How to get rid of rosehip bushes

How to get rid of rosehip bushes

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A question from Olga came to us: “A few years ago we bought a land plot. Several bushes of an old rosehip grow on its territory, which we cannot get rid of. What can you advise us?”


Effective Ways

There is such a drug "Tornado". It is a herbicide. You can buy a similar tool in the same place where they sell chemistry or poisons for the garden.

Use such a drug as follows:

  • Small incisions are made on the plants, and a solution of the substance is applied to them.
  • After 7 days, both the plant and its roots will die.

This is the easiest way to get rid of dogrose thickets. If the bushes cannot be completely removed, tear the slate around it from all sides to the depth of the roots, then the rosehip will not germinate.

The most reliable way is to dig up the whole shoot. The thing is that the root offspring of the dogrose can germinate over long distances, capturing the entire territory of the site. The only way to fix the situation is to dig it out manually. Other methods do not guarantee that next year new young rosehip sprouts will not appear. Before removing the roots, trim the shrub itself.

You can learn about the features of the application of herbicides.

How to destroy weeds on the site

Decisive methods

If the ax and the spade did not give the desired effect, it is worth trying chemical methods, but in a special way. As herbicides, you can use not only the above drug, but also those products that are based on glyphos: Secateurs, Roundup. They are also sold in stores for gardeners.

During the procedure, you must follow some rules:

  • increase the dosage 5 times, compared with the instructions;
  • all herbicide treatments are carried out in the fall;
  • after processing, it is not necessary to water the shrub or cut its branches.

Rosehip will not instantly die. The next year, he can again give growth. In this case, you have to repeat the procedure. After that, the issue will be resolved finally.

If none of the above methods help, you will have to call the tractor. He uproots a shrub with a bucket like a shovel. This is the most effective way in overgrown areas. In other options, you will have to use manual labor, and not the fact that the result will please you.

So that everything works out for sure, collect the dogrose roots remaining on the surface remaining after processing the equipment. If this is not done, the shrub can sprout again.

You can also try to burn out the dogrose, but you will have to act very carefully in this case.

This method is suitable only for those areas where the minimum number of plants is located and they are located away from the bush.

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