female and male flowers);
  • powerful plant;
  • average ability to form shoots;
  • large dark green leaves.

Ukhazher fruits have a number of features;

  • lumpy cucumbers;
  • rich green color;
  • the length of the cucumbers is from 18 to 20 mm;
  • diameter 4 cm;
  • weight of about 200 g;
  • thin skin;
  • white thorns.

5-6 kg of cucumbers are harvested from one bush of the Uhazher variety. The yield depends on the cultivation method and the climatic conditions of the region. The variety is recommended for planting in a greenhouse or greenhouse. In warm climates, plants are planted in open areas.

Cucumbers The boyfriend is used fresh, added to salads, appetizers, side dishes and other dishes. Chopped up, the variety is suitable for preparing assorted vegetables and canned salads.

Fruiting of cucumbers The boyfriend is long, until the onset of autumn frosts. The variety tolerates cold snaps well.

The seeds of the companies Gavrish, Golden Altai, Good Seeds, Aelita, Harvest of Good Luck are on sale. Planting material is packaged in a package of 10 pcs.

Growing cucumbers

Cucumber variety Boyfriend is recommended to be grown under a film cover. The most reliable way is to get seedlings at home. According to reviews and photos in the southern regions, the Cucumber F1 is successfully developing in open areas.

Planting seeds

Seeds of the Ukhazher variety are planted for seedlings in March-April. The planting material is disinfected by placing it in Fitosporin solution. Processing will further avoid the spread of diseases.

Advice! When the cucumber seeds swell, they are wrapped in a damp cloth for 2 days. The material is periodically moistened to prevent it from drying out.

Cucumber seeds The boyfriend is planted in ready-made peat-humus cups. One seed is placed in each of them. The use of separate containers allows you to do without picking cucumbers.

You can prepare a substrate for cucumbers yourself from compost, peat and sawdust in a 2: 2: 1 ratio. For 5 liters of the mixture, add 1 tbsp. l. nitrophosphate and wood ash. The soil mixture is filled into containers.

Cucumber seeds The boyfriend is not embedded deeply, it is enough to pour a layer of soil 5 mm thick. The plantings are watered with warm water and kept at a temperature of 23-27 ° C. To increase the temperature and create a greenhouse effect, the containers are covered with foil. Turn it over periodically to provide fresh air.

Seedling care

After germination, Cucumbers are provided with a number of conditions:

  • daytime temperature +20 ° С;
  • night temperature +16 ° С;
  • lighting for 12 hours;
  • regular addition of moisture.

If necessary, phytolamps or fluorescent devices are installed over the seedlings of cucumbers. Lighting is turned on in the morning and evening.

Planting cucumbers The boyfriend is watered every week with warm, settled water. Moisture is applied at the root. It is most convenient to use a spray bottle. Excess water is discarded.

When 1-2 leaves are formed in plants, they are dived into separate containers or peat tablets. After the transplant, the room temperature is lowered to +17 ° C for several days.

Landing in the ground

The seedlings of the Ukhazher variety are transferred to a permanent place in late May or early June. Plants with 3-4 leaves are subject to transplantation.

A place for growing cucumbers is prepared in the fall. The site should be well lit by the sun and protected from the wind. Plants prefer fertile, permeable soil with a minimum nitrogen content.

In the fall, when digging the beds for cucumbers, you need to add peat, humus and a little sawdust. Low-lying areas where moisture and cold air accumulate are not suitable for planting cucumbers Boyfriend. Cucumbers grow well in beds with a height of 30 cm, located from east to west.

Attention! The best precursors for cucumbers are tomatoes, cabbage, onions, perennial herbs. Planting after pumpkin crops is not recommended.

According to the description of the variety from the producers, the Cucumbers are planted in a permanent place according to the 50x50 cm scheme. The plants are transferred together with a peat cup into the planting hole. The roots are covered with a mixture of soil and humus. After planting, 3 liters of moisture are added under each plant.


Suitor cucumbers produce high yields when given the proper care. Planting is watered and fed. With regular maintenance, the likelihood of the spread of diseases and pests is reduced.


