Architectural design of a summer cottage

Architectural design of a summer cottage

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Each of us travels the world. Someone leaves far and for a long time, looking at the world unknown to us, and someone goes abroad only once a year, on vacation. But we all understand that calendars, cards and souvenirs are just a small reminder of where we were and what we saw. We offer you a completely new format for such memories - the recreation at the country house of the famous architecture of those places you have visited. For obvious reasons, it’s just not possible to completely recreate everything interesting and original in our world, and therefore, personally, we will start with the most famous. For example, we take some wonders of the world, add to the collection of constructions of European capitals, take something incredible from Asia and Africa, and simply recreate in miniature what is beautiful and impressive in a standard way.

We want to warn you right away that such a summer residence design is time-consuming and expensive, and therefore, before starting a project, be sure to evaluate your own capabilities and professionalism, as well as the budget that you can allocate for such a business.

Famous architecture of the world in one cottage

This is the main section of a new article about interesting and original architecture that we want to reproduce on our own site. There will be not only famous buildings, but also something that can simply decorate a summer cottage. You have the right to independently regulate the choice and determine what you want to build. But you should only understand that the quality of the object depends on you. We offer only the method and materials, you reproduce the architecture with your own hands ... therefore the result is your responsibility!

Wall of China at the cottage

Yes, even so! We will start with this particular structure, since it is the simplest. You can build a wall from any picture downloaded on the Internet, well, or take images from travel magazines, there are a lot of different angles.

Immediately select a place and build the Great Wall of China from ordinary brick. If at all in a miniature form, then it is possible to create a building material from high density polystyrene foam. Not only bricks can be cut from it, but also additional architectural structures.

We immediately build from brick. We need a platform, it is even possible from inexpensive concrete, which is flooded with a layer of 15-20 cm on the drainage pillow. It is needed for the strength of the entire structure. Further along it, you can begin construction on a standard solution of cement, sand and water. The main thing here is to correctly depict lines, shapes, and give the right atmosphere. But you should know that all this is conveyed by the decor, and therefore the original construction does not play a special role.

We build a wall from expanded polystyrene. High strength polystyrene has quite interesting qualities. From it you can cut almost everything you need.

It will be possible to glue this material with many adhesives, and sometimes even mounting foam is best suited. In principle, it can be used to derive many additional elements. For example, the same columns of the wall, turns. It will only be necessary to cut the foam in shape, and plaster it from above.

We turn to the decoration of the building. All that is needed is paint in suitable shades.

You can paint a brick and polystyrene wall. Spread the paint so that it is the same color and different shades, and work further according to the original plan and image. As a result, you can get a very serious architectural element, around which it’s now worth working with additions - to create steps, forest, hillocks.

Eiffel Tower in the country

The Eiffel Tower is a very interesting design, for repetition of which in miniature it will take a lot of time. There is not so much physical labor as time for details, because everything needs to be deduced as closely as possible.

The tower is boiled from metal, mounted on a concrete frame or a metal foundation in order to have good strength. But not everything is as simple as it seems right away, because the main guide towers will need to be bent, and along the entire “growth” of the tower, make three girdling belts of metal.

It is clear that it is unlikely that anyone will become able to observe all the details and reproduce such a masterpiece with their own hands, but creating a good semblance is still real.

Installation on a solid base, joining the four main parts that form the tower, and then strapping with a simpler material - reinforcement, rod, wire. Do not forget to also set a light backlight inside, the evening look of such beauty will be amazing.

Leaning Tower of Pisa - a miracle in the garden

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in the country is something experimentally new. But why can some architecture on its own site be repeated in miniature, but it is not?

One just wants to, and such a tower will be built. At the same time, its construction will take less time and will be easier than the same Eiffel head.

Why so? The answer is simple - most often duplicates, if you can call them that, are built from light materials. It is quite difficult to install a heavy structure at an angle so that it does not fall over time ... especially if you are not a professional builder or designer. Therefore, it is enough to erect a tower of plastic or even a very dense cardboard, which is then qualitatively sealed or opened with protective varnishes and oils.

A huge plus is that only the base will have to be built, then you just need to pull cardboard with a drawing of a tower on a plastic or lightweight aluminum frame. It can even be high-quality photo printing, which from afar will look amazing. If you draw, it is best to first apply the paint to cardboard or paper, and only after that install the material on the finished inclined frame.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the Landscape

If we take as the basis of our creations this particular world masterpiece, long buried for centuries, then its realization and reproduction can become the most fascinating.

We talked a lot about living fences, vertical flower beds and hanging gardens, and therefore this design will not be too complex an architectural element. The good thing is that building it is far from necessary in a strictly defined format. You can fantasize, invent, copy, or even complete everything into a single project, the main thing is to get beautiful and attractive.

Most often, such projects are repelled by castles and structures of the time, which are built from a variety of building materials. Further, they are inhabited by living plants - herbs, ornamental shrubs, flowers, sometimes even bonsai. It is very important only to pre-prepare at such a structure sites, containers, compartments, balconies and other places for planting plants.

We build pyramids in the country

It is not so difficult to build a pyramid in a certain section of the cottage. We only need to approach the issue from the practical side.

You can start with a heavier building and build pyramids from shell rock. Its color and structure are great for such an architectural masterpiece. One has only to choose a site for construction, install a waterproofing layer of ordinary film or more expensive material, and get down to business.

All that is needed to reproduce the Egyptian pyramids is a shell rock in the volume that you assume, free hands with gloves, and an average Bulgarian.

Having arranged the base, build a pyramidal structure, and when building the upper part of the pyramid, just cut the stone with a grinder. You can cope with such a task in just a day, scatter sand dunes near the pyramid and enjoy the beautiful view.

You can also build a frame-type pyramid, for example, make it from a profile and plywood. The design is durable and light, as well as the ability to quickly disassemble the pyramid and assemble it in the right place.

You can take time for many historical buildings that will easily take their place in the garden of your summer residence, but we can’t talk about all of them, their number is very large. But you, in view of your own professionalism, can reproduce even complex elements - monuments, the structure of the Taj Mahal, amphitheaters and others. But you can always go to the more typical, but no less interesting buildings for summer cottages, which can positively affect the landscape design of the site. It can be lighthouses, forts, more modern buildings and structures, which are world attractions.

How to arrange a summer cottage (video)

What is needed for the architectural design of the cottage

To decorate the cottage in a similar format, completely turn the worldview of the neighbors on the landscape and get on the site architecture with world recognition, you Some rules must be observed:

  • Always start work only with a quality and prepared project;
  • Correctly determine the place of construction and the structure itself, because everything in the landscape should perfectly harmonize;
  • Work only with high-quality material that is familiar to you, and determine feasible tasks for yourself;
  • Be sure to bring everything to the end initially, because incompleteness is the worst thing that can be in the decor;
  • Correctly choose sizes, shapes and colors, necessarily determining your choice with the originally established style of a summer cottage;
  • Skillfully combine several architectural elements, pour them into an already existing, finished drawing of the cottage.

Immediately, if this task seems difficult or impossible to you at all, it is better not to start the process. It would be much more correct to buy gypsum figures or plastic elements for garden decor than to lose time, money and nerves!

The architectural design of the summer cottage has many directions, and we have chosen is not the most popular and in demand. But it is one of those that is capable of really qualitatively “changing the picture” and introducing into the landscape something exclusive and extremely unusual.

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