What should be a winter gazebo for a summer residence

What should be a winter gazebo for a summer residence

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Owners of summer cottages often think about how to make the rest not only enjoyable, but also comfortable. A great option is to install a winter gazebo, thanks to which you can forget about some weather "troubles". There are many variants of the device, each will find the one that he will like.

Variants of winter-type gazebos

Such structural forms can be completely different. It can be both a combined and a single structure.

Combined Option

Often architects create such projects, which include:

  • closed winter premises;
  • canopy with a platform;
  • summer kitchen (located on the site).

This option is very convenient. The closed part protects against weather changes. The stove can be placed right inside the building. And in the summer it’s enough to open the windows of the gazebo, and it will turn from winter to summer.

Single construction

A project that implies the presence of only one building is different in that everything that is needed for a comfortable stay is indoors.

In this case, you have 2 options:

  • to warm an already existing summer arbor;
  • immediately build a winter-summer option.

What should be a gazebo for the cold season

  • This option differs from the summer structure in construction. She is closed.
  • Also, door and window openings are mandatory. This allows you to separate the structure from the landscape and create a beautiful appearance.
  • Another feature is that the project involves the presence of a heating device in the room. It is best to choose a barbecue or barbecue. Of course, you can put radiators, convectors, conduct heating, but in this case the structure will inevitably lose its originality. And it’s definitely not possible to make a barbecue!

Building shape

The shape of the gazebo with barbecue or barbecue can be any. Most often, closed structures are multifaceted and quadrangular. Rounded and combined options are somewhat less common.

Multifaceted buildings include more than four faces of the base. In this case, all angles are obtuse. The tetrahedral buildings remind us all of the familiar houses, summer kitchens and utility blocks. But, choosing a standard tetrahedral option for a summer residence, one should not forget that it will not work to put benches here. Sitting on them will be crowded, and the space will be wasted.

Multifaceted buildings are more convenient and original, which is a definite plus for landscape design.

Style solutions

The style is chosen based on how the house and landscape look. If you are not sure about your taste, it is better to stay in classic English. In this case, a fireplace is installed inside. The architectural form of the structure is strict.

Lovers of intricate shapes will love the Moorish style. In this case, the gazebo looks very original. Another point - you have to divide the space into zones.

Chinese arbors are very popular. Their shape may resemble a pagoda. Often such structures are made of valuable wood.

The Japanese style is characterized by the fact that in this embodiment it is necessary to isolate the structure from the outside world. Even the windows are stained glass. Nothing should disturb the atmosphere of privacy.

You can learn more about the features of the Japanese-style gazebo.

Warm arbor for a summer residence

How to choose a material

The most popular materials for the construction of a capital building are wood and brick.

Wooden buildings

They are good in that:

  • are inexpensive;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • have a long service life;
  • can stand on a light foundation;
  • look beautiful.

But there is one point. Wooden buildings with barbecue facilities require compliance with all fire safety standards. This means that it is necessary to process the entire surface of the structure with special tools. The brazier will have to be placed at a distance of at least 25 cm from the walls. If possible, place it exactly in the center on a metal sheet.

Brick gazebos

Such designs will cost a slightly larger amount. In this case, you will have to take care of the foundation.

But there are pluses. For example, the structure will be less fire hazard.

Features of the construction

An all-weather gazebo with a barbecue is the dream of any summer resident. The best option is a brick structure.

Of course, no one forbids making an ordinary frame construction covered with shields. But the conditions in it will not be very comfortable, so it is better to immediately give preference to a full-fledged option with doors and double-glazed windows. The building itself will be a small but full house.

  • You can choose any color, from standard red to a variety of silicate brick colors. It is worth remembering that red brick is the most durable option.
  • If you do not intend to use the gazebo often, you can stay on the silicate brick. So you can save.
  • Have to install a strip foundation. The shape can be any, the standard are hexagon, square and rhombus.

You may also be interested in the article "How to make a garden gazebo with your own hands."

Installation of arbors made of wood

Install a wooden structure with your own hands is not difficult.

The structure consists of:

  • roofs;
  • frame;
  • foundation;
  • plating.

For the arbor for the winter, it will be necessary to carry out insulation.

Glazed gazebos

Foundation and installation of the frame

The foundation plays a decisive role.

  • Before you install it, you must choose a place that is characterized by "strong" soil.
  • Then the surface is leveled and a moat is dug up.
  • Next, the fittings are laid.
  • Then concrete is poured.
  • After the concrete dries, you can begin installing the frame. The rails are mounted on the guides, fastening them with crossbars made of timber.
  • The roof is best installed on the logs and sheathed with wood or corrugated board. The frame itself is sheathed with lining or plywood.

The gazebo for summer cottages is almost a house, only a small one. Accordingly, the structure must have walls and a door. It is important to provide for such a moment as heating the room. For this, a barbecue, barbecue or fireplace is installed inside. If you have the opportunity and financial means, it is better to give preference to a brick structure - it is more fireproof.

Winter arbor for a summer residence (20 photos)

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