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Features of growing cabbage

Something last season, my cabbage, instead of heading out, began to reach up. Weeds did not interfere with her, she had enough space and sunlight. Nevertheless, with each passing day it was pulled up more and more. I can’t understand what is wrong with her. Maybe someone will tell you what is the reason? And what to do so that the cabbage should be tied up and not drawn up?


If we are not talking about the fact that you grew cabbage in a greenhouse, then you definitely had “left” seeds or seedlings from such seeds on your hands. Although in the case of the greenhouse, most plants all head out one and the same, although not as they should.

To prevent this from happening again, I advise you to buy seeds from trusted sellers, and not just one, but several varieties - early, medium and late. It is easy to grow cabbage seedlings themselves. You can in a greenhouse or even a greenhouse. In an extreme case - at home. Just be sure to take it to the balcony (to the loggia) for hardening so that it does not stretch excessively.

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