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Garlic rot in the ground

Garlic rot in the ground

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Good day. In our country, garlic begins to rot in the ground. Plants it in the fall, cover with a film for the winter. At the end of the summer we get it. Garlic is always good, but this time somewhere where the garlic began to rot even in the ground. I had to throw a third of the crop. What could cause this?


Rotting garlic in the ground is a fairly common problem. Garlic can rot in the ground when it is affected by bacterial rot. This mainly happens during storage, garlic looks frostbitten. Sores appear on it, then rot.

Also, garlic can rot due to infections such as bottom rot or fusarium infection. The first signs of this infection are yellowing of the leaves, which then dry the leaves. Then the bulb itself decays. Fusarium can be caused by high humidity when the weather is warm and hot. Or when the garlic is over watered.

Another reason may be white rot, it usually begins with yellowing of the leaves. They turn yellow from the top, then they fade. Further, white rot appears on the root and on the garlic itself. White rot may appear in high humidity and not very high temperatures. And when the garlic was planted in already contaminated land.

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