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What to do if leaves are twisted in pepper

What to do if leaves are twisted in pepper

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At some peppers, cotyledon leaves began to curl. How to save?


Found it. Maybe someone will come in handy. In my case, I think that it was necessary to cultivate the land. Or still, less watering, the roots do not have enough air. Why do pepper curl leaves? Many summer residents are already used to growing seedlings of peppers on their own at home. It happens that for unknown reasons, pepper seedlings gradually curl around the seedlings. After a while, they will become like thin tubes, in some cases, the pepper immediately begins to dry. It is not necessary to miss such a phenomenon, if the cause of what is not happening in time, the pepper will die! There are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon, and each of them needs to be able to be eliminated! Why do pepper curl, curl leaves? A common cause of folding, twisting leaves in peppers is their uneven growth. It sounds strange, but the central vein grows in length faster than the main part of the sheet, so the sheet plate is compressed, that is, twisted. Usually in such cases they do nothing. This is a natural process and it will pass soon. It happens that, due to inexperience, the "young" summer residents during the preparation of the soil for growing peppers forget it as it should be processed. As a result of this oversight, by the middle of March, the leaves of the peppers may gradually or sooner or later quickly collapse overnight. This happens because the larva of some pest lives in the soil, which feeds on the root of the plant. The depleted plant first begins to curl, and then completely “falls off” at the surface of the earth, thus dying. In the ground, you can often observe a lack of potassium. This will not only lead to twisting of leaves, a deficiency of this mineral will allow a serious disease to develop, which will certainly affect the fruiting and growth of peppers. What to do so that the leaves of peppers do not curl? When preparing soil for seedlings of peppers, you need to treat it several times with a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, dilute a slightly pink solution and water the earth twice a week. Can be made easier. Those who have stove heating can put the earth on the fireplace about a week before planting pepper seeds and warm it for two days. All larvae will die. If all this does not suit you, then simply pour plenty of boiling water over the soil, and after two days plant pepper. When it was still possible to "grow" pests, they need to be destroyed as soon as possible. To do this, pour the soil with the same potassium permanganate solution or ask the appropriate substance in the appropriate store. If you are sure that there are no pests, then you need to feed pepper seedlings. Potassium nitrate is best suited for this. If you are an opponent of such fertilizers, then take wood ash and sprinkle soil on it. After carry out plentiful watering. Ash should be taken so that it covers the entire surface of the soil by about three millimeters. In case none of the above methods helped, examine the place where the seedlings stand. It may be too dry, hot. Perhaps you forget to water it in time, it can also cause the leaves to curl.

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