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How to build an original and comfortable booth for a dog

A doghouse is a whole house! That is why the structure must be warm, cozy and beautiful. Consider all the nuances of the construction of the building.

Determine the size

In order to determine the size, you should look at your pet. Dogs can be medium, small and large. For example, large - Caucasian shepherd dogs, medium - German shepherds, small - dachshunds and the like.

Ideal dimensions for the booth:

  • for large dogs - 140x100x95 cm;
  • for small ones - 70x55x60 cm;
  • for medium - 120x75x80 cm.

At the same time, the presented sizes can be adjusted depending on which pet you have. The following rules must be observed:

  1. The depth of the booth should be equal to the height.
  2. The width of the hole is determined as follows: the width of the dog’s chest is measured, and 8 cm is added to the obtained value.
  3. The height of the booth - the height of the pet at the withers + another 8 cm.

Materials and Tools

Before a dog house is made with his own hands, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools.

Of the materials, it is best to give preference to wood. The best option is conifers. Among other things, bars will be required. You should also prepare materials for lining - this is a lining, siding, particleboard or fiberboard. Do not forget about the decor elements - skirting boards, corners and decorative battens.

The booth can be made in the same style with the aviary for birds, a gazebo and other summer cottages. This will give a more complete and harmonious look to the entire garden.

For the roof you will need slate or galvanized sheet. As a heater can be used polystyrene, glassine, min.vata.

From the tools you need to prepare:

  • wood impregnation;
  • a shovel;
  • drying oil;
  • hammer;
  • paint;
  • saw;
  • nails
  • pencil;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette wheel;
  • level.

Manufacturing instruction

The doghouse must be carried out according to the drawings. Only in this way will the structure be of high quality. However, the manufacturing principle is still the same.

  • First, the boards are prepared. If you are staying on a pitched roof, the back wall should be shorter than the front. So rainwater will slide over the structure.
  • Further bars are prepared. They will be needed for the frame of the booth. Better to take with a margin.
  • Chuck the frame according to the drawing.
  • The next stage is the skin of the frame. First board inside. At the same time, the roof is immediately installed with pre-sanded boards.
  • Then you need to cut the hole. Its ends are also ground.
  • The next stage is the foam insulation of the floor, walls and roof. Boards are mounted on top of it.

  • Next is the casing of the outer part of the booth. You can choose any material - fiberboard, particleboard, lining. The best option is wood siding.
  • Seal all slots in the booth. For this purpose, skirting boards or slats, but always wooden, are suitable.
  • Next they cover the roof. Better slate sheets.
  • It remains to carry out the treatment of the building with an antiseptic and install it on a pallet of bricks in order to avoid decay of the floor.
  • Now you can paint and install in place!

Original doghouse ideas

Important is not only the question of how to make a dog booth correctly, but also the question of the beauty of the structure. If you connect a fantasy, from a seemingly standard building, you can make a real decoration for the site.

For example, why not make a booth with a viewing platform? Your dog will be able to leave the house and inspect the property. You can try and complete the construction in the form of a miniature house - a double of your country cottage.

If the log house of your house is wooden, you can perform a similar construction for the pet. Others will certainly appreciate your skillful hands. Do you visit the cottage only in the warm season? Then a real log house is not needed, build a lightweight version using materials that mimic a log or log house.

In the event that the fence on your site is made of stone, the booth built of the same material will look very organic.

Among other things, on the roof of any building for a dog, if it is not sloping, you can break a flower garden or equip a green roof, which we have already described the stages of the formation process. In this case, the structure will become a real decoration of the site. At the same time, it is not necessary to carry out complex actions, it is enough to install containers with unpretentious colors on the roof.

If you accidentally have an extra barrel or a ring from a well, you can use these products to create original booths. Connect the fantasy! An excellent pet house will even come out of the old bedside table, if corrected.

For a husky dog ​​in winter, you can create an option in the form of a small copy of a snow needle. Painted buildings look good. At the same time, the painting style can be anything: a hippie, in the style of “101 Dalmatians” and others.

Tips for creating a booth

In order for the pet to be comfortable in his new home, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. Outside, the finishing coating can be any; inside the building there should be no finishing coating.
  2. The roof must be removable. So you can carry out cleaning and processing from parasites.
  3. It is important to provide for a direct entrance to the booth in case the dog becomes ill so that the called veterinarian can get to the pet.
  4. It is better to make the floor warm, double, to lay waterproofing.
  5. The floor, walls and ceiling must be insulated. The entrance to the booth for the winter is closed by a dense curtain so that the cold does not penetrate inside.
  6. A dog, just like a person, is much more pleasant to be in a spacious dwelling. Therefore, do everything possible to build her a large kennel, especially if the dog is not small.
  7. If you install a platform with a canopy in front of the booth, you can place food bowls on it, which is very convenient. In this case, the dog has the opportunity to leave the house and take a break from the heat on a hot day.
  8. Do not forget that the kennel should be combined with the landscape and design of the house.

How to arrange the building on the site

First of all, the booth, as noted earlier, should not spoil the decor of the garden. In this case, the location of the dog should be as comfortable as possible. This means that installing a kennel near the fence is unacceptable. Otherwise, people walking along the road or passing cars will annoy the pet. A booth should not be placed near the house either. The best option is something in the middle between the house and the fence. Be sure to place the building on a pedestal or elevation so that moisture does not accumulate and does not wash the floor.

Rules for caring for the booth

It’s not enough just to build a good house for the dog, you still need to properly care for it.

  • Cleaning should be done at least once a month.
  • The fight against parasites should also be timely, at this time the dog should be removed away from the building.
  • It is better to immediately make a collapsible design, so it will be easier to take care of the contour, moreover, it will be easier to replace it if any element breaks.

To make a booth for a dog, you will have to make every effort. After all, a kennel should become a real home for your pet, which, in turn, should not drown out the beauty of the site.

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