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It is possible to grow grapes in the Urals

It is possible to grow grapes in the Urals

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Tell me, does anyone grow grapes in the Urals, and what grade?


There are small tricks that will help you in your desire to grow grapes in the Urals.

  • Grape seedlings need to be planted only on the south side of the site. A place protected from the wind, under the sun. Along the fence, the wall of the house or in the middle of the plot on the artificially created wall. If you plant grapes where the shadow falls, it will not give growth and fruit.
  • Planting grapes depends on the type of soil. They are planted in trenches on sandy soils, in clay and loam where groundwater lies close, landing on "ridges" is recommended.
  • In order not to once again injure the vine for feeding and watering, install between the seedlings closer to the root, plastic bottles with a cut bottom, a neck in the ground. So water and fertilizers will receive directly the roots. In the third year of life of the grapes, the bottles can be removed and watered in the usual way.
  • If the first year the seedlings are not planted in open ground, but kept, for example, half-buried in a bucket, then such seedlings enter fruiting earlier. For this, a bucket with a seedling is kept in the basement, and planted in the ground in late spring.
  • Group varieties by maturity and frost resistance. This will facilitate the care of grapes. And you do not have to spray and cover everything to the maximum.
  • You can’t plant grafted seedlings vertically, place them almost lying at the maximum possible angle, otherwise there will be problems with the ripening of the vine.
  • In the year of planting, no pruning except the removal of unripe parts of shoots in autumn. Trim from the 3rd year of life, as recommended by short or long pruning.

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