The benefits and harms of snow in the country

The benefits and harms of snow in the country

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Most often, we do not attach importance to the amount of snow in the country, unless we swear quietly when a lot of it pours ... of course, after all, it is then for us to wave a shovel to clear the territory. But in most cases, we treat snow very well, as it is a standard winter companion that pleases the eye with a white carpet. He especially likes the kids who will now be busy with “their own affairs” in the country - to build snowmen, play snowballs, arrange slides and sled and ski. We are interested in studying the topic of snow in the country more carefully, because it can bring not only benefits, but also harm.

The use of snow in the country

The snow mass can be really useful, and many of us know about it. But we consider it our duty to talk about this in more detail, because articles are read not only by professionals, but also by beginners.

Help protect plants

A good layer of snow in the garden and in the garden is not bad, because it is an excellent heat insulator, it keeps the temperature and does not allow the soil to freeze, which means that those plants that only break through or are sown in the winter.

Many gardeners do not even use additional shelters if the winter is snowy, and rightly so, because even 7-10 cm of the snow layer is already a good warming.

In addition, snow protects many plants from sunburn. Heat and light are very good, but not in the case of their combination with strong frost and wind, which can cause serious damage to flowers, shrubs and trees.

You can help the snowball stay where it is most needed, for example, around rose bushes and other perennial plants that we want to protect in the winter. For example, toss it to the desired plants, increasing the layer, or lay out snow-holding materials - lapnik, brushwood and others across the summer cottage area. But it is worth remembering that only soft and fluffy snow is useful. If the layer is covered with ice crust or trampled down, it can lead to negative consequences.

Moisturizing melt water

Water is very important for plants in your area, and therefore snow is a positive factor in this regard. With the first spring warmth, it melts and supplies the soil with moisture. Of course, it also happens that it is excessive, so snow accumulations can also influence negatively, especially in the lowlands.

It is worth paying special attention to it, because stagnation of meltwater in combination with a high level of groundwater can lead to decay of the root system of plants, seeds and young, just sprouted herbs and flowers.

Landfill, leveling the territory, geoplastics, construction of special high flower beds and flower beds, exclusion of plants from similar planting zones will help in this situation.

You can identify pests in the wake

Snow is a uniform layer, every touch of which leaves certain traces. Therefore, it is very easy to identify pests that have entered the snowy garden.

Just paying attention to the snow cover of a summer residence, you can understand how often hares visit your garden, where exactly they go and which plants are most targeted. You can determine in this way other pests, the same two-legged, which often climb on sites for the sake of profit.

Seeing the traces, you will immediately understand who it is worth fearing, and what you need to do about this is to protect the trees with nets and fencing, or install an alarm from thieves in the country.

Rest in the country becomes more interesting

With the advent of winter, many summer residents less often visit the cottage, but those of us who still get here do not remain disappointed.

Winter weekends at the cottage bring a lot of trouble, but you can also organize some good fun, provided, of course, you have the mood and understanding of how to do this.

We suggest not staying at home on free days, but coming to the country more often, especially when snow falls. With it, you can arrange a lot of games, very mobile, which will only benefit. For example, the same snowballs, or the construction of snow labyrinths, the construction of fortifications and the game of paintball.

But you can simply build snow houses and sculpt snowmen so as not to expend energy very much. This is also quite interesting, and most importantly gives excellent results that can please the kids.

Drawing on the snow, sledding and skiing, and arranging slides for descending on bags can also be an interesting idea.

How to remove snow in the country

Harm from snow in the country

Not always snow is useful for summer cottage, because often it can do a lot of trouble.

Gusts of wires from snow masses

An electric cable in a country house can easily suffer, especially if it is a poorly stretched wire that leaves the main building in the direction of a garage or a barn, and even in a protective corrugation.

The thicker the cable, the more snow can collect on it. But a thick cable has serious tensile and tensile strength, especially if it is multi-core.

A simple wire in a corrugation made of plastic has only a large area that collects snow on itself. But this may not be a snowball, but heavy icing, due to which the weight increases, the wire pulls down and it breaks. Well, if this is a rush of a broken cable that can be replaced at any time. Much more dangerous when the wires are energized!

The problem of a rush of wires with snow can always be solved if you think about it in advance.

