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Transplanting seedlings of peppers and tomatoes

Transplanting seedlings of peppers and tomatoes

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In my seedlings of peppers and tomato buds have already appeared. Tell me, please, is it possible to plant plants in open ground so that the buds remain safe and sound? If so, how to do it right? What conditions must be observed when transplanting?


And absolutely there is no problem. Every year I grow peppers and tomatoes on the windowsill, not just buds, but tomatoes and peppers! It is only necessary to transport the seedlings with caution, and also try not to disturb the lump of land during transplantation (for this, seedlings should be watered before planting so that the earth does not crumble). We grow seedlings in cut TetraPak milk boxes, where it is convenient to get it by tearing or cutting the box. Still, if the seedlings are too high, then you can deepen some part of the stem by planting at an angle; later, the aboveground part itself will bend as it should. First of all, this applies to tomatoes.

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