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How to fight against snails and slugs

How to fight against snails and slugs

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In the summertime in the country, I have a lot of slugs and snails, to be honest, I got it already. They eat everything in a row, both fruit and vegetable crops, sometimes I notice that they do not disdain decorative ones either. A 3-liter bottle of milk dug near the beds did not help. Can someone tell me, can I get rid of them somehow? Who knows the most effective ways to control pests?


There are some types of plants that repel these pests. For example, next to fruit crops, you can plant lavender, garlic, rosemary. You can also create an unfavorable surface for slugs and snails, using crushed shells or eggshells. You can also collect pest data manually. This should be done in the evening or after rain. However, this must be done daily.

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