To do this, you will need to protect all wires passing from the outside with plastic corrugation. Yes, it increases the area and allows more snow to stick to the surface, but the recommendation is slightly different.

The corrugation is chosen strictly under the wire of the desired diameter, and is necessarily stretched on the steel wire passing in it. It is very important to throw on the corrugation and additional clamps or a couple of turns of electrical tape every half meter. So, even if the corrugation deteriorates and bursts, the wire with the tensioner will not fall down. It’s a good idea not to pull wires through the entire yard! It is more correct to slightly increase the consumption of wires, but lay them on the walls of buildings, with special fasteners. Tensioning the wires is recommended only between the main buildings.

Tree damage

Often summer residents of different regions observed an abnormal amount of rainfall, when the snow not only overwhelms everything around, but also becomes a cause for many worries.

For example, a large number of snow masses, simultaneous precipitation and wind, as well as exposure to frost, can cause snow and ice to accumulate on each tree branch. The weight of all this can affect the tree in much the same way as a good crop. Under the weight, the branches will begin to lean down, crack and break. The cold weather will also help, during which the elasticity of the tissues of each plant is significantly changed.

Under the weight of the snow mass, the branches of young trees and shrubs break very easily, and this is a serious problem, because injuries of this kind will certainly affect plant health.

So that the snow does not break the trees, try to brush off each branch. You can shake the whole tree, you can separate its branches. You can also gently tap with a mop where you can’t reach it with your hands or sweep it with a broom, a long brush or a broom in time. Just do not try to wash off the snow and icing from the branches with boiling water, to melt with a blowtorch ... there have been cases.

The negative impact of snow on lawns and flower beds

We talked about the fact that recharge of moisture in the spring is very good. And we do not give up our words, we only give a possible state of snow in which it begins to pose a danger to plants.

If the snowball is drowned and has an ice crust on its surface, it no longer becomes a breathable heat insulator, but simply a cold mass under which plants can suffocate or freeze. This applies to lawns in the country, as well as ordinary flower beds where perennials grow.

But you can cope with the problem, although this will require your direct physical work. It is necessary to take a pitchfork or rake, and break the crust of ice, while fluffing snow. This will help to establish the necessary air exchange.

Growth retardation of spring plants

A large layer of snow in the garden and in the garden, in the palisade and on the flower beds near the fences, can delay the growth and development of young plants, inhibiting awakening. Under the snow cover, the plants do not see sunlight and do not feel heat, they are in approximately the same state for many days and weeks, although nature already tells them that it is time to blossom and grow. But the snow does not allow this to be done, because it seriously presses on the plants with the snowdrifts that it had in winter.

There can be a lot of places where the snow slowly melts with the advent of spring. This is trampled snow, but heaps formed by us when we cleaned paths, shaded places, corners between buildings in winter, where there is also little sunlight.

Here, mixed with branches that fell in autumn and winter, as well as piles of leaves that were not burned in time, snow can lie for weeks to come. But the issue can be resolved, as usual.

We suggest scattering snowball in sunny areas where it will melt quickly enough, or sprinkling it with peat, wood ash.

Breakage of gutters, deformation of peaks

The icy snow on the roof or just a large amount of it is always a danger that we need to get rid of. A large snowdrift, which drops sharply from the roof, can not only disrupt the expensive drainage system or bend the visor above the porch, but also injure a person. Therefore, you need to deal with the problem, because the cost of gutters and polycarbonate visors is very high, but our health is much more expensive and important.

In order to avoid such harm, it is necessary to install snow retainers. These are inexpensive and very common among roofers designs that are easily installed in the summer, even on their own.

Therefore, to buy them and make the correct installation will be easy. But you don’t have to worry anymore about the snow coming off the roof. But you still have to look up in the winter, because there is another serious danger in the form of icicles!

You can still list the harm that the snow causes for a long time, but you yourself perfectly understand what is at stake. These are destroyed greenhouses with greenhouses, and damaged garden figures, the paint from which was erased by snow, and other objects that could suffer no less. But the most important thing is that such a beautiful, white and fluffy snowball significantly increases the amount of work that we, the people who came to the country to rest in the winter, do!

The benefits and harms of snow in the country are obvious, and therefore we recommend that you think in advance about how to get rid of the snow masses in one place and leave it in another. The decision is always yours.

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