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How to grow a peach from a store bone

How to grow a peach from a store bone

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I really want to grow a peach in the country, but I can not find planting material anywhere. I decided to plant and grow a tree from the seed of a peach bought in a store. Can this be done and what conditions are needed for this? Also tell me, please, the optimal planting dates for peach?


It is very simple to grow a peach tree from a fruit bone. But! It is not a fact that its fruits will be identical in taste to their mothers and that it will correspond to your climate in frost resistance (you don’t know where the peach came to your store from).

No special conditions need to be created. In April, plant seeds (in a row, after 20 - 25 cm), monitor the soil moisture, it is advisable to mulch the surface of the bed. Soon notice the sprouts. At a height of 15 - 20 cm, pinch the tops of them (so that they begin to branch). Fertilize the plants twice in the first summer (June - July). In the fall, transplant the most beautiful and largest trees into a permanent place. Everything! From the next season, start forming, processing, etc. But keep in mind that they (all peaches) are not frost-resistant. First of all, fruit buds freeze. There are many hassles with treatments and shelters, and the fruits can not be received regularly. There is a desire - go for it!

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