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How to deal with sunburn plants

How to deal with sunburn plants

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This year, planted seedlings of tomatoes in open ground, well watered. The next day I arrived at the cottage, looked, everything was fine. And when I arrived there after another 3 days, I found a lot of white leaves, especially the upper ones. I understand that this is a sunburn. And so I have this question: is it possible to somehow prevent sunburn? If so, what do you need to do?


The transplanted plants are rather weak at first, the root system has to get used to the new soil, environmental conditions. As soon as you transplant a plant, it is of course necessary to water it, it is also important to create favorable conditions for the first time before the second transplant. That is, since the sun is quite active in the summer, it can burn the leaves of a plant that are not yet strong after transplantation. For example, we pull on a special fabric that can be purchased in any garden department, on top of the planted seedlings, it is thin and the plants under it can breathe and at the same time protected from the sun. Thus, leaf burns can be avoided, seedlings will not fade.

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