The scheme for watering cucumbers The boyfriend depends on the stage of their development:

  • before the buds appear - 3 liters of water under the bush weekly;
  • during flowering and fruiting - 6 liters every 3 days.

Before watering, water is poured into barrels to raise its temperature. Moisture is brought in by internal or evening hours. It is important to avoid water contact with the roots and leaves of cucumbers. To prevent water jets from eroding the soil, watering cans with spray nozzles are used.

After adding moisture under the cucumbers, the soil is loosened and weeds are removed. Loosening improves the absorption of moisture and nutrients. In the heat, do not allow the appearance of a crust on the surface of the soil.

Top dressing

Cucumbers of the Ukhazher variety are fed according to the scheme:

  • 2 weeks after transfer to the ground;
  • when forming buds;
  • during fruiting.

In the heat, root dressing is effective, since the plants actively absorb nutrients from the soil. In cool weather, they switch to foliar treatments.

A universal top dressing for cucumbers is a solution of mullein or bird droppings in a ratio of 1:15. 1 m2 plantings with cucumbers, 4 liters of liquid fertilizer are applied.

For spraying cucumbers, the Suitor uses a complex fertilizer. The solution can be obtained by mixing 15 g of urea, 25 g of potassium sulfate and 30 g of superphosphate. Foliar treatment is carried out in the morning or in the evening in the absence of direct sunlight.

Mineral substances are replaced with wood ash. It is added to the water a day before watering or embedded in the ground. Wood ash not only saturates the soil with nutrients, but also repels pests.

Bush formation and tying

According to the description, the cultivar of cucumbers is not prone to strong branching, it does not require additional formation. It is enough to pinch the stepsons and the ovaries growing under the 3 leaf.

As the cucumbers grow, they need to be tied up. The procedure does not allow the plantings to overgrow, simplifies maintenance and harvesting.

In a greenhouse or in an open area, supports are driven in, between which a wire or thin twine is pulled.

Protection against diseases and pests

Variety Ukhazher is resistant to root rot, true and downy mildew. For prevention, cucumbers are treated with Fitosoprin, Oxyhim, Topaz. The funds are diluted with water according to the instructions and are not used during the fruiting period.

To reduce the risk of developing diseases, adherence to agricultural techniques allows:

  • compliance with crop rotation;
  • use of quality seeds;
  • watering rationing;
  • airing greenhouses and greenhouses with cucumbers.

Of the folk methods of combating diseases, infusions on onion peels and garlic are effective. They are used to spray cucumbers. To keep the infusion on the leaves longer, add a little crushed soap to it.

The pungent smell of garlic and onions repels aphids, spider mites, thrips and other pests. A more radical way to get rid of insects is to use insecticides.

Gardeners reviews

Svetlana, 37 years old, Rostov region

Every year I try to buy new varieties of cucumbers. I grow them outdoors. Last year, I purchased the seeds of cucumbers Ukhazher according to the description of the variety and photo. The variety fully met expectations. In the open field, there were no problems with pollination. Cucumbers go well in salads. Part of the harvest is sent for sale, they are bought up very quickly.

Evgeny, 48 years old, Tula

I bought cucumber seeds Boyfriend F1, focusing on reviews and photos. Late ripening variety, pollinated by bees. The taste is excellent, we mainly use it for salads. When growing the variety, Uhazher noticed that many male flowers are growing. Next year I plan to use it for pollination of other varieties of cucumbers with a female type of flowering.

Marina, 52 years old, Novosibirsk

Cucumber Boyfriend is a favorite salad variety, I have been planting its seeds for 4 years in a row. Grows well in a greenhouse, pollination occurs due to insects. To attract bees and wasps, I planted several marigolds in the greenhouse. The fruit tastes sweet, the skin is thin, does not taste bitter. Indoors it bears fruit until October, even when outside temperatures are already below freezing. The boyfriend is a very cold-resistant variety, I recommend it for growing in unstable climatic conditions.


Cucumber Uhazher is a proven salad variety that yields high yields even under harsh conditions. Variety care includes watering and feeding. Cucumbers Boyfriend are resistant to diseases, tolerate a lack of heat well. Subject to the rules of care, they do not show signs of fungal infections.

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