What can be done so that the water in the pond does not bloom

What can be done so that the water in the pond does not bloom

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Inna from Tyumen asks: “I built a decorative small pond at my personal plot and faced the following problem: every year the water in it turns green, it becomes cloudy and all the beauty disappears. What can be done to prevent the water from blooming in the pond?”


In order to understand which means to combat the flowering of an artificial reservoir will be the most effective, you should find out the cause of the process itself.

Finding a solution in the natural environment

The pond on the plot is created in order to fulfill a more aesthetic function. After water is poured into a specially prepared hole, the time comes to take care of planting ornamental plants and populating fish in the home reservoir.

With such a problem as blooming water, sooner or later, almost all gardeners face.

Let's try to figure out why this happens, paying attention to the state of natural reservoirs in the context of the external conditions in which they are:

  1. The cleanest and clearest water happens in ponds with undercurrents, springs and streams.
  2. The water bodies in which the rapid development of surface plants and the so-called higher plants are rarely bloomed.
  3. Active processes of development of algae and bacteria are observed in those ponds that are located away from trees and shrubs, that is, in open areas.

The first option considered can be explained by the fact that the reproduction of blue-green algae (and it is just about them, if the water in the pond turns green) is very difficult in those reservoirs where running water.

The second case allows us to conclude that the use of surface decorative plants can bring not only a tangible visual effect, but also visible benefits. Taking food from algae, the latter help to solve two problems at once in one fell swoop.

As for the relationship between the location of the reservoir away from large plantings and in the open area, and the propagation of algae, its causes have also been established for a long time: the sun's rays in large quantities contribute to an increase in the flowering of algae and their reproduction.

How to care for your pond in the country

Options for solving the problem

Summing up the properties that blue-green algae possess, we can conclude: the fight against them may well be successful, the main thing is to find the way that will be most acceptable to you.

So, what should be done if your pond suddenly bloomed:

  • Plant surface plants, such as water lilies. According to experienced gardeners, water hyacinth can also help. You can learn more about the popular aquatic plants for the pond.
  • Create conditions so that the pond is more in the shaded area. If it is impossible to wait for shrubs and trees to grow, or you do not want to plant them, you can use artificial options, for example, cover the water with a dark film and keep it on the water until the annoying greenery on the surface disappears.
  • The solution with running water, at first glance, is inaccessible to an artificial pond. But, if you look, nothing can stop you from building a small fountain in your pond.

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