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Planting tomato seeds of different colors

Planting tomato seeds of different colors

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Good afternoon, tell me, they say that tomato seeds of different colors can not be soaked. Can they be planted in a snail on toilet paper with Epin?


They can be soaked and planted wherever you want.


Thank you gardeners!

Do not, plant directly in the ground without soaking. These seeds are already processed.

We have a variety of Benito soaked sprouted and dive

I planted peppers and tomatoes, all is well

I planted several varieties in one snail, only processed green ones sprouted.

Benito didn’t ascend at all last year.

Good grade ordered for the future yet

Do not share where you order the seeds?

Look here

Thanks, I’ll definitely look now

There is still a group in St. Petersburg


And what kind of group?

Ok thank you so much

Always please contact there is more

Great, I will keep in mind!

Maybe i'm out of luck

I put it on paper with epin, everything is fine)

And before boarding (no matter where) scald with boiling water

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