Natural stone - the best material for decorating

Natural stone - the best material for decorating

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The site already has articles on stone work. But in most of them this material is only mentioned. Today we decided to give him a little more attention.

What stone can be used in the country

In the construction and landscape design, many types of natural stone are used, since each of them has characteristic properties. Naturally, when defining them, each builder or designer chooses for his own project a special look that best suits his characteristics. But any natural stone that you want to use in the country is a rock, and therefore there is a certain similarity between them. Ecological purity, high strength, a variety of textures, colors and sizes are considered one of those qualities that are inherent in almost any breed.

At the moment, granite, marble, river stone and lake, sandstone, limestone, shell rock, dolomite, basalt and others are most often used in summer cottages. Some breeds are selected extremely rarely, as they are very expensive.

If you can choose any type of stone when decorating the site, then in construction it is better to use the material specified in the special design requirements, since each variety has individual technical characteristics and is not suitable for any structure.

The use of stone at the cottage

We have already said that the stone is used quite widely, especially in landscape design. Now we want to consider each of the areas of application in more detail, suggesting certain constructions and forms from it for each of our readers.


First of all, we want to note the larger buildings, which are quite familiar with stone.

Houses and other buildings

Stone houses are considered strong and durable, as, in principle, any other buildings made of this material. But today, more and more often, stone is used precisely for household and landscape buildings, since energy-saving materials came to replace strength. Therefore, stone becomes the material of construction and decoration of the bases, but not of all walls as a whole.

Stone country fences

We have already studied stone fences in previous articles, but again we want to say that such fences for cottages are the most durable and reliable. They look great, emphasizing the original landscape design, and are also able to protect the courtyard of your cottage.

Such fences are very durable, but the cost of their construction is much higher than for frame, wood or sectional fences. Therefore, you need to decide on your own what you choose, a one-time investment of large funds in a fence that will last several decades, or a change in cheaper fences approximately every 10 years.

Pergolas made of stone

Stone arbors also attract our attention, although today the most popular are arbors from timber or logs. But even if you choose lighter and more practical materials that you can work with quickly and without much experience, the stone can be an excellent material for building a foundation.

The stone walls of the gazebo will withstand any frame, and will help to build a quality and durable landscape building, in which your grandchildren can enjoy comfort!

Perhaps we will transfer the remaining examples to other sections, since they are more suitable for landscape design and light decor.

Stone exterior

In addition to construction, natural stone can be involved in the decoration of many structures. Most often, these are houses, garages, gazebos, temporary shelters.

The blind area around the house

Not so long ago, we considered an interesting project - a blind area around the house, which is able to not only ennoble the surrounding area, but also protect the foundation of the main building from moisture and subsequent damage.

We built the blind area on a special drainage pillow, and then poured on top of standard concrete, which was a narrow platform around the perimeter of the structure. But many are not satisfied with the concrete paths around the house, especially since there is always the opportunity to produce high-quality and original finishes on them.

Such a finish can be made of stone, which is installed immediately on the paved area, or on a separate layer of mortar. It is only necessary to choose the right material that is suitable for frequent contact with water, and also suffers constant pressure. The reason for this is the gathering of water from the roof to the blind area, as well as our movement along the finished paths.

Base trim

To finish the basement of the house, regardless of whether there was a preliminary repair of this part of the house or not, the most diverse stone is selected, but according to certain parameters. Here it has not only aesthetic, but also protective value. In addition, the stone does not have to be very heavy, because then it will be inconvenient to work with it (finishing with heavy materials is impractical, it breaks off the solution, floats, changing obviously established forms, etc.). For the right choice, we recommend that you study all the offers of today's market separately.

Porch decoration

This finish is very popular, and in stone, and in wooden housing construction. Today there is an interesting tendency to combine different materials of construction, and not only to obtain practical or qualitative characteristics, but also for the originality of the project. So, today you can often notice the house, the base of which is driven out of stone, and the walls are made of logs, or wooden houses, the base and porch of which are made of rock.

But we recommend not stone porch decoration, but construction on such a solid foundation. In this case, the porch will be reliable and will be able to serve your home for many years, with only one condition of quality service and planned restoration work.

