A new way of decorating the cottage: hanging garden

A new way of decorating the cottage: hanging garden

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Thanks to the continuous development of the cottage, we have repeatedly intersected with structures that resemble suspended gardens. These are some of the living fences, and tall flower beds of a certain format, and even original flower containers that you can make yourself. And therefore, regular readers are guided in a subject. But for those readers of the site who are with us recently, we will describe the hanging gardens in detail, and also tell you how to make them yourself.

Each hanging garden is a certain construction made of wood, metal or plastic, which is installed at a certain height. Fragments of a hanging garden can be attached to the ceiling, wall, special spiers and supports. But most often, the installation of suspended gardens is a simple suspension on the beams or cross mounts of arbors, patios and verandas.

Gardening of a summer residence is very fashionable today, and therefore we recommend that you use our ideas that will help add originality to the design of the site and the main buildings.

The purpose of the hanging garden

Many landscaped buildings and objects may seem useless, as they carry only decorative significance. But this is the main detail in the design, from which we have nowhere to go.

Naturally, you can not waste time refining and deal only with berry bushes and potato plantations, but then it will definitely not be us.

What is the role of hanging gardens in the country, and what can they be used for? Immediately worth noting the following:

  • Naturally, first of all, this is a decorative role, because each hanging garden is simply beautiful. Taking care of this, you can decorate any country object, working with a wide variety of plants;
  • Suspended gardens can become a barrier to sunlight. For example, multi-sectional suspended structures on the sunny side of the gazebo or patio will lead to the fact that inside there will no longer be dazzling and hot sunlight, but a diffuse shadow;
  • A very interesting approach was found many years ago, when summer residents and simply landscape designers began to sow not only annual and perennial flowers, but also useful plants in suspended containers. For example, it may be flowers whose aroma repels wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects;
  • A very interesting option - and growing spices in containers. Thus, the green pendant garden becomes even more useful. For example, it is this that decorates your summer kitchen, where there will always be basil, mint, cardamom, anise, marjoram or even greens - parsley, dill, green onions and others;
  • Hanging gardens can be a great accent in decoration. Sometimes, there is a lack of color or shade in a certain part of a building or building that design and style require, and now you don’t need to think about which curtain or picture to hang in the right place. Almost everywhere you can use these elements.

It is possible to enumerate the areas of application of suspended gardens for a long time, but we have already shown you the examples indicated by us for what they can be used for.

Hanging Containers

We have already examined landing containers several times, and we know that they can be made of a variety of materials. Now we recall the most popular, but let's talk about some of the original solutions.

Wooden containers

These are simple boxes that can be knocked down from boards or even OSB boards. We set the shape, use nails or self-tapping screws for fastening, and also install a wooden beam in each corner of the created container, which will serve as the frame.

It is advisable to make containers for a hanging garden light, but able to support the weight of the soil and plants that will be planted in it. Here, regardless of shape, you just need strength and light weight.

Metal containers

Metal containers can be very diverse, you only need to select the metal with the least oxidation potential. It is clear that in the vicinity of a humid environment, the metal will not last long, but 10 or 15 years is quite enough. Later it will be possible to change containers to new ones.

You can create boxes from metal, for example, bend them from a steel sheet or even stainless steel. Also, metal boxes that are fastened with bolts or welding are always interesting.

But you can also make something more interesting from metal, say, a container made of mesh, like gabions, of thick wire, even of large shavings. You can also use finished products, for example, a pipe that can always be cut to size, wheels from a car, other spare parts.

Plastic containers

Here we have only old ideas - the same buckets, sewer pipes hanging along, or ready-made flower pots that you can always give a more interesting shape if you heat them a little. Also, you can create an original drawing of several pots by bandaging them into a single design with wire.

Hanging plants

Hanging Garden Containers: Original Ideas

Among us there are always people with imagination, thanks to which we build many new products on the territory of the dacha. So, paying attention to already implemented ideas, we suggest you follow these examples and think about containers, which can be created from:

  • Cardboard impregnated with adhesive and folded in its original form;
  • Clothes, the same old shorts or jeans that are cropped, hung and tightly packed with fertile substrate for growing plants;
  • A metal mesh, thin and tangled, like a washcloth, into which a large substrate is packed;
  • Standard buckets that are hung in the country with plants inside.

We have hundreds of such ideas. Some were invented by us personally, others were simply received from our readers.

But we hope that you can come up with something interesting. If not, use ready-made offers.

Installation of a hanging garden

With the installation, things are without special difficulties. It is only necessary to calculate the maximum weight and determine the strength of the mounts that can withstand it. Most often, these are chains or wire, as well as hooks and standard bolts. If the option does not fit, you can use ropes that will be tied around the same beam of the gazebo and go down, holding a hanging garden.

But in the installation it is far from necessary to use suspensions or similar fasteners. You can always install a spire - the same pipe or rod, center it and install flower pots and other containers.

A hanging garden can also be on a tree, an ordinary dead tree, which was a pity to chop in the garden.

Now containers with the plants you need are hung on it, and the hanging garden is ready again.

A hanging garden only seems to be something complicated, in fact, it is a simple structure that is beautiful and original, and also does not require much care.

We recommend everyone to arrange a hanging garden in the country. Choose the best place and enjoy your summer cottage decor as soon as possible.

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