We decorate the winter garden with flowering plants

We decorate the winter garden with flowering plants

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The winter garden is slowly but surely becoming as integral part of a country house as a garage or fireplace. A thin line separates the plants from the harsh winter, which is impressive and pleasing. The winter garden can be your office, a place to relax or an office for business negotiations. To create it is quite simple, the main thing is to choose the right plants!

What plants take root in the greenhouse

The highlight of the garden will be plants blooming in winter. We are talking about such specimens as phalaenopsis, anthurium, hippeastrum, passionflower, hibiscus. It is important that the plants are combined with each other, and not only externally. You can make a real paradise from the garden by placing fountains near the flowers.

What should be a winter garden for orchids

Orchids are a great option for a greenhouse. In this case, you can plant completely different plants in the winter garden. But you still have to observe some conditions:

  • if the temperature at night in the garden does not drop lower than 16 degrees, you can grow phalaenopsis in it;
  • in unheated rooms (10 ° С) cymbidiums perfectly take root;
  • temperature at night reaches 12 degrees? Cattleya, odontoglossum, miltonia, coelogin, noble dendrobium coexist perfectly in it.

Orchids can not be placed in the ground on the floor of the greenhouse. Plants look great in special hanging baskets.

You can learn more about this plant in the material of the orchid: varieties, cultivation features, care.

Majestic Anthurium

The plant anthurium attracts the eye. It has beautiful glossy colors of pink, red or white. In the middle of each flower is an ear of purple, white, yellow, brown or green.

Caring for Anthurium is not easy. He feels bad in a limited space, and for the winter garden will be just right.

Anthurium loves light, but direct sunlight in this case should be avoided. The temperature in the garden should reach 15 degrees. It is advisable to provide him with high humidity and completely protect against drafts. With proper care, anthurium blooms from November to February!

Hippeastrum: flowering plant in the winter garden

Hippeastrums are good, first of all, for blooming on winter holidays. Even happier that they bloom for a long time - 1.5 months.

Presented plants feel great in a cool conservatory. It is important not to confuse hippeastrum and amaryllis. The latter have much less flowers, and they bloom in the fall.

Hippeastrum bulbs are planted in the winter garden at the end of September. For this purpose, containers are used, in each of which 4 onions are placed. Flowering occurs in early December. However, in order for this long-awaited event to occur, the plant needs to provide good lighting and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

Mysterious and unique passionflower

Do not forget about such plants for the winter garden as passionflower. Liana blooms almost non-stop.

Another name for the plant is Cavalry Star. Blue passionflower blooms right up to frost. When applying fertilizers, growth can reach a meter per week!

Passiflora photophilous. The optimal room temperature in the winter should reach 13 degrees. In summer, watering should be plentiful. In winter, they cut it. If the stems of the plant become too long, they are shortened. Despite the very exotic appearance, the flower is easy to care for.

Beauties Flower: Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a great addition to the conservatory. In particular, it is suitable for those who dream of creating a Mediterranean corner in the greenhouse. It is better to plant a plant in a place where it will have enough light - in the south, southwest and southeast.

The irreplaceable companions of hibiscus are rose and lavender.

It is believed that hibiscus has a strong love energy. That is why it is recommended to any couple to plant it in their conservatory. Then harmony and comfort will always reign in your family.

Design features

At first glance, creating a flowering greenhouse requires a lot of effort. But it is not so. Moreover, even poor people can equip a winter garden, if you do everything yourself, including choosing plants, it will not take so much money.

  • To get started, try making a plant layout plan. Preference should be given to flowering specimens.
  • The selection of plants is based on bioecological requirements. You can divide the garden into several climatic zones.
  • So, orchids require a lot of space for themselves. If other plants are planted next to them, orchids may wither away. Other plants, on the contrary, see nothing wrong with being “neighbors” next to them.

Winter garden in our house

How to care for flowering plants

Before proceeding with the selection of plants for the winter garden, it is necessary to clearly understand why the greenhouse will be used. If the garden will be used as a place to relax, it is worth giving preference to unpretentious specimens.

Among other things, the biological needs of flowers should be considered:

  • attitude to water;
  • temperature
  • light;
  • humidity.

Too many plants should not be placed in the greenhouse. This can negatively affect the state of plant health - they will often become infected with diseases, and the effect of “air” will disappear in the composition itself.

So, the selection of flowering plants for the winter garden is a responsible and laborious work.

And if you are not confident in your abilities, it is best to give preference to unpretentious species, for example, anthurium.

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