Natural stone in landscape design and construction

Each individual cottage is a plot of an individual format, which we have talked about repeatedly. And, if someone needs only a few hundred square meters for cucumbers and greens, then many want to not only work in the country, growing vegetables and fruits, but also relax, while constructing something interesting and practical. Therefore, today we will also pay attention to landscape design and stone decor at the cottage, which is extremely popular today.

From this material not only certain forms and elements are created, but also the decorations of the garden and the cottage as a whole.

Boulders are split, molded, painted, combined with metal or wood, coming in the form of those figures that the owner of the dacha needs to satisfy creative ideas, and so on. And we will talk about this right now.

Retaining walls

Interesting enough designs, which are landscape rapids, some restrictions in the relief of your site. They can also form flower beds and flower beds of a more serious nature, for example, at the entrance to the house, near the entrance to the yard, or simply in the recreation area of ​​your site.

Retaining walls can be built from many materials, but the natural stone is really the best for this process. Like no other material, it flows into the overall design of the landscape element!

Country paths

Like stone blind areas, similar garden paths will not only be reliable and attractive in appearance, but also very durable, because the material will last a long time, protecting the base of the paths at this time.

Stone for paths is used not only for the main masonry and construction of bridge and access roads, paths in the garden and other areas of the cottage, but also as repair material. A small or specially crushed stone is perfect for any type of restoration.

Stone borders at the cottage

Borders are a fairly broad concept, and if they can be the edging of garden paths, then they sometimes reach the dimensions of almost parapets.

Stone borders look great along the outer line of the courtyard area, suitable for decorating garden paths, or for forming the borders of a flower bed and even garden beds. Imagine on this topic, and you will come up with several more areas of application of the mentioned material as borders.

Design of water facilities

The stone is necessarily involved in the design of water structures. Streams, lakes, fountains and artificial waterfalls look great with stones of various sizes and textures. They can be both inside the water column, and in the design of the banks, superstructures, fences. One has only to choose the material that is most resistant to water. Also, attention should be paid to the solution on which the masonry will take place, it should be moisture-resistant and frost-resistant.

Well design

Wells under water or decorative wells in the yard of the country house can also be finished with natural stone. But it is advisable to use the material for direct construction, and not for exterior decoration. So the upper part of the well will have a decorative look after laying, without the need for decoration. Naturally, this way you can save a lot of money.

Stoves, fireplaces and barbecues

Almost any rock normally keeps the burning temperature of a tree, and therefore stone can be used not only for decorating stoves and fireplaces, but also for laying them.

We have repeatedly considered barbecues, barbecue ovens and other structures that help in heating and cooking, and therefore we will just tell you that they look good enough with this material. Moreover, if such a stove or barbecue is located inside the gazebo or patio, in the design of which stone also participated.

Stone furniture in the country

Cottage furniture is very important for us to relax, and it should be not only comfortable, but also durable. Of course, cottage furniture made of stone is not as practical as plastic or wooden, if only because it is almost impossible to transfer it from one place to another. But then it is massive and durable.

Having built a table, benches, benches and chairs made of stone, you can get a solid furniture set for life. Naturally, for this you need to choose the right place. You can also think of some kind of lightening of the design of tables and benches, and decorating them with wood, for example, stone legs, and the tabletop or seat for a bench on a bench - made of wood.

Garden figures

If you look at the neighboring cottages or just take a little time to study our site, you can always find quite interesting stone projects. These are garden figures, figurines, architecture, some small elements of the landscape, etc.

Pay attention to how cute the stone gnomes and other figures involved in the landscaping of the garden can be. But be sure to note that you can get away from the classics at any time, for example, just paint garden boulders, presenting whole pictures from them, lay stones in the form of a wall, in the form of a large armchair, and so on.

Stone paths in the country (video)

Registration of a summer residence using natural stone

In this section, we will not linger too much, because what we want to remind about has been on the site for a long time. Use the Search and you can read interesting materials at any time about how to make alpine hills, rockeries, dry streams using this material, how to use it for the production of gabions, tall flower beds or just make a nice sprinkling on the territory.

Do not forget that natural stone is often used in interior decoration in the country. This can be a stone floor in a patio or gazebo, trim panels on the veranda, decorative furnaces and fireplaces, large halls of country villas.

Today we told you what to make of stone in the country. You just have to choose the material and decide exactly what role natural stone will play in landscape design or construction.

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