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Russian woman and other frost-resistant persimmons for growing in the country

Russian woman and other frost-resistant persimmons for growing in the country

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We received a question from Natalia: "I want to plant persimmon on my site. What frost-resistant varieties can you advise me? What is the use and harm of this crop?"


How to choose frost-resistant varieties for Russia

For Russia, it is best to choose early-ripe frost-resistant varieties that will not suffer from rare severe frosts. Hybrids of the Virgin Persimmon, a native of the United States, as well as the Russian woman variety are popular - it is able to endure frosts to -30 degrees.

Persimmon Russian is a small frost-resistant plant. Spreading branches, flattened fruits. The pulp is of medium hardness, fruiting is noted every year. The fruit tastes sweet, moderate astringency. Ripening occurs by the end of November. From one tree you can get a crop of up to 80 kg.

Virgin Persimmon was named after the place where it was selected. At the moment, it is very popular and is actively grown in Russia and Ukraine. The tree can reach a height of 10 meters. At home in the United States, it is growing even higher.

How to grow persimmons at home in the suburbs

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The benefits and harms of culture

Persimmon is a useful antioxidant-containing fruit. Eating it will give good performance. Persimmon is considered a dietary product. It quickly satisfies hunger and improves digestion.

  • Many people know the ability of the fruits of the culture to remove toxins and decay products from the body, normalizing the digestive tract.
  • Persimmon also has a bactericidal effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Juicy stabilizing fruits affect blood pressure.
  • Orange fruit is useful for diseases of the thyroid gland, as the pulp contains a lot of iodine.
  • The plant is known for its protective antitumor properties.
  • Beta-carotene contained in the fruits prevents the development of bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • Persimmon juice is successfully used in the treatment of colds.

But, like any fruit, persimmon has some contraindications for use:

  • in the postoperative period;
  • with adhesive bowel disease;
  • children under three years old;
  • with diabetes.

Since persimmon contains tannin in large quantities, obstruction of the weakened intestines may occur. Astringents contribute to a poor metabolism. In diabetes, persimmons can be eaten, but not too often.

Do not take persimmons and children under the age of three years. It's all about the same tannins. In an unprepared children's stomach, binding to gastric juice, they form a viscous mixture. The result is a sticky lump, which means serious consequences for the stomach. Persimmon can be introduced into the diet of children only from the age of 10